Sound Design, Surround Mixing

SILVERWOLF Studios on SoundBetter

We are a company dedicated to providing Post-Production and Sound Design services for Audio and sound design for cinema, TV, Web, Video Games and more. We have a team highly trained in Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Series.

Our services goes for audio supervising, sound design, editing and assembly of Sound Effects, Foley Recording and Editing, Audio Restoration, Film Mixing in 5.1 and 2.0, Deliveries, Audio Immersive (VR - 360º Videos).
We have facilities specially designed for Audio Postproduction. Surround Mixing Studio, Foley Recording Studio, Editing and Premixing Workstations.
Our team is highly trained in many projects as Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Virtual Reality, Series and many more.

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Gear Highlights
  • 5.1 - 2.1 Genelec Monitors
  • Motu UltraLite mkIII
  • ProTools HD
  • Hackintosh Computer
  • FullHD 130" Perforated Screen
  • Shure & Sony High Definition Headphones
  • Izotope RX Post Production Suite
  • Altiverb
  • Speakerphone
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