Folk / Acoustic Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Studio Session Guitarist - Studio


Studio Session Guitarist

Professional studio recorded guitars

Fingerstyle, Rock & Spanish - Matt


Fingerstyle, Rock & Spanish

Tasteful, melodic, memorable guitar parts that complement YOUR project. My music has landed on Spotify Editorial playlists - I know how to add an edge to your songs. In India, I have the honor of being the only guitarist to perform with a Symphony Orchestra, premiering the "Concierto Aranjuez" - I have recorded for AR Rahman & other global acts.

singer / songwriter / musician - Derek


singer / songwriter / musician

I've spent over 20 years writing, producing & releasing music, both as a solo artist & as a founding member of Texas-based folk/rock band Caedmon's Call.

Remote Magician  - Diogo


Remote Magician

Biology major with a minor in Management, but full time musician and spare time bird watcher, who sometimes gets musical ideas after dog walks.

Session Guitarist & Composer - Mike


Session Guitarist & Composer

I am a session guitarist and Ivor Novello nominated composer from London. I specialise in all styles of classical/acoustic guitar and a wide variety of plucked string instruments from around the world, such as the ukulele, charango, ronroco, mandolin and others. I co-composed for the hit game Assassin's Creed Odyssey with duo The Flight.

Folksinger - mandola - guitar - Britt


Folksinger - mandola - guitar

As a songwriter and band leader, I understand how to enhance, and not overpower the main message: you. I provide melodic and rhythmic support to folk, bluegrass, americana and other acoustic styles. My performance career with Pinegrass has taught me the value of rhythmic drive, and fine acoustic tone.

Fingerstyle Session Guitarist - Timothy


Fingerstyle Session Guitarist

Whether it's a dynamic fingerpicking pattern or just the subtle textures that bring everything together, I give the music the attention and understanding it needs. Either professionally recorded from my Berlin studio or I come to you, I guarantee exciting, original ideas and high-quality guitar work.

Guitarrista  Compositor - Charles


Guitarrista Compositor

Compositor Guitarrista español especializado en guitarras ambientales. Música utilizada en televisión, cine.

Singer-Songwriter - wolleysblues



Songwriting is my passion and as you read this, this is the sign that you should let me write you a song.


Multi-Instrumentalist, Mixer - Sam


Multi-Instrumentalist, Mixer

Accomplished singer-songwriter and producer with a love for songwriting and production. I am available to write and record sections for your song on mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar and bass. I am also available for production work such as vocal editing/tuning and mixing. I want to help you achieve the best version of your song possible.

Guitarist Songwriter Producer - Darius


Guitarist Songwriter Producer

Experienced guitarist in both acoustic and electric, fingerstyle and riffing with 15 albums of original music recorded over 30 years.

Guitar guy, songwriter nerd - Chris


Guitar guy, songwriter nerd

I want to help people create great art. My main concern is that you are happy with what I send you. I want your song to be the best that it can be.


Acoustic Guitar, R&B Guitar - Dante


Acoustic Guitar, R&B Guitar

**Get your track back TODAY! 24hr turnaround!** Percussive Acoustic Guitar, R&B Guitar, Pop Guitar, Country Guitar - 48hr turnaround.


Guitars and back vocals - Enrico


Guitars and back vocals

I adore swell guitars, slide, the e-bow sound and the delay, arpeggios. I try to use nice chords instead of the basic ones. I love the acoustic guitar sound and I record it in stereo if needed. I also adore the backing vocals: I can write the back vocals line for you if needed and I can send a track reference for your song.

Instrumental Fingerstyle - James


Instrumental Fingerstyle

James Partoir - Fingerstyle / Instrumental Guitar / Songwriter


Guitar, Medieval Lute - Jan


Guitar, Medieval Lute

Hi, are you looking for a guitar line to accompany your song, or some Medieval / Renaissance lute to embellish your video game / movie soundtrack or simply create a specific atmosphere? I would be thrilled to be working with you, so don’t wait any longer and contact me immediately.

Session Guitarist, Editor - Amit


Session Guitarist, Editor

I want you to LOVE your songs until words fail you and you can't stop smiling. My expertise is fingerstyle guitar on acoustic and nylon strings, but in my audio sample you will hear a lot of electric guitars too. I love both. This year I co-wrote and played on a song feat. Corey Taylor (Slipknot), “Live the Madness” by Moonshine Bandits!

Lyricist/Singer-Songwriter - Daniel



I am a songwriter who prides himself in creative and unique lyrics, alongside catchy and upbeat Folk Pop songs. My voice is laid back and suits well with chill tracks, or acoustic pieces.

Multi Instrumentalist - Bohowood

Frome BA11

Multi Instrumentalist

I am lucky to be gifted in several instruments. I like a challenge or a deadline but equally at home with presenting several ideas for a track.


Session guitarist - David


Session guitarist

Been recording electric and acoustic guitars for over 15 years now, a little bit everywhere. Had the pleasure to record some big hits, in some big studios, and that experience and knowledge I carry with me and put into everything I do to add something special to your song.

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