Heavy Rock Singer - Male

These curated professional male singers are available to lay down vocal tracks for your song

Your Rock/Metal Power vox - Leonel


Your Rock/Metal Power vox

Powerful Rock/Metal clean voice with large studio recording experience! I deliver not only lead vocals but also some rich harmonies and chorus on your song!

Vocalist / Music Producer - Rasmus


Vocalist / Music Producer

Raw powerful vocals is what I do! Sweet sounding produced music is what I make!

Singer, composer - Sic


Singer, composer

Hi i'm a rock male tenor singer, I can speak and sing in english, spanish or french. I've been in many rock and metal bands in France and latin America. I have a good ear, (tough i'm always learning). I can sing many in genres like rock, rapcore, nu-metal, hardcore, punk or also sing in a more melodic way.


Spanish and english singer - Chriss


Spanish and english singer

If you're searching a deep baritone rock voice, I'm your man! Rock and metal genres (and sub-genres) are my main style of singing, but I use to sing another kind of music too. Spanish is my native language, so I can help you with your latin songs, as well as your english ones :)


Session vocalist - Anlaik


Session vocalist

I am a vocalist and a guitarist with 15 years of experience. I have been working as an online session vocalist on multiple platforms and have mantained a 100% positive feedback. I am a heavy rock lover but I sing all of the genres! NO PITCH CORRECTION! You can check some of my live work on my youtube account - https://www.youtube.com/unlike13


Rock vocals with attitude - Ivan


Rock vocals with attitude

I'm a professional singer with 20 years of experience. I've graduated from Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark as a certified CVT vocal coach. If you need rock vocals with attitude, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll be happy to help you reach your artistic goals.

Vocal Dexterity & Prowess - M



Santa Monica

Vocal Dexterity & Prowess

I can recreate any sound with my voice. From creating a unique and memorable vocal top line, to impersonating any singer or actor, to recreating any animal, vegetable or mineral, I am your one stop vocal shop.

Singer for hire - Nicoarcu


Singer for hire

3 octaves, 12 years of experience, more than 200 gigs. But music isn’t about the numbers. I’m here to surprise you.


Presumably I sing - Spiros


Presumably I sing

Stoner/Heavy Rock singer! In it for the love of music, rather than making money.

Session Vocalist, Songwriter - Renny


Session Vocalist, Songwriter

Hugely versatile male singer specialising in rock/metal band with 15 years+ recording experience as a session vocalist for licensing company, recording over 1000 covers from Tom Jones to The Weeknd to System of a Down and Slipknot. More recently have toplined on commercially released J-Pop, and worked with a number of DJ's and Producers.

Male Rock Vocals - Eli


Male Rock Vocals

Hard rock, alternative, rap vocalist with a unique accent


Vocalist and Songwriter - Dan


Vocalist and Songwriter

I am a professional vocalist that has worked with hundreds of artists and producers worldwide in a hugely varied range of genres. I very much enjoy what I do and love connecting with like-minded people. My goal is to get your music out there, not mine.


Topline Singer.  Lyricist.  - Kjetil

Pouce Coupe

Topline Singer. Lyricist.

I can give you folky/singer/songwriter to pop rock/heavy rock -David Bowie/Chris Cornell sounding vocals. I can take your song and put a melody over it. My specialty is to give a slight melancholic sound to the vocals, with strong dynamics. I can give you several versions with different vocal timbres.

Singer(Tenor)&guitar player - Niklas


Singer(Tenor)&guitar player

Have been touring, singing and playing guitar with/for John Petrucci, Joe Satriani and Uli Jon Roth

songwriter, singer - Alex


songwriter, singer

I'm a songwriter, arranger and a vocalist. Play a guitar and Theremin.


Singer/Guitar Player/Harmonica - Dusty


Singer/Guitar Player/Harmonica

SESSION VOCALS - Rocknroll, Hard rock, Heavy metal, southern rock, blues, country. SESSION GUITAR - Rocknroll, Hard rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Country BLUES HARP - Rocknroll, Southern Rock, Blues, Country

Vocalist / Writer / Producer - Christopher


Vocalist / Writer / Producer

VOCALS: Versatile, Vulnerable, Vigorous --- Addicted to capturing/conveying emotion! "Awesome vocalist" -Dave Fortman (Producer: Slipknot, Evanescence, Mudvayne) "Production and performances Sound killer and it is very memorable and catchy. Nice work all around.." -Adam Kasper (Engineer/Producer: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Aerosmith)

80s Style Vocals / Songwriting - Pitt


80s Style Vocals / Songwriting

Hard as a rock. Hotter than hell. Easily create top lines, melodies and accompaniment. Have participated in many Rock Bands as a lead singer and songwriter. Master keyboards and guitar.

Session Singer, Music Producer - Deibys


Session Singer, Music Producer

I'm a versatile and very creative singer with a brilliant sense of melody that can make harmonies for any song style (From Salsa and Latin Ballad to Rock and Heavy Metal. My clients say I always bring their songs to life. I'll be completely honest with you, if I don't think my singing is suitable for your song, I'll let you know.

Singer and Songwriter - Nikos


Singer and Songwriter

Professional vocalist, songwriter with 15+ years of vocal experience


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