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Hello, my name is Mary Fink. I am from Beauharnois, Quebec. Currently I work at play online roulette in gaming industry. Also, I’m a student and my hobbies are programming and foreign languages.
Hit, Stand, Split, or Double-Down

Each time hands are dealt from either a deck or shoe, you will make an assessment as to the value of your current hand versus the value of what is showing in the dealer's hand. You will then make a decision pursuant to the protocols of proper strategy.

But what is Basic Strategy for Blackjack? It is the practice of determining whether to HIT, STAND, SPLIT, or DOUBLE-DOWN based on widely accepted criteria which prescribes what decisions should be made when the dealer has certain cards and you have certain opposing cards.

The initial amount that you wager on a hand in conjunction with these decisions is determined by Card Counting and specific card playing decisions will come from the Strategy Chart that appears on the Basic Strategy page.

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