Latin Percussion

These professional percussionists will bring added grooves, beats, and textures to your track with congas, maracas, tambourines and yes, even cowbell

Congas, Hand Percussion - Jim

Palm Springs

Congas, Hand Percussion

Wanna ditch your hippie drum-circle track and out of time shaker/tambourine? Tired of your conga samples not pocketing in the groove? Let me lay down a killer conga track for you... and I can give you shaker and tambourine tracks that are in time!

SingerS,Session Percussionist. - Manuel


SingerS,Session Percussionist.

I've been a Singer and a Percussionist for around 25 years i have played with most of the Latin industry also i have finished my first album with Original songs and beats. Called Davinci and creating my 2nd album. I have played Salsa, cumbia, merengue and much more Latin rhythms. Now I'm singing, producing, creating and writing my own music.

Latin percussion tracks - JORGE

Buenos Aires

Latin percussion tracks

I am a session percussionist and producer of rhythmic sections for music from the roots of Latin America.

Record any Kind of Percussion - Facundo

Buenos Aires

Record any Kind of Percussion

If you´re for some great percussion in your music I´m the perfect guy for the job. I have experience in recording multiple percussion instruments in arrangements of African, Afro-Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Brazilian and Latin American music, which I have applied to various musical productions as a sessionist and / or producer.


Remote session percussionist - David


Remote session percussionist

Latin Grammy 2019 winner for "Best Cumbia Album" with Puerto Candelaria, and Latin Grammy 2020 Nominated with my group "the CumbiaStars". Passionate drummer and percussionist from Colombia with 14 years of experience. More than 200 records of many top popular music artists in my country. I hope we can work together to elevate your songs!

Professional Percussionist  - LuizBlack


Professional Percussionist

Specialist in Hand Percussions and Traditional Afro Brazilian and Latin Cuban Percussion

Urban & Latin Percussion - Omar

Puerto Rico

Urban & Latin Percussion

I'm a profesional Latin music percussionist.I have recorded with some of the most recognized latin american artist such as : Olga Tañón (Tropical singer), Don Omar (Urban Singer), Ivy Queen (Urban Singer), Kany Garcia (Pop Ballad), Samuel Hernandez (Pop ballad), NG2 (Salsa,Tropical),etc..

Session/Live drummer - Sebastián


Session/Live drummer

For years I have collaborated in several music projects pre-nominated for Latin grammy and in educational projects, master classes and I have worked with producers to achieve new musical sounds based on Colombian and jazz music.

Multi Percussionist - Turker


Multi Percussionist

I will record latin,flamenco,pop,ethnic percussion for your projects...


Percussionist (Spotify Artist) - Robert

Los Angeles

Percussionist (Spotify Artist)

I am a versatile, experienced percussionist currently living in Los Angeles. I've toured all over the world. 150+ records, Broadway shows, singles, commercials and soundtracks. My passion is creating tasty and grooving parts that will make you dance. There's nothing I love more than improvising and grooving with any artist.

Percussion recording, composer - Julian


Percussion recording, composer

Long experince performing and recording latin percussion, congas, bongoes, timbales, güiro, maracas, and colombian percussion, with salsa and cumbia bands. Strong, punchy and tied beat, with a very good music taste and concept.

Drums & Percussion recording - Cosobatero


Drums & Percussion recording

Most of my life has been spent on tour or in the studio. I am a versatile, experienced drummer and percussionist. I provide high quality Drum Tracks and I want to play on your songs!

Drummer/Producer/Engineer - Pablo



Latin Grammy winning session drummer and producer with 15+ years of session drumming, producing, engineering, and writing. My goal is to serve the artist vision and serve the song as much as possible with my work. I will record drums to your song in 1 or 2 days once I have received tracks and instructions.

Groove Manufacturer  - Jordan


Groove Manufacturer

I LIKE TO MAKE PEOPLE MOVE and create grooves in any style; drums/perc on 10 albums; specialize in latin (play any style but heavy metal)

Drummer/Percussionist/Composer - Sage



Drummer and percussionist with 25+ years experience. Can play in multiple styles, but particularly love playing Cuban/Latin, Flamenco, grimy garage rock, as well as any subtle and unusual or offbeat percussion parts I can get my hands on or come up with.

Cajón & ElectroAcoustic drums - Francesco


Cajón & ElectroAcoustic drums

I am a versatile Drummer and Cajon player, with 20 years of studio and live performance experience. I have an open mind and capacities to perform your expectactions or requests according to what you need.


Session Drummer - Alberto

Artdrums Studios

Session Drummer

Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, and Pop music styles. Yamaha drums, Zildjian, VicFirth, Evans artist. Berklee College of Music Professor, author Hal Leonard/Berklee press. Owner Artdrums Studios.

Multipercussionist - Milotimbal



I actually study bacherlo´s degree en Antioquias university, i have work as musician from different artist as: latin brothers, Siguarajazz, Jose Tobon,gabino pampini and many ohers. I have also recorded in different genres, such as: Cumbia, salsa, Latinjazz, pop, Vallenato, merengue, hip hop,Afro colombian music and afrocuban music

Producer latin music specialis - Enzo

Los Angeles

Producer latin music specialis

Producer, composer, trumpet player from Caracas Venezuela Over 35 years of experience, worked with many of the best artists in different genres like: EW&F experience feat. Al McKay, Frankie Valli, Juan Gabriel, Joan Sebastian, Franco D' Vita, Oscar D' León and many more 200+ orig cues on TV and movies 2017 HMMA award winner-best traditional song

 Seven Strings Salsa Violinist - Alfredo


Seven Strings Salsa Violinist

I am a Cuban-born and New York-based violinist, lived in Colombia for more than 19 years, responsible for transforming the violin into an important sound of Latin Music. The first solo violinist to perform with a Salsa orchestra, I have toured the world more than thirty times, appearing in concert and participating in more than a hundred albums.

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