I mix. I produce. I write. - Scott


I mix. I produce. I write.

I love to make records. I mix remotely in my acoustically tuned studio. I can work remotely, though, often artists like to come experience the magic of the Ojai valley and the creativity that one can explore here. I welcome this. I am also available to produce and write with you if you like my sound and vibe.

Congas, Hand Percussion - Jim

Palm Springs

Congas, Hand Percussion

Wanna ditch your hippie drum-circle track and out of time shaker/tambourine? Tired of your conga samples not pocketing in the groove? Let me lay down a killer conga track for you... and I can give you shaker and tambourine tracks that are in time!

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Songwriter, TopLiner, Lyricist - Sonja


Songwriter, TopLiner, Lyricist

I Write Lit Firing Top Line (Vocal Melody)+Lyrics Based On Your Visions, Demands, Your Stories. Contact Me Now, Let Us Create Art Together!


Recording, mixing, editing,  - Jarno

29640 Fuengirola

Recording, mixing, editing,

Greetings, I'm Jarno. I come from Finland, living in a small town which was strong and heavy metal music in the area. I started making hiphop music, no producers could be found there and the mixer no one knew how to work with hip hop. That’s why I set up the studio, and started learning everything myself. I made my own music, produced, mixed,


Producer / Mixing / Mastering - Alexander


Producer / Mixing / Mastering

I haven't worked with major pop stars, but I've been working in the Studio every day for 8-12 hours with completely different artists for over 17 years. You can listen to my mixes and decide whether you should work with me or not ))


Music Producer, Music Engineer - Dre


Music Producer, Music Engineer

Im Dre DaBoss Bangers from Bolivar, TN. I been producing and engineering for 15 years. I make tracks for trap, laid back and hip-hop. Music has been a part of my life since I was 8 years old.

Mastering Engineer / Producer - Lorenzo




Mastering Engineer / Producer

Hi! my name is Lorenzo, i'm a Mastering Engineer, Video-Game Composer and Record Producer. I graduated from SAE Institute (BA) in Audio Production in 2016 and i have over 5 years of experience. I offer low price mastering services (tracks optimized for Spotify/Apple Music), i can operate with different DAWs (Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Cubase) .


Studio - Produce, Record, Mix - StarBrand

6031 Nederweert

Studio - Produce, Record, Mix

Professional high end quality productions made affordable. Almost 20 years of experience in the music industry, working with artists in various genres.


Singer & Mixing Engineer - Nick


Singer & Mixing Engineer

I can mix your music to make it sound powerful and balanced. In addition to my mixing skills, I've produced 2 albums and many singles that I have performed instruments on, audio engineered, and mixed. On top of that, I have over 15 film and commercial scores under my belt. I work in ProTools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live.

Composer, Producer & Drummer - Samuel


Composer, Producer & Drummer

Big Band Guy / Samuel Fuentes


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