Heavy Metal and Folk / Acoustic Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Songwriter/Producer/Mixer - William



Award winning songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist who has worked with major artists including George Harrison,REM,Alica Keys,and Mick Flannery Many Billboard Top Twenty compositions, including an upcoming Alicia keys song. Professor in the songwriting dept at Berklee College of Music. My work is creative, detailed, exciting, next level.

Songwriter-Producer-Arranger - Simon



Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Rock, Electro, Lo-fi. Top lines, full production backing tracks, co-writing & complete songs. I play a full range of instruments, write with amazing artists, helping with their songs & expressing their ideas. I am totally committed to helping you create your vision. Please see reviews for happy clients!

Producer/Multi-instrumentalist - John



John Mock has been one of Nashville's top-call studio pros for more than 30 years. He plays guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, concertina, and percussion and is also a producer and string arranger. Credits include Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, Rodney Crowell, and many others. *Contact me for overdub pricing for any of the above instruments.*

Violin.Fiddle.Strings - Darcy



I specialize in violin, fiddle & string section tracks. Genres ranging from Pop, Classical, Jazz, Country and Film music.

Composer | Remote Mixing  - Ian


Composer | Remote Mixing

Avant-garde Composer, futuristic Mixing Engineering skills for music live instrumentation and Foley artist for Horror Films. Worked on Shungudzo's forthcoming album as co-producer (one track) and musician (two tracks). Composer & Sound Editor on FATE of a MaThoR (2021) Feature Film.


Studio Session Guitarist - Studio


Studio Session Guitarist

Professional studio recorded guitars

Cellist | Strings Section - Rachel

New York

Cellist | Strings Section

Broadway & indie musician 15+ years of playing & writing. Can work with or w/o charts to deliver the best strings sound for your song. I focus on vibe, intonation, timing, and energy to bring your vision to life and amplify your music.

Multi-Instrumentalist Producer - Jacob

Los Angeles

Multi-Instrumentalist Producer

I produce, record, and mix for the indie pop group Branches (50M streams on Spotify since 2015) as well as perform banjo, mandolin, and guitars with the band live. I am a multi-instrumentalist and create professional recordings both out of my home studio and other rooms around California.

Trumpet for your recordings - Coen


Trumpet for your recordings

A big warm trumpet sound and catchy melodies is what I'm going for. From fluffy whispering sounds to tough loud screams, but always in service to the music.

Session Singer & Songwriter - Julie


Session Singer & Songwriter

Hi, I'm Julie! I'm a versatile vocalist with a classic sound. The most important part of singing is telling a story and I bring the emotion of the lyrics into every song I sing. With over 130k subscribers, most notably I am one half of The Running Mates duo. Songwriting is one of my great loves. Let me help you tell your story through song.


Fingerstyle, Rock & Spanish - Matt


Fingerstyle, Rock & Spanish

Tasteful, melodic, memorable guitar parts that complement YOUR project. My music has landed on Spotify Editorial playlists - I know how to add an edge to your songs. In India, I have the honor of being the only guitarist to perform with a Symphony Orchestra, premiering the "Concierto Aranjuez" - I have recorded for AR Rahman & other global acts.

singer / songwriter / musician - Derek


singer / songwriter / musician

I've spent over 20 years writing, producing & releasing music, both as a solo artist & as a founding member of Texas-based folk/rock band Caedmon's Call.

Producer & Mixing Engineer - Alex


Producer & Mixing Engineer

I have years of experience writing and recording indie pop, singer-songwriter, and folk music. I am here to help you put out a radio-quality track with the sound you want.

Remote Mixing Engineer - Cian


Remote Mixing Engineer

I'm a mix and sound engineer based on the west coast of Ireland working in a multitude of genres from Folk, to Avant-Garde. I specialise in both studio and live recording. I'm the lead engineer of the online series This Ain't No Disco, and the recording and mix engineer for Myles O'Reilly's film of Glen Hansard's Come on up to the House tour.

Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer - Joseph

Los Angeles


I'm a professional vocalist and songwriter with 15+ years of experience singing and writing and 5+ years of production. My voice has been featured on commercials for major corporations and in songs appearing in major motion pictures. I've worked with hundreds of satisfied clients from over 20 countries. Now serving you on Soundbetter!

Folksinger - mandola - guitar - Britt


Folksinger - mandola - guitar

As a songwriter and band leader, I understand how to enhance, and not overpower the main message: you. I provide melodic and rhythmic support to folk, bluegrass, americana and other acoustic styles. My performance career with Pinegrass has taught me the value of rhythmic drive, and fine acoustic tone.

Let's bring your songs to life - Michael

Halifax Regional Municipality

Let's bring your songs to life

Mixing Engineer/Songwriter/Vocalist/Guitar player/Producer/

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Simon


Singer, Songwriter, Producer

"With a voice as smooth and pure as a crisp autumn breeze, Benegas enchants his listener’s with heartwarming melodies and invigorating lyrics. A product of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Argentinian singer/songwriter Simon Benegas is a new artist that takes his listeners on an intimate journey of self exploration..."

Mix / Mastering / Producer - Dirk


Mix / Mastering / Producer

Producing | Mix | Mastering | Arranging | Songwriting | Instrumentals | Vocals | Acoustic Guitars | Lyrics

Mixing, Producing, Mastering - Brittany


Mixing, Producing, Mastering

Brittany Rogers is a Music Producer based in Seattle, Washington. Brittany received her Bachelors Degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music, and is currently working with artists remotely out of her home studio. In her spare time, Brittany performs as a vocalist /produces for a Seattle based band called Turtlnck!

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