Recording and Mixing Engineer - Jake

Los Angeles

Recording and Mixing Engineer

Jake is a Los Angeles based recording and mixing engineer for music, television, and film. Services include: Music; Production, Recording and Mixing. Post Audio for Television and Film; Voiceover, Noise Reduction; ADR, Sound Design, Foley, 5.1 Mixing.

helps take you from A to B  - Leon

New York

helps take you from A to B

Let me take you louder! Let me take you where you wanna go!

Mixing/Mastering/Production - Paul



Los Angeles


Throughout my 20 years of experience in creating music, I have worn many hats. From artist/vocalist to producer and engineer, I've created a style all my own that uniquely combines the skills from each creative corner I've touched along the way.

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Produce, Mix, Master - Berima




Produce, Mix, Master

Hi, I'm originally from Ghana, now living in Amsterdam. I have been playing music since I was 5, and doing studio work since 2000. I will be happy to bring your musical dreams and ideas to life. I have been told that I'm very good (for laughs). I also made hits in the Caribbean, Suriname and Africa (luck). I did Rotterdam Conservatory from 2004.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Brandon



Sherman Oaks

Music Producer, Audio Engineer

Happily producing & engineering for clients worldwide from Los Angeles for the past decade.

Mixing & Mastering - Tiago

Freiburg im Breisgau

Mixing & Mastering

Send me your recordings and I will make it happen!


Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Tiago




Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Mixing Engineer with 21 years of experience in mixing and mastering.

null - Carlos


I'm a mixing engineer with over 10 years of experience in music mixing, audio post-production and sound design for tv and film and radio.

🤘 Bass  | Guitar | Production - Ari


🤘 Bass | Guitar | Production

Seasoned pro; indie label proprietor; equanimity specialist. Remote or studio. Tours. Coffee.

Songwriter,recording artist - 6ixpaths


Songwriter,recording artist

23 years old songwriter & recording artist from Houston Texas ..I’ve been making music since 16. I’ve written over 2000+ songs and I can’t write any type of song I’m your guy if you need a #1 banger.


Recording, Mixing, Mastering. - André


Recording, Mixing, Mastering.

Hello! I´m André and i am an audio engineer and producer working @ Adrift Studio, based in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

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