Mixing, Mastering, Production - John

Los Angeles

Mixing, Mastering, Production

I Mix and Master, and Engineer for artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys, Fergie, Estelle, Prince, Fifth Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and many others.

Mix Engineer Extraordinaire - Tim

New York

Mix Engineer Extraordinaire

I'm a multi-Grammy-Award-winning mix engineer with numerous Gold and Platinum records across genres, dedicated to making great music with balanced and transparent mixes that are true to each artist and to the distinctive style and feel of a song.

Mixing & Mastering engineer - Moshik


Mixing & Mastering engineer

Award winning mixing and mastering engineer based in East London. Owner of NXNE Studios, a vibrant recording complex with a broad and well diverse music talent. Moshik has recorded, mixed and produced more than 50 albums to date across a broad range of genres, specialised in Pop, Indie, Hip Hop and electronica.

Mix Engineer & Head of Music - Adrian


Mix Engineer & Head of Music

Professional studio recording & mix engineer for the past 20 years. Artists I've worked for and done sessions with incl Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow, Will.i.am, Akon, RedOne, Cam Cole, Neil Cowley ++ I am the in-house mix & recording engineer at 2Seas Studio - a beautiful sounding one of a kind mix & production facility (72 Ch SSL Duality Console)

Producer・Writer・Horns・Remixer - Printz

Los Angeles


I've written songs like "Where Is The Love" (Black Eyed Peas) to "My Time" (BTS). I'm looking to connect with NEW people, and create 'forever' songs. I'm a 3X Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, artist and multi-instrumentalist. Also, I do horn arranging, remixes and score for commercials and film. ...anything from Trap to Folk to? Le' Go!

Music Producer, Mix/Master - Daniel

Los Angeles

Music Producer, Mix/Master

Certified-Gold Music Producer, Songwriter and Mix/Master Engineer. Top 10 on Billboard's 'Next Big Sound' #1 on iTunes In 6 Countries.

Recording/Mix Engineer/ReAmper - Ari

New York

Recording/Mix Engineer/ReAmper

Recording/mix/mastering engineer, producer and guitarist with credits over a wide range of genres, from recording straight ahead jazz bands to hip hop mixing to pop vocal tuning to singer-songwriter production. Engineer on several Grammy-nominated and winning albums. Large vintage classic gear selection as well -- great for reamping and processing.

null - Metropolis


With 2 large recordings studios, 2 mixing rooms (stereo / 5.1) & a large selection of mics to choose from, there is something for everyone at Metropolis. Occupying a former power station in West London, our studios evoke Fritz Lang’s 1926 film vision of the future, after which they are named. The future is something Metropolis is all about!

Mixing and Music Creation - Isha


Mixing and Music Creation

Isha Erskine is a Grammy Winner and Multi-Platinum Music Producer, Engineer, and Composer who has worked with Maroon 5, Ziggy Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Jeff Beck, Wyclef Jean, and many other artists. Usually credited as an Engineer or Producer, he has also been involved with the composition elements on many albums over the past 10 years.

Session Vocals and Violin - Ginny

Los Angeles

Session Vocals and Violin

Ginny is a dynamic performer, with gripping vocals, violin and world-class musicianship. Equally as comfortable in concert halls as giant arenas, Ginny has both performed internationally to millions of people across the globe and alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry as a powerhouse vocalist, violinist and bandleader.

Grammy Nom. Remixer - Producer - Richard

Los Angeles

Grammy Nom. Remixer - Producer

Hello - I luv working with new talented people and have a passion for making inspiring music!

Mixer, EDM Ghost Producer - AVE


Mixer, EDM Ghost Producer

Get an amazing mix at an amazing price! AVE's credits: Sony, Universal, Warner Music, Disney, MTV, VH1, & Trap Nation. Songwriting remixing/prod cred include: Fall Out Boy, Party Favor, Tritonal, Solange, Project 46 + more

Vox arrangements, BVs & Guitar - Anders


Vox arrangements, BVs & Guitar

Multi platinum songwriter and vocal producer with Black Eyed Peas, Haley Reinhart, Anastacia, Andrew McMahon, TVXQ and more. Touring guitarist for 2 years with Anastacia, Reinhart and many more. Professional in the business for 20+ years. Endorsed by Gibson guitars.

Mixer/Producer/Writer - Chris

Los Angeles


I’ve been fortunate enough to be professionally involved in the music business for over 17 years. In this time I’ve worked in various capacities on over 70 major label releases (19 certified platinum) and about 25 indie records. My services include Producing, Recording Engineer, Mixing, and Writing. http://chriswonzermusicprod.wix.com/music

Recording Studio, Mastering - Liberated

West Palm Beach

Recording Studio, Mastering

We are a world class recording, mixing and mastering facility in Palm Beach County, Florida. Our A Room is built around a custom Neve V66 console and our B Room houses an SSL 8000 G/B G Series console. Our mastering suite consists of mainly Prism Sound Maselec Gear. We have recorded, mixed and mastered multi platinum and gold selling records.

null - Recordingloft


We are a digital audio and video recording studio complex specializing in online mixing,composing, and jingles, for corporate and local businesses artist and musicians

null - York

New Zealand

The "Sound City" of New Zealand. For 20 years New Zealand's most popular recording studio.The rare and wonderful 1974 EMI Neve. The best drum recording room this side of the planet. Perfectly set up for bands. Millions of records sold. A very special place to make great music.

Vocal comping & tuning - Jack


Vocal comping & tuning

Hi, I'm Jack! I'm an engineer currently working at Abbey Road Studios, with credits for artists such as Elton John, Drake, The Weeknd.

Passionate Vegan Mixer - Mosty


Passionate Vegan Mixer

4x Latin Grammy, +4Billion streams on youtube. Although it shows recognition, there's no soul on those numbers, so I can tell you I really give my everything to any project I work on. https://genius.com/artists/Mosty

Producer/Mixer/Engineer - Ethan

Echo Park


I have recorded and mixed the largest names in the Industry for close to 20 years, including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, P.Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Ludacris, Redman, Lionel Richie, Tupac, Carrie Underwood, Jadakiss, Korn, Rakim, Steve Aoki, BRMC, Mandy Moore, Bilal, Mars Volta, Styles P,

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