Mix Engineer Extraordinaire - Tim



New York

Mix Engineer Extraordinaire

I'm a multi-Grammy-Award-winning mix engineer with numerous Gold and Platinum records across genres, dedicated to making great music with balanced and transparent mixes that are true to each artist and to the distinctive style and feel of a song.

Great Sounding Mix & Master - Simone




Great Sounding Mix & Master

Sound engineers are artists too! My approach is free-form and instinctive, I see the sound engineer as a musician and the mix as a performance. Think of how a pianist plays a piano, or a drummer hits a drum kit; I use knobs, switches and buttons. Over 15 years of experience, I've worked for the BBC & released for top record labels (Sony, Virgin)

Singer, Sound Engineer - Supa


Singer, Sound Engineer

I am a singer and sound engineer with 32 years of experience. I have worked with Sony entertainment LTD engineering for Finley Quay on his world tour. I have done music production with local and international artists mixing and mastering.I am also a singer songwriter and was signed to REM International records.

null - Walter


A FOH, Monitor and systems engineer for over 25 years

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Composer, Singer, Producer - Joelle




Composer, Singer, Producer

Edgy, jazzy, unique, sophisticated music professional who studied in Philadelphia and Nashville under industry professionals. You're in for quite an adventure when you hit 'play' on any of my tracks! Hire me for your creative projects and I'll make them stand-out and sparkle with soul-infused power or angelic and ear-catching melody & harmonies!

Producer,Writer and Engineer - Monocar

St Petersburg

Producer,Writer and Engineer

And he is the Hottest Producer Monocar Jones,479 Muzic Productions is the Beat Galaxy of the South. Michael M. Jones Jr,from nothing but destined to be a phenomenon as a Producer in this music industry!

Music Producer / Remixer - MP


Music Producer / Remixer

I produce good music!


Producer, Mixing & Mastering - J88


Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Artist, producer and engineer looking to work with others.

Studio di registrazione - Macwave

Brescia BS

Studio di registrazione

Paolo Costola e' il proprietario e il sound engineer dei Macwave Studios a Brescia. Paolo Costola is owner and head engineer at Macwave Studios, Brescia, Italy.


Music Production (Multi-Chart) - SOS




Music Production (Multi-Chart)

With Dante Thomas as a gold and platin singer (known from the worldwide Song MISS CALIFORNIA) the 2 young Germans had their first Chart and Radio-Success with her Production called "FIESTA" in 2016. The Song climbed into multiple charts top 10 and radio stations. From this day on every year they topped their old success in Charts and Airplays.

Bass Player,Producer - Umut


Bass Player,Producer

I have experience in performing and recording in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk Music and many branches.

Mixing Engineer - Logan


Mixing Engineer

Hi! My name is Logan D Lynn and I have been working as a mixing engineer for the past 6 years, specializing in music genres such as heavy metal, rock, punk, hip-hop. I have been helping underground bands get to the local charts. I tend to mix dynamic tracks, with no stale parts.

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