Heavy Metal Vocal Tuning

These professional vocal tuning specialists will make sure your song's vocal tracks are pitch perfect and clean

Music Producer - Martin

Quezon City

Music Producer

I will give life to your songs. Artist first is my mindset.


Metal, Rock & Punk Mixes - José

Mexico City

Metal, Rock & Punk Mixes

I'm a Spanish producer and engineer with 20 years of experience whose headquarters are in Uniphonic Studios in Mexico City. You can listen to a small sample of my work here at Soundbetter and, if you like it, send me a message so I can send you some lossless audio samples.

Virtual Mixing & Mastering - Whiteout


Virtual Mixing & Mastering

One of the few studios who specialize in 100% Remote; Virtual Sessions. A recent accomplishment is that we are currently under contract with Netflix to feature music as the end credit music for an animated show.

Mixing and mastering - Axon

Port St. Lucie

Mixing and mastering

Let's make your next album, single, or EP slam and gut punch your listeners in the feels!


Recoding Mixing Engineer - Naruki


Recoding Mixing Engineer

I am a Japanese recording, mixing engineer. I have been working as a sound engineer since 2012 in Japan. I was working at a studio in Japan, and I have created mainly by Advertisement music with Japanese companies. Of course, I also recorded by many bands music and incidental music with regarding TV or Cinema.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Tom


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I'm a studio/recording engineer and musician from the United Kingdom, here to help with your tracks


Music Producer - Pash


Music Producer

I am a recording engineer, mixer & music producer based in Bournemouth, UK. I've worked with Netflix, Universal Music Group and Sumerian Records along with 3 artists rising up through the BBC Introducing program.

Compose, Produce, Mix & Master - Sleep

New Delhi

Compose, Produce, Mix & Master

I help you in realising your vision! Every song, be it a demo, or a basement session, needs someone who can put that essential vision and technical skill at work, to make a demo into a song. That is the job that I want to do for you and your song.

Remote mixing and mastering - Igor

St. Petersburg

Remote mixing and mastering

With over 15 years of experience I have gained invaluable expertise in creating the sound that my clients want. I use latest achievements in music technology as well as trusty old classics. Music and sound is what I live for.

Mixing + Mastering Engineer - Joseph

Los Angeles

Mixing + Mastering Engineer

I am a Metal and Pop Mixing Engineer out of Sparrow Sound in Los Angeles, specializing in vocals. I also worked for many years as an engineer for Atlantic Records/Warner Music. [Credits include: Bad Wolves, As I Lay Dying, Upon A Burning Body, Light The Torch]

Mixing & Mastering - Audiosphere


Mixing & Mastering

Take your raw recorded tracks to a clean, punchy, clear and wide mix


Music Producer - Alexandros


Music Producer

Alexandros Chrysidis is a Greek Music Producer. His record accomplishments include 11 multiplatinum and 5 gold albums. He works at the biggest studio complex in Greece, the Sierra Studios.

Remote Mixer & Mobile Producer - Little


Remote Mixer & Mobile Producer

What do a banjo and a Peavey 5150 have in common? They are both used in some of the most powerful and passionate genres of music. Regardless of the genre, my goal is the same: to craft a recording that delivers your song uninhibited. With over a decade of experience, I am confident that I can help you realize your artistic vision.

Mix, Master & Live Engineer - Adhiraj


Mix, Master & Live Engineer

Big, massive, punchy, clean, rich, crisp - is that how you're hearing your music? Sounds like you've come to the right place. I'm studio as well as live sound engineer based in Toronto, Canada. While I specialize in heavier forms of music, throw me a sonic challenge and I'll diligently and relentlessly pursue what you're after.

Mixing and Mastering - Jorge

Buenos Aires

Mixing and Mastering

Recording and Mixing engineer, audio editor, sound designer and music producer of Metal,Rock and Pop. Audio Producer for www.musicradiocreative.com (Radio Imaging, Potcast, Djs,Comercials)

Remote mixing and mastering - Dobromir


Remote mixing and mastering

Hiya I'm Dobs, I've been fascinated with audio engineering since my early teenage years and have been working it professionally (and studying it at uni) for about 3 years now. I specialise in the Rock and Metal genres, basically anything with heaviness! I have worked with quite a few artists both in my home country of Bulgaria and here in the UK.

Mixing & Mastering - Widekstudio


Mixing & Mastering

Sound engineer and guitarist who’s best at mixing and mastering .He also composes and records his own music – instrumental melodic metal varying styles from progressive and ambidjent to metalcore.

Mixing Rock & Metal - Alex

St Petersburg

Mixing Rock & Metal

I've been studying mixing and mastering at URM Academy (an online school for rock and metal producers) for over two years and I keep improving my skills with professionals mix engineers! Being a metalhead and huge rock fun I know exactly what your music needs!

sound engineer student - Roy


sound engineer student

The mission is your sound


Mixing & Mastering - Ferrell


Mixing & Mastering

It's not talent, it's an obsession.


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