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Music producer, mix engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal. An active Music Production & Engineering alumni from Berklee College of Music with many years of experience working with professional artists from a wide range of genres.

I enjoy the excitement that emerges from transforming an idea into a professional-quality product. In order to do so, I possess many skills that are advantageous for a contemporary music producer to have.

I pay very strong attention to detail. Some refer to me as a perfectionist.

I have perfect pitch as well as knowledge of advanced music theory. I hear when vocal harmonies are off, when notes don't work within a chord progression, or when a subtle bass pad is a semitone too high or low, and I will help make my clients' work flawless to modern-day standards.

I have over a decade of experience performing on many instruments in numerous diverse settings. I am fit to be a session musician on electric guitar, electric bass, violin, and background vocals. I can also proficiently program drums and other virtual instruments.

Communication is key for creating a successful product that everyone is happy with. I am highly receptive of my clients' needs while incorporating my own constructive judgments.

Finally, the most important part of my job is that I love it!
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Many Songs by Various Artists (contact for full songs)

I was the Producer, Mix Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Every project has its own needs, but I usually allow up to 3 revisions and a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. Contact me regarding any questions you may have or for special requests!

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