Mixing. Sick mixing.  - Taurean


Mixing. Sick mixing.

Want a sick mix by an experienced mixer? Taurean Mixing at your service providing mixing and other audio services.

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Music Producer & Remote Mixing - Lyve

New Haven

Music Producer & Remote Mixing

My name is Swammi, I am founder and owner of Lyve Music Productions. First and foremost I am a singer/song writer. I also excel in modern Hip-hop, and RnB music production. I have helped create tracks for artists that have been featured on Diplo Radio and have even gone on to be the top song of 2016 on Diplo Radio.

Music Producer and Studio - Az


Music Producer and Studio

I have produced songs that are on the radio in canada!


Audio Engineer & Producer - Miles




Audio Engineer & Producer

Hi, I'm Miles and I love working with music. I have 5 years experience under my belt and I believe whatever the job is, it requires as much creativity as it does technicality to produce a fantastic product.

Create from the soul. - Sharon


Create from the soul.

Sharon Onyango-Obbo's mission is to shape Africa’s socio-economic landscape using music production, technology and innovation to scale the creative industry. As an economist and classically trained musician, Sharon is in pursuit of a legacy built on sustainable, creative entrepreneurship across the continent.

Mixer, Multi-Instrumentalist - Lawrence


Mixer, Multi-Instrumentalist

I am a recent grad with a degree in music and audio. I am a mixing engineer and multi-instrumentalist. I work with any kind of music and am always looking to take on new projects. I am currently in the process of building a studio and will hopefully be able to offer recording services in the near future as well. Can't wait to hear from you!


Expert EDM Production - Matt




Expert EDM Production

Matt Warnock is a highly-skilled EDM producer, mixing and mastering engineer. His works have amassed 3+ million streams worldwide and has founded Sauniks Music LLC. A company whose vision is to help clients achieve a sound that can compete with the likes of The Chainsmokers, KSHMR, Kygo, Illenium, Zedd and more. We strive for 'great'.

Mix/Master MFiT - Kick

Los Angeles

Mix/Master MFiT

Audio Mixer as well as certified mastering for iTunes. I work very fast and can create a record quality mix in a short amount of time even with less-than-stellar recordings.


Singer (English and Spanish) - Daniela


Singer (English and Spanish)

If you are looking for a Musical Theatre, Disney Princess, Kid Friendly voice, I'm your girl. Fluent in English and Spanish.


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