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Studio, Session Player, Radio  - Kempmusik

I make the sound in your head come out of the speakers.

Digital MusicProducer/Engineer - M’z-Capo Beatz.

I record artists, Engineer beatz, Produce my own beats,

Landscape Creator for Vocalist - James McElwain

I produce music 4-5 days a week. I start with something different every time and come up with something unique every time. I have created a catalogue for vocalists to look through or I can create something from scratch. I can help you arrange and write to the song or you can take it away. Music and art are amazing, let's create together.

Recording Studio - Trichotomy Studio

Want a pro mix that sounds huge? I only have one goal when it comes to recording: Making something that you can show off without hesitation. I have worked with a variety of musicians and Grammy nominated/awarded engineers to deliver industry-standard professional mixes, while giving the artist as much creative control and input as possible.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer  - Jahred

I’m from LA recording school with a 3.9 GPA. I mix vocals, beats, both, and master anything needed. I’m a Logic Pro user.

HD Professional Drum Tracking. - FatCatDrummer

I'm not just a "session drummer" like you'd expect to find on networks like this. Not only have I been teaching and doing session work for over 15 years, I'm also an accomplished audio engineer with an expertise in drum audio and over 10 years running my own custom drum company. Needless to say, my knowledge, experience keep me top tier quality.

Mix engineer & Studio services - Filippo Rambelli 11|27 Studio

I can make your tracks slam hard without slamming you wallet. Best bang for the buck on Soundbetter.

Audio Engineer, Songwriter.  - Flórez Música

I am not only a musician with an audio engineer emphasis who loves learning but also an organized person, who has knowledge in music theory, and instrument interpretation. Hence, it is easier for me to communicate clients and materialize their ideas in products. I put my skills and knowledge at the service of clients to achieve their goals.

Mixing&Mastering, Sound Desgin - Diogo Magalhães

Creative and idiosyncratic ideas, is what Diogo is all about. Likes to experiment in the process of getting somewhere with the work done. Loves to help people bring their projects to live. Has released his own music in several labels around the world, had his music feature in various compilations and has been a dj for over 10 years.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - GHz Records

Improve your music, try our mixing & mastering. We offer our professional knowledge and the higest quality of our audio gear for your music production. Sounds Great!

recording, mixing, mastering - Ὀρφεύς

vintage analog electronic instruments recording synths, drum machines, sampler, Rhodes, Mellotron

 - Bill McDonald

Bill McDonald on SoundBetter

 - Richard Le Gendre, Sound Engineer

I live in the river called Music and Love. Musician, Composer, Bassist, SoundDesigner, Work as a sound engineer @ Sonotem Studios & @ StudioOrange, I'm also a Ableton Live Specialist and manage the Montreal Ableton User Group, MAUGMEETUP (

 - Distorted Music Productions, LLC.

Distorted Music is a project studio located in Winona, MN. Check out my website for more pictures and details.

 - Skyline

I mix music.

Mixing&Mastering, Guitarist - tomLePaul

Hi there my name is Tom. I'm from Prague and I have been playing guitar for over 14years and working as a sound engineer nearly 10years. Feel free to hit me up!

Record/Mix Engineer - John Pennington

I'm a Sound Engineer with 30+ years of experience in recording & mixing I mix everything at my studio in Maryland, USA. using the majority of the Current Professional DAW. I can turn a project around in 3 days. with the addition of stems for an additional fee.

Audio Creative Engineer - Jimmy.

I mix to make the song deliver the impact desired in your mind. The ultimate goal is to deliver what you want the listener to feel.

Session Guitarrist, Composer. - Carlos Velásquez

Composer, music copyist, arranger.

Beat Maker, Mixing Engineer - KJ_Musiq

Music is life, I promise to treat your work like my own.

Music Producer, Session Guitar - Renato Zamora

English: Hi I´m Renato Zamora, producer, musician & guitar player, from del middle of the earth i offer my services to produce and record and make great songs with you. Spanish: Hola soy Renato Zamora, productor, musico y guitarrista desde la mitad del mundo me pongo a tu disposición para producir grabar y hacer grande canciones contigo.

Mix/Master/Producer/ - Tiago Pollon

Winner of the "Best Catholic DVD" Award 2017. I produce, I Mix, I Master and I record and arrangement all Brazilian instruments

Ghost Producer, Beat Maker  - OneHeadApart


We are two young dynamic producers from Germany that have been specializing in EDM and Electronic Pop music! Offering quick turnaround time, innovative sound design and a first class working experience - Customer Is King! Two Guys - Two Brains - Two Smiles

 - Kevan Gallagher

I am a freelance Producer/Engineer and Mixer based in London. I specialise in recording and mixing a wide range of pop and rock music with a particular emphasis on great songwriters. I worked in-house at many of London's best studios and am now an independent/ freelance Producer and engineer.

 - The Audio Sweet

Recording, Editing, Mixing & Mastering

 - MAD Audio Solutions

I am Motivated, Ambitious and Determined to give you that Professional, Clean, Crisp sound you are looking for.


Hi there I am a Producer/Engineer thanks for looking

 - Kevin Browne

I found my way into the recording industry in London in the early to mid 1990s. I am in possibly the last generation to cut their teeth on 2" tape. I was lucky enough to learn on the job assisting some fantastic producers and engineers. I have a strong musical skill set and have spent time on both sides of the glass.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Stephane Lumbroso

I'm a recording engineer since 22 years based in Paris Was the owner and founder of "Recall Records" I produced and mix more than 100 records

Recording, mixing, leading - Flavien VAN LANDUYT

Twelve years of total dedication to artists and their music, always improving methods and skills to make your lovely song become a true and deep piece of emotion.

music producer  - erdal kemahli

Istanbul based Erdal Kemahli started his music career as a drummer in local bands but soon shifted his interest to electronica.His editing style is a combination of deep house music making and dancefloor tech house tracks. Also down tempo beats and minimal techno elements are involved in his music.

Recording, mixing, mastering - Mindfuck Productions

Studio junkie! 2 Diplomas and over 1000 hours of studio time to my meter :)

Sound Engineer, Music Producer - Freddiecreating

I'm a music producer, engingeer and creative that enjoys working with many different talents to make great art.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Venzetti Productions

I want to make your music big, loud & proud. From crushing breakdowns to soul fulfilling ballads, let's make magic.

Creative Mixing & Mastering  - Danae Condra

I have a quick turnaround and I love working with many different genres.

Beatmaker - dxwg

I make hiphop, boombap, lofi beats for you <3

Music Producer - Thomas Kummerfeldt

Music producer, recording, mix and master engineer. Berklee College of Music graduate (professional music - production and engineering concentrate). Experience in metal genres, especially doom, sludge, ETC. open to other genres such as jazz, rock, blues and anything in between.

Recording Studio, Mix ITB - Cosi aka Alahez

Mix in the box & recording Sessions.

Bass Player, Mixer & Producer - Chapo González

Spanish session bassist for multi-platinum artists like Mclan, Leiva, Joaquín Sabina, Amaral, Abel Pintos, Xoel Lopez, Zahara, Marwan or Dani Fernandez among others, with large experience on studio recording. Specialized in vintage gear, and in Rock, Pop, R´n´B, Soul music. Don´t doubt on contacting me if you have any question regarding the fee.

Engineer, Producer, Editor - Sam Martin

Grammy nominated recording engineer and producer with 15 years experience with both major labels and independents. Professional engineering, production, mixing, tuning, comping, pocketing and more.

Music/Beat Producer - Cee Em

Bachelor's Degree

Dream & Produce Music - Christopher "C-Ray" Roberts


C-Ray is an established and credited Music Producer/Songwriter/Mixing Engineer. With placements all over the world from K-Ci & JoJo's "Happily Ever After" to Korea's popular KPOP group, 4TEN "Tornado", C-Ray is sure he can help you get the sound you need or are missing for your project.

Recording Studio/Production - Bedrock•LA

Bedrock is like "Disneyland for musicians.” Whether you’re recording an album, writing new songs, rehearsing for a tour, shooting a video, in need of some repairs or just need to buy a pack of strings at 11pm, Bedrock has what you need.

Remote mixing and mastering - Andrea Maceroni (Slam Studio)

Hi, I'm Andrea and I have been working in music industry since 2007. I began working in audio services as backliner and sound engineer assistant, then as producer in several music festivals. In 2012 I started the project of a recording studio on my own and since then I have been working as recording engineer, mixing engineer and producer.

Sound designer - Özgehan Özturan

Sound designer and composer for theatre, commercials, games. Session guitarist. Mixing engineer.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - SPACEBOT Studio

SPACEBOT Studio is recording studio based in Bangalore. It specializes in Remote Mixing & Mastering and other Audio Pre and Post Production activities.

Make musical ideas come true! - Evil Studios

My name is Jorge Escudero. I live in Madrid, Spain and I´ve been woriking as a guitarist in different projects for 15 years and working as a sound engineer for another 10 years.

Mixing & Mastering. Recording  - WillatWork

I attended two years at Long Island Recording School of Arts. Where I studied Analog,Digital mixing and mastering,music psychology,music theory,photography and video production. I graduated in 2012 in Audio/Video production.

Singer-Songwriter/Vocal Prod. - Lijah


Cheers, thanks for having me! I've been singing my whole life and I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing Grammy-winning writers & producers in the industry already. I was Top 10 male contestant on American Idol Season 12 so I am confident when working with all sorts of styles.

Writing, Recording, Mixing - Green Room Studio NYC #GRSNYC

I'm a song writer, audio engineer, and artist.I learned to do for myself by doing for others first. I'm not here to do things my way, I'm here to work with you in making your idea and creation real.

Mixing and Mastering - Luke Piziura

I offer mixing and mastering of your songs and a great price point. You can expect great communication and a level of commitment to achieve the best sound possible.

Engineering Mixing, Mastering - Wil Anspach

I do shit with good people. Call me. Or don't. Soundbetter is forcing this page to the top of my search results so you should know I disagree with this tactic and its shady as fuck.

Beatmaker, Mixing,Mastering, - Blickabeatz

I'm an experienced beatmaker/ Music producer./ Audio Engineer. Lets work together and create something monumental.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - LOF Audio Production

As an honors graduate from one of the top audio engineering schools in Canada, my 10 years of experience with audio production and podcasting will ensure you're 100% satisfied with every order. You can expect excellent customer service in addition to quality work.

Record/mix/master/produce - Studio Kingswell

Recorded and produced over 350 unique artists in Studio Kingswell.

Music Producer, Writer, Studio - Sooski

Hey fellow creatives! My name is Sooski, I'm a music producer, writer and singer! Here to help create some amazing music made with love and passion! I have a home studio as well as access to a fully equipped private studio, should we need to use it.

Versatile musician's service  - QS

Have only you happened to think of the song to be performed or amended in whatever manner as you'd please, leave it to the acutely enthusiastic and artful musician which would most surely secure you from all the chores of such pleasant thing as music.

Remote mixing, Music Producer - Dennis Sjölin

I work hard on you’re mix and will make sure you are satisfied at every turn. I edit everything in great detail until it’s right for the mix, I even do voice correction. Hiring me is a great deal for me and for you.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Fabricius "Jupp" Clavée

Let us make your music the best possible version of itself. Let me help you and your music to shine.

Producer|GtrPlyr|AudioEngineer - TkTheGiant

Taking your project to new levels! Credits:Recording & Production: Pnb Rock, 24HRS, SwiftyBlue, Madeintyo, Mickey Shiloh, Y2, Caskey ect..

 - Studio Ten23

Boutique Recording Studio specializing in album projects.Recording, Mixing,Editing,and Mastering. Audio solutions for anything music Services we offer: Full length album recording projects Mixing & Sound Design Voice Overs

 - All Poetic Audio

Tracking, Mixing, Mastering,

 - London Studio Engineers

Booking Agent for London Based Sound Engineers London Studio Engineers supply highly experienced, capable, studio engineers, mix engineers and assistants to the recording industry.

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