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Recording Studio  - Free Lunch


My name is Seth Nathan. I am a producer and mixing and tracking engineer who operates out of my private studio, Free Lunch. My philosophy is to own a recording studio that allows artists to have the necessary means of making the best music of their lives, at a rate that is practically impossible in a bigger more commercialized studio.

Mixing, Mastering, Producer - Dan R

Hello, my name is Daniel. In 2001 I studied audioengineering. I love music, mixing and new and creative projects belong to the focus of my interests. I`ve got a small studio, worked with lots of indie-bands, HipHop and also electronic artists (credits: Carl cox, Johannes Heil, Amphibic, Daniel Benjamin, Drumcomplex, Sportfreunde Stiller....).

Music Producer , SongWriter - Pooriya Nikan

Music Producer , SongWriter , Music Teacher

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Seyhan Canyakan

Asklepion Audio is a company that deals with audio film, advertising, jingle, sountrack music, publishing, audio recording, mixing, mastering.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing  - Ten Strings Audio

Self considered a craftsman, and, as in every craft, excellence should be pursued.

drum tracks, mixing - Paul Wandtke

Give your next single/song some life with real drums or if you have drums tracked already but need someone to fix/flextime/comp them in a hurry; LOOK NO FURTHER!

voice, lyrics, slam, comedy  - sol

i can sometimes put things in words that others cant. i can sometimes make sounds with my voice that can be considered unique . i am humble. i am grateful. i am relatively hilarious, sometimes.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Jonathan Attard

I am a freelance sound engineer and also working at Solid State Logic as a service and sales engineer for the French territory. I have already worked on music, post prod and advertising projects. Interested in recording and/or mixing. Also able to produce.

 - Boomy Studio

Pro tools Expert audio production.

 - souleymaz

Producer, beatmaker, singer and songwriter.

Recording/Production/Mixing - SGS

Hey! My name is Spencer and I love helping people make music! I have interned in Nashville under Ed Cash and am now entering the industry.

Music Producer  - NoPrefix Productions

Im an experienced producer looking to push the limits in order to create todays most influential music!

Track Treatment: Pitch & Time - Ithamar Samuel Eshpar

When the small details sound right, the big picture sounds great. Improve your sources before you mix - pitch, time, tightness, phase etc.

Vocal Tuning and Audio Editing - Rafael Pereira Lopes


Audio Engineer specialized in vocal tuning and time alignment. Over 10 years of experience working with all sorts of artists, from mainstream to garage bands.

R&B, Hip-Hop Violinist - Marvillous Beats


Hire a violinist that truly knows the sound and vibe you are chasing! Marvillous Beats is the answer to all things Hip-Hop that need classical elements with swag. Hip-Hop/R&B violinist and music producer Marvillous Beats not only has featured on NPR Tiny Desk and BET movie 'Angrily Ever After', but has recorded on numerous major records.

Award-Winning Engineer - Bryce Roberts

I am an award-winning Audio Engineer credited on 13 Grammy-Nominated recordings and 5 Grammy-Winning records. 2019 + 2020, I was named Arkansas Country Music Awards' "Sound Engineer of the Year." Credits include Willie Nelson, Deep Purple, Lauren Daigle, Reba, Kenny Chesney, Hootie & the Blowfish, Old Crow Medicine Show, John Oates, and many more.

Sessions, Mixing, Mastering - Louis Esterhuizen

Loopaxe Records offer's an impressive array of music production services at affordable rates in a creative space.

Everything Involving Music - UnroundSound LLC

Music was my first language. I spent most of my relationship with music playing everything by ear and listing to anything unique or progressive. I can play any instrument. Started with protools 5 years ago and Ableton about 2 years ago. I have experience in producing anything from rock/metal, to commercial, to hard hitting techno, to ambient.

Music Produce & Audio Engineer - Joao Andrade

I am a music producer & sound engineer with more than 12 years exper. I produced/engineered songs for big labels like quantize recordings, defected, sony music africa, sony music portugal, purple music, soulstice music, candy beach, vida records, tribe records, and many others. I produce/engineer many styles from house, afro, soulful, r&b, hip-hop.

Music creator & Sound engineer - Lucas Vazz

Unique ideas that can make a big difference in your sound!

 - Wes DeBoy

Wes DeBoy is a recording/mixing engineer with heart. He digs deep to understand each artist's vision and does not stop until is has been reached. His patience, experience and attention to detail ensure that each project reaches its highest potential.

 - Alexander Wieser / Sonobelle Recordings

Producer/Mixer/Engineer based in Vienna. Alexander Wieser offers mixing services to artists, producers, record companies and film companies. It´s all about realising and supporting an artists vision. I want to make sure that you as an artist and/or producer are a hundred percent comfortable and happy with your project.

produce, mix, master - Keva

young producer with ~6 years experience looking to help others make their music the best it can be!

 - Aaron Cunningham

Record Producer and Mix Engineer from Philadelphia, PA

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Kailen

Kamil Chrzanowski - Kailen Music Producer, Ghost-Producer, Mixing / Mastering Engineer Specialization: Melodic and Vocal House / Deep House / Tropical House/EDM.


--- 𝗟𝗘𝗧’𝗦 𝗠𝗔𝗞𝗘 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗜𝗖 𝗧𝗢𝗚𝗘𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥 --- HIT-9-PROJECT : My project is to find musician / writer / singer / beatmaker from all over the world to complete those tracks or create something new so don’t be shy and contact me ! I produce any kind of music !

Vocal Tuning, Timing, Comping - Andreas Zubaran

Composer, arranger, mixer, piano player, and vocal tuner.

Trumpet player who sings - Viggy


AudioEngineer/Singer/Violinist - Inna Beethoven

I’m a certified audio engineer, music producer, composer and professional violinist/singer with strong recording, editing, and mixing experience. Located in Placerville, California.

Vocal Tuning - JB Audio

Experienced, now offering BUDGET (automatic) tuning for budget conscious customers! Specializing in impressive vocal tuning and time alignment using PRECISION (manual) tuning methods. Supply separate vocal file and accompaniment guide track. Please be sure to specify either BUDGET or PRECISION tuning.

Session Musician and Engineer - Jessica Mieritz

Hello! I'm a Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Professional Music and a minor in Instrument Repair. I use Pro Tools and Studio One to edit, mix, quantize, tune, and master music ranging from pop to metal.

Remote Editing & Mixing - Manny Montoya

I like to put my heart and soul into everything I make, while serving the artist and the music. Always in communication. My credits include LHEO, Valhalla and Eddie Luno.

Tuning,Time alignment and more - Ovidiu Moldovan

I play bass guitar, guitar, percution, keyboard and i do all studio works, i have recorded maybe 100 albums and 1000 songs of all kinds.

Audio/Music Mixing and Editing - Allister Kellaway Audio Pro

Want audio thats clear, neat and exciting? I will give your Song or Podcast the professional treatment it deserves!

 - Milq

Creative producer and sound designer with a number of projects under his belt is always looking for new projects to work on. Let me know if You need me !

Mixing & Editing, Songwriting  - Alicja Golianek

I help artists and music producers sell the emotions that are hidden in their songs and make sure that the final mixes are as interesting and engaging for the listener as possible.

Remote, mix, beat, digitiser + - Tunecreators Dave

DAW engineering & converting. Quantise/beat correction. Sound improvements. Live Instruments available.

Music Producer - SpeTheof

The Ultimate Instrumental Maker, Music Producer, EDM (Most Categories)

Gambling - Tsurakawi


Music Producer Mixing Engineer - Serge Petrenko


My name is Serge. I'm a music producer from Nashville. I've been in music production for over 15 years. I work in a variety of genres from Rock to EDM to Soundtracks and anything in between. I also provide quality mixing services.

 - Michael Candido

Hello, my name is Michael Candido and I'm a freelance Producer/Mixer. I started mixing in 1998 and over the years taught myself as well as sought the aid of many highly acclaimed engineers who became my mentors' over the years for their different skill sets. My approach to music is highly dependent on the material of the band and the track itself.

Music Studio, Audio Engineer - Audio House

Audio House is a studio dedicated to recording, mixing, and mastering songs. We are dedicated to giving a fair price that is affordable to everyone while continuing to have amazing quality and social interactions.

Arranger, Session Guitarist - odod

Professional arranger and guitarist, and also prolific music engraver

Exam Dumps - ExamCollectionSite

Prepare exam dumps for the students to pass the exam easily.

 - 3Musica

360 studio based in BA, Argentina.

Rercording, Mixer, Mastering  - SevenLife Studio

Professional studio recordings in Olinda, meeting all the requirements of its customers in a high standard with comfort and quality. Located in a great and prime location 50 meters from the sea, with private parking, waiting room, bathroom and a reserved area for meals ready for all customer needs in a recording.

Session Guitarist - Paul Brazell

Very tasteful guitar for your next song. I specialize in Indie Rock and Ambient textures. Been doing session work and touring over the past several years. My style is influenced by the music of Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, Dawes, Foo Fighters, etc. You can hear a lot of my work with the band Yosef from Nashville, TN.

Producer, Recording Studio - Paul Farrell

Played Sax with Talking Heads. My music has been featured on lots of MTV shows. Built my own recording studio. I'm up for any mixing and producing projects.

Mixing Engineer,Music Producer - Lamont Music Studios

Low mixing fees for high quality production. First song is mixed for free. Any audio effects can be added at your request and at no extra fee.

Sound Engineer - Sam Cherry

. . .

Drummer - Ricardo Lira

I'll record your song/record on HQ for a low budget!

Pet-related articles - CatsPurfection

Articles dedicated to pets, their lives, and health

 - Glasstone Productions

Glasstone Productions can plug bands into the production services that are used by Glassstone Records as well as other independent labels. These services include Online Mixing, Production & Online Mastering.

 - STUDIO @ 77

Hi! & Welcome to STUDIO @ 77. I am Leonidas. I remix / produce / DJ . I hire my skills too. I can edit stuff for you, quantize it to the beat , remix , and do the final master for your track . Check my Soundcloud page to get an idea of my work or contact me, i'll be glad to answer your questions and work together with you .

music producer , mixing and ma - JOY SOLOMON

Hello folks.... Im a music producer, mix engineer and a keyboard player.. been doing this for quite sometime

Remote mixing and mastering - 9T4productions

This is a new business created for myself (Julian) to step in to the music business and put my knowledge to practical use. Excited to work with amateur musicians, well established professionals or anything in between. Consider us for any work that you'd take to a professional afterwards (at this stage). Thank you! Julian

'Remote Mixing & Mastering' - S.W. Audio

Mixing engineer, Music Mastering, Producer, Pro Tools expert. I treat your projects as if they were my own while making sure every one of your desired expectations is met.

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