Top Time Alignment and Quantizing Pros for hire

Find the perfect time alignment or quantizing professional to ensure your tracks are perfectly on beat and on time

Sound Engineer - Sam Cherry

. . .

Editing - Mixing - Mastering  - Brent Quinton (HitRecord)

I have 20 years experience in the professional audio industry. As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and engineer, I have an acute understanding of music as a sum of disciplines, allowing me to make excellent musical choices across the entire spectrum of creative phases.

 - The Grainery Studio

Hi, my name is Cody Ratley and I've been recording bands out of Milwaukee for about 5 years now. I mostly work with metal bands (djent, death metal, metalcore) and pop punk bands but I love tracking and mixing anything. I've been a drummer for 15 years and I know how to get killer drum sounds.

 - Adam Franklin

Hello, I currently live in Birmingham, Al and have a bachelors degree in Communications Recording Technologies from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Al. Have interned at Mixology Recording Studios under Bao Pham in Montgomery, Al and in Atlanta, Ga I interned at Soapbox Recording Studios in Midtown.

Recording | Editing | Mixing - The Canadian's

I'm a bass & guitar player with a passion for recording and mixing music. I have my own project studio in which i record local bands, do lots of outsourced editing and record/produce my own bands. I have experience tracking and mixing ITB and with outboard gear (Eucon control surfaces).

Producing, Mixing & Mastering - Miguel Caroli

Sound Designer for Film, EICTV - Sound & Music on Best Picture System - Berlinale Talent Campus #10 on Sound Design. Music Producer on El Duo Dinamita -!music/c2516 Music, Producer on Kalayawa -

Mixing Engineer - FeedTheStudios

Hello, fellow musician! I'm a mixing engineer here to take your recordings to the next level! With 15+ years of experience in music I'm sure to give your project the push it needs to be the next #1 on billboard.

Multi-instrumentalist/Producer - Ryan Koch

My name is Ryan. I've taught Logic Pro at schools like Dubspot in Los Angeles and also record with a band called florals (not to be confused with the producer who goes by FLØRALS).

Vocal Tuning and Arrangement - Xan Marsella

To me, vocals are what make or break your track. Selectively placed dynamic harmonies can bring your track to the next level. Send me your track and I'll send back sheet music and guide audio for vocal harmonies to add. I also offer vocal tuning and timing editing, to make sure your lead vocals, doubles and harmonies perfectly align.

Guitar & Bass Editing+Reamping - Eric Monstera


Guitar and Bass Editing and Reamping. Specialising in Heavy Metal, But I am happy to listen to what you need and what you would like to achieve and let you know if it is something I think I can help you with. I also do Vocal tuning, Programmed Drums or Drum Quantising.

Track Treatment: Pitch & Time - Ithamar Samuel Eshpar

When the small details sound right, the big picture sounds great. Improve your sources before you mix - pitch, time, tightness, phase etc.

 - STUDIO @ 77

Hi! & Welcome to STUDIO @ 77. I am Leonidas. I remix / produce / DJ . I hire my skills too. I can edit stuff for you, quantize it to the beat , remix , and do the final master for your track . Check my Soundcloud page to get an idea of my work or contact me, i'll be glad to answer your questions and work together with you .

 - Aaron Cunningham

Record Producer and Mix Engineer from Philadelphia, PA

Audio Engineer/ Producer - Nicholas Holmes

Hi I've been an Audio Engineer for almost 10 years. I specialize in pop, indie and rap/hip-hop. I own my own studio in Newark, DE where we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

beets - boco

credits: skinny flack, flume, errol fain.

Brazilian Pop Producer - Gabriel Fontes

Yes, Anitta is Brazilian. Yes, you can have songs like that.

Mix, master, write beats - Millimeters of Mercury


Got a great song idea but your recording just isn't getting your creativity across? I can help you.

 - Alexander Wieser / Sonobelle Recordings

Producer/Mixer/Engineer based in Vienna. Alexander Wieser offers mixing services to artists, producers, record companies and film companies. It´s all about realising and supporting an artists vision. I want to make sure that you as an artist and/or producer are a hundred percent comfortable and happy with your project.

 - souleymaz

Producer, beatmaker, singer and songwriter.

Rercording, Mixer, Mastering  - SevenLife Studio

Professional studio recordings in Olinda, meeting all the requirements of its customers in a high standard with comfort and quality. Located in a great and prime location 50 meters from the sea, with private parking, waiting room, bathroom and a reserved area for meals ready for all customer needs in a recording.

Session Guitarist - Paul Brazell

Very tasteful guitar for your next song. I specialize in Indie Rock and Ambient textures. Been doing session work and touring over the past several years. My style is influenced by the music of Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, Dawes, Foo Fighters, etc. You can hear a lot of my work with the band Yosef from Nashville, TN.

produce, mix, master - Keva

young producer with ~6 years experience looking to help others make their music the best it can be!

Mixing, Editing, Musician - Porter Studios

Long time musician who has written, recorded and mixed own music. Starting out pro, and looking to build on my current experience

Songwriter, Recording Artist - Cam Carter

I am a songwriter, and recording artist from Memphis, Tennessee, the home of Rock & Roll and the Blues. I have written songs for many known artists. I am very versatile and my strength is my penmanship. I love blending and defying genres, especially with hip-hop. I love to capture moments that relate, and make them last forever. IG:@camcarter901

R&B, Hip-Hop Violinist - Marvillous Beats


Hire a violinist that truly knows the sound and vibe you are chasing! Marvillous Beats is the answer to all things Hip-Hop that need classical elements with swag. Hip-Hop/R&B violinist and music producer Marvillous Beats not only has featured on NPR Tiny Desk and BET movie 'Angrily Ever After', but has recorded on numerous major records.

Music Producer  - NoPrefix Productions

Im an experienced producer looking to push the limits in order to create todays most influential music!

Sound desing, Dubbing director - Andres Angulo

As dubbing director: As bass player with Revolver Plateado from 2012 to 2018 As bass player with Katamaran bandfrom 2005 to 2013

Session Musician and Engineer - Jessica Mieritz

Hello! I'm a Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Professional Music and a minor in Instrument Repair. I use Pro Tools and Studio One to edit, mix, quantize, tune, and master music ranging from pop to metal.

Mixing Engineer, Music Creator - Carson Diddens

A good reason to pick me for the job is that I'm very easy to work with. I'll make revisions to projects if you need, and get things done by your chosen deadline.

AudioEngineer/Singer/Violinist - Inna Beethoven

I’m a certified audio engineer, music producer, composer and professional violinist/singer with strong recording, editing, and mixing experience. Located in Placerville, California.

Vocal Production, Pianist - Joshua James Sottile

If your vocals need particular attention regarding tuning and pocket, I will get you that sound you want! Whether it's cleaning up lead/background vocals or even creating strong harmony arrangements, every one of my clients is extremely pleased with my unique approach. My favorite arrangement I've created had over 40 simultaneous vocal parts!

Vocal Tuning and Audio Editing - Rafael Pereira Lopes


Audio Engineer specialized in vocal tuning and time alignment. Over 10 years of experience working with all sorts of artists, from mainstream to garage bands.

 - Milq

Creative producer and sound designer with a number of projects under his belt is always looking for new projects to work on. Let me know if You need me !

Sound & Audio Editing/Mixing - Ryan Smith

Hey there, I am looking to expand my professional network of creative music industry individuals. I am here to aid people with sound/audio editing and mixing as I have experience with leading industry software, ProTools.

'Remote Mixing & Mastering' - S.W. Audio

Mixing engineer, Music Mastering, Producer, Pro Tools expert. I treat your projects as if they were my own while making sure every one of your desired expectations is met.

Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Neil Schneider (Loft Studios)

Hi! I'm Neil Schneider, 24 years old, from Troy, NY and I've been a musician from right out of the womb. Ever since I can remember I've always loved music, playing it, listening to it, and now for the past 5 years recording it! I've been a drummer for 14 years, playing in many different bands of different genres. I love all styles of music!

Producer, Engineer, Writer - Chase Gorberg

My name is Chase Gorberg. I have been working professionally for the last five years as a producer, engineer, writer and session guitar player. I have worked with over 25 artists in the last two years and counting.

 - Nassos Sopilis

Music Composer and Producer. Visit me in imdb

 - Christophe Pulon / Deaf Rock Studio

always be closest to the artists and find the emotion. Create the right picture that the artists have in mind.

 - Keep Hold Srl

Specializing in Pop and Rock genres of production. Major Label Credits: producing, mixing, mastering and engineering We bring decades of experience, making productions and records. Anyone can record at home these days… but you still need…. A GOOD SUPPORT FOR YOUR MUSIC!

Mixing & Editing, Songwriting  - Alicja Golianek

I help artists and music producers sell the emotions that are hidden in their songs and make sure that the final mixes are as interesting and engaging for the listener as possible.

Music Producer - Julien

Hi, I'm Julien a Music production student, based in London. I've been involved in music composition/production since I was very young. I'm interested in helping people in music to have experiences in the business.

Producer/Editor/Mixer - Chris Snow

I've worked on dozens of records with artists such as Big Wreck, Barenaked Ladies, Danko Jones and The Trews. If there's one thing I've learned how to do well, it's editing. Whether it be drums, bass, guitar or vocals, just a bit of tightening or right on the grid, I'll make sure it sounds natural and to your liking. Let's make some music!

Editing and Quantizing - Guilherme Paesa

I offer professional vocal tuning and instrument time alignment for a clean, mix-ready sound. I'll refine your vocals for a natural sound and ensure all instruments (including guitars) are in perfect sync.

 - Glasstone Productions

Glasstone Productions can plug bands into the production services that are used by Glassstone Records as well as other independent labels. These services include Online Mixing, Production & Online Mastering.

 - Boomy Studio

Pro tools Expert audio production.

 - Evolutiva

Tras más de 15 años trabajando en todos los ámbitos del sonido (radio, televisión, dIrecto, estudio), especializado en grabación y mezcla de directos así como diseño y postproducción de sonido para medios audiovisuales. Socio fundador de Evolutiva (Producción AV | Formación AV).

Music Producer , SongWriter - Pooriya Nikan

Music Producer , SongWriter , Music Teacher

Remote mixing and mastering - 9T4productions

This is a new business created for myself (Julian) to step in to the music business and put my knowledge to practical use. Excited to work with amateur musicians, well established professionals or anything in between. Consider us for any work that you'd take to a professional afterwards (at this stage). Thank you! Julian

Try to enhance artist's soul. - AD Recording Studio

When I mix or master or produce music, i try to pull out the true soul and sound of the artist. I love music and i think that music always saves us.

I'm a creative mixer - suimatle81

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Music Producer, Remote Mixing  - Ten Strings Audio

Self considered a craftsman, and, as in every craft, excellence should be pursued.

Session Musician - Whitewater Music

Session musician for hire. Want some killer sounding live drums on your track. This is the place for it. Want some guitar work? come here. Need a bass player to add some life to the track? Also here. Want some singing on your track? Go somewhere else, I definitely cannot sing. All recorded in a studio to fit your budget.

Pet-related articles - CatsPurfection

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Arranger, Session Guitarist - odod

Professional arranger and guitarist, and also prolific music engraver

I am a professional writer - owenleonard

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Music creator & Sound engineer - Lucas Vazz

Unique ideas that can make a big difference in your sound!

I produce music from scratch. - Audio Engineer / Producer

Hi there- I am an audio engineer based out of Fort Lee new Jersey.

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