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Remote Mixing and Mastering - Nick Chalaire

I'm Nick, I can put the finishing touches on your songs or mix them down for you for a better quality of sounds. Send me a small portion of your song and I will master it for you for free and if you are pleased with the results I can do the whole song for you.

Remote Mixing, Producing - Bill Esses

I have over 30 years making records. recording, editing and mixing! I'll listen to your tracks, assess and advise on what needs to be done and try my best to work within your budget.

Full stack producer - NRQ's Studio

NRQ's Studio offers a top quality sound production services worldwide! I'll make your music shine. Contact via

Producer, Mix/Mastering - Coolest Kid

Hello, I am Coolest Kid. I am a producer, engineer, as well as a singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and of course I can dance.

Recording Mixing and Mastering - Rapture Recording Studio

Rapture Recordings specializes in Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop-Punk, and works with various other genres. We offer high quality work with low rates.

Full Production, Sesh Guitar - Alek Darson

I'm a Berklee Grad with a professional home studio. Focusing on Prog Rock/Metal, but have years of world-wide experience in Pop, Electro, Orchestral, and Hip-Hop. Open for Production, Mixing/Mastering, Arranging, Guitar and Bass Session Recording. I will make your project happen.

I orchestrate music!! - Sauceadellic Music

I am a Musician,Songwriter,Engineer,Producer person who writes popular songs or the music for them.

Audio Repair & Restoration  - Luke Hunter

Repairing damaged and troubled audio recordings sound better and more balanced.

Remote Mixing - Tommy

I look at mixing tracks more than just finding the right pockets or levels, It's more of an art form to me. I receive a raw canvas with only just the outline bolded, my job is to color between the lines. I don't want people to listen to my mix, I want them to experience it

Music Composition/Production - Giuseppe Corcella

I am a film composer based in Italy. I compose music since I was 13 (I’m 26 now), I studied music at the University too and I’m attending a Master’s in Composition for Film and Media at the Conservatory of Rovigo. I have a good knowledge of music, and I can write for several genres. I'm able to work under pressure and with close deadlines.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Dillon Salkovitz

I am an indie rock musician, most well known as a founding member of Tipling Rock. As an entirely self-produced and self-managed band, we’ve gathered 300k monthly listeners and toured the world. I’d love to help you with your mixes and share my experience as a successful independent artist.

Synthwave Producer - BRTD

a self-taught producer obsessed with the 80s synths and chiptune, love to mix and master, also don't mind editing or cleaning up the audio..

Vocalist, Singer Songwriter  - PAMÉ

I’m the Dominiqueen with the melodies and remixes. I can demo/ remix your songs or write a great record that will bring your ideas into reality. I bring different elements whether it’s Latin, R&B, Pop or Hip Hop; I take the time to cater to each one of my clients needs with a quick turn around.

Mixing & Mastering, Editing. - BB

I've been doing audio production work for over 10 years. Music production, mixing & mastering for completed tracks, ghost producing, podcast editing, audio dynamics and engineering, foley work. Name it, I've probably done it. Happy to work with you on whatever your project needs.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Santiago Palacios

I have a degree in Recording and Mixing Engineering and over 10 years of experience in making and producing records. Mixing is one of the biggest pleasures I have in my life. I love giving a song the last final touches so it becomes something that will give goose bumps to everybody who is going to listen.

Record, edit, and mix songs  - Peachy Music

Having gone to school, Metalworks Institute in Mississauga, and working in the Toronto studio scene since, I am looking to break out into more freelance jobs. This gets you professional level recording, editing and mixing without the 'Pros' price tag attached! Always making sure you are happy with the outcome is the top priority!

Producer | Musician | Composer - Vachantu

Como parte de una corriente que busca incorporar lo orgánico a la música electrónica, deconstruyo, transformo y reutilizo elementos naturales primarios, asumiendo la búsqueda de sentido como algo fundamental y abrazando al mismo tiempo las posibilidades de profundidad sónica que brinda la tecnología.

 - Shiaure rec. MTW.

I am freelancer mixing, recording engineer from Lithuania. I have 10 years of recording, mixing, mastering and producing experience.

Mixing and Mastering - SR Studios

My main goal is to create a finished product that is exactly what the client wanted.

Mix Engineer / Sound Painter - Alex Rodriguez

Hello, I'm a Mixing Engineer. I paint with sound. I can help you fulfill the vision that you have for your song or project by taking the ideas and creativity that are in your head, and making them come to life sonically so that we can all enjoy them. I will help you fulfill your vision through to the very end of the process!

Composer and Music Producer. - Harry Joel

Hello , My Name is Harry Joel, I am a Composer, Music Producer and Song Writter in the Maryland, Virginia Washington DC area . I have a degree in Music Technology and have been creating, composing and mixing music for 10 years. Feel Free to Contact Me

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Preston Moreau

I am a professional audio engineer with over 16 years of experience and specialize in music production/recording. I have worked with a variety of artist and genres and I look forward to working with you on your next project.

Mixing, Mastering, & Produce  - KJ Studios

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Studio, Advertising, Music, Post-Production, Audio Engineering, Live Sound

Vocal post-prod, tuning, mix - Johan Sugarev

Classically trained violinist with perfect pitch, experienced in bringing industry recognized results to demanding vocal sessions.


Need an engineer/sound system for your event... i am the man for your job. i am a Sound Engineer employed at Rent-A-Amp Sound Company Trinidad and Tobago (16 years) . CONTACT 1868-6899315 .

Studio Recording and Mixing - Real Feel Recording

Quality Recording, Production and Mixing for low prices

Remote mixing and editing - Cantus Studio

Working on top of the line analog and digital audio equipment from SSL, Universial Audio and others, our hybrid workflow combines the flexibility of the digital domain with the unique sound of high quality analog gear. Our engineers are Avid certified Pro Tools operators, which ensures fast and reliable edits and professional mixes.

Recording & Mixing Studio - Lunchbox Estudio

Recording & Mixing engineers, we produce your ideas with the best tools!

Recording and Mixing Engineer. - Sajan Ks

A well experienced Studio Recording,Mixing,Mastering engineer. A live mixing engineer as well.

Recording Studio, Music Prod. - Eww Architeckt Studios

Recording Since '2000'. Great with all Genre's of Music. Song Editing and Writing also Available.

Producer, Musician - Bryan White

Producer, Acoustic guitars, Drums

Pianist/producer Caribe rhythm - Juan Manuel Cuao

Winner of the city of Medellín creation scholarships in 2014 as a co-producer and pianist in the salsa album "Lo que hacia falta"

A1, DJ,  FOH & Studio Engineer - Engineer Konnex

Create an experience your audience will remember.

Podcast editing, SFX, & Foley - Johnathan Swartzentruber

I can work with you to get your tracks or podcasts sounding professional, and exactly how you want.

Pro Freelance Sound Engineer - Jack Langfeld

Hi - I'm Jack - welcome you to JAL Audio in Manchester.I offer a range of high quality Live & Studio based Sound Engineering Services, including but by no means limited to: Studio Recording - Mixing & Mastering - Front of House - Monitor Mixing - Mobile Recording - Online Mastering - PA Tech’ing - Stage Tech’ing - Vocal Tuning and "much more"

Mix & Mastering Engineer. - Fuse Audio

Fuse Audio is an online mixing and mastering service with high quality engineers. We are in a position to be able to offer our professional services at an affordable rate.

 - Martin Nessi-Producer, Mixer/Engineer, Arranger

Chilean Music Producer, Mixer/Engineer and Arranger based in Los Angeles, CA. Has engineered on Latin Grammy Award Winning and Nominated albums such as Alex Campos' "Lenguaje de Amor" and Ricky Martin's "MAS". Other credits include the likes of Jorge Drexler, Faith Evans, Joss Stone, Wisin y Yandel, Natalia Jimenez, Desmond Child, etc.

Remote Mixing & Editing - DcentAudio

I am an Audio Engineer who strives to provide the best possible service to an artist, so that their art is represented with the utmost respect and articulation.

Mixing Engineer - Qwyntel

Qwyntel is a highly qualified accredited sound engineer, music producer and composer, sound design for films, games, tv adverts, company intros, radio jingles/adverts.

Audio Engineer - Widman Audio

I have been an audio engineer for over 10 years, working with every genre of music and audio production. I have engineered for some of the top R&B artists in the music business throughout my career. I have experience in video production and sound for film/tv as well. I am eager to work and will help your project come to life!

Mixing and Mastering  - GaetanJ

Hey, I am a sound designer from Montreal, a "Mélomane", a Musician... mmm yeah!

Beats, Synth Lines, Bass Lines - Ben Haviour

Hey there, I do creative sound design, sparkling percussions, funky synth lines, and groovy bass lines. I am focused on producing synthesizers and mix them with acoustic drums and re-amping.

Remote Mixing - João Maurício

I absolutely do not want to get paid unless you are satisfied with the results. I am currently looking for artists/bands to mix and add to my professional portfolio. I know how hard you have worked to compose and record your songs and, now, I want to help you improve their sound. Hit me up.

Session Drummer and Remote Mix - Jamir Lopez Reyes

The beat is what drives a song and can make it or break. Lets work together to get your Song or Project to sound Great!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Bryant Fars

Let your ambition carry you

Sound Technician/Musician - Antonio Coelho de Melo Vales

Hi, I'm a Sound Technician with an ACS degree in Sound and Music Recording Technology. I have experience in audio restoration, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.  I think that the best way to show my capability is by putting it to practice, right?

MUSIC OR PODCAST EDITING  - Waters Edge Recording

Your one stop shop for all your editing needs. Instruments, vocals, podcasts, etc.

Bass, Bass Synth player - Michael Bare

Session bass player living and touring out of Nashville, TN. Ready to provide that song defining backbone for an affordable price!

Producer - Wolfy

indie/rock/pop producer who loves making noise more than anything. recorded and produced the alternative's best album of 2019 with rosie tucker and billboard's #5 rock album of 2019 with maddie ross. nothing i love more than making rad music with rad people!!

Music Producer,Mixing, Master  - D A : T A

Experienced producer and with a medium-low budget

Remote Studio - Wizard Recording Studios

Here at WRS we strive to bring everyones ideas to life. Even if that means working day in and day out to complete the projects.

*Doing Vocal Tuning Since 2010 - Melodyne-Expert

Our Speciality is Using AIM-Apps (Artificial Inteligency Music - Applications ) , for fast and acurate work..,with all genre.....

 - B Said Music recording studio

A powerful budget studio, ideal for pre-production, rehearsals or experiments. We have worked with rock bands, hip-hop singers and electronic producers helping them to achieve a professional setup for their live-set. We also organize events, workshop and lessons of instruments, singing and music technology.

Recording Studio - New London Music

New London Music is a recording studio designed to help artists with limited budgets get quality recordings.

 - Joshua Walsh

Musician and mix engineer from New York. AVID Pro Tools HD certified. Producer/Songwriter. All around good guy.

 - Lindsey Corkrey

Studied at The New School Center For Media. Studied Music Performance at Schenectady County Community College.

 - Davo Sounds

I am a professional Leader passionate by music. I played the Drums for more than 8 years and I am experienced in Recording, Mixing, and Sound Design. I am graduated from Musitechnic's Audio and Music Production techniques program 2014.

Music Producer and DJ - StefBlef

Hi! My name is Stefan and I'm music producer, multi instrumentalist an DJ with over 15 years of experience. I play drums, guitar and piano and I use various software for music production, audio editing and DJ-ing like Ableton, FL Studio and Traktor.

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