Top Time Alignment and Quantizing Pros for hire

Find the perfect time alignment or quantizing professional to ensure your tracks are perfectly on beat and on time

Remote Mixing & Mastering Engr - magic_mastering

Striving for impact, depth, and prioritising translation, to ensure that every beat, note and lyric hits with maximum emotional touch, leaving an everlasting impression on the listener.

Vocal Engineer - Kerick Andrews

Sculpting your voice to fit any track.

Session Keyboardist - Elton Allen

I Specialize in Ballad piano, CCM, Country, and R&B Keys.

Mixing, Industry Production - Audio Unitz


With over 10 years experience in production, mixing, and mastering, Audio Unitz is committed to setting a standard of excellence and professionalism. As a collective, we have placements with several major artists across all types of genres. With Audio Unitz, you can be sure our standard is the gold standard.

Mixing, Mastering, Editing - Matt Buckley


Specializing in Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal genres -- I've got over a decade of experience delivering recordings and mixes with big guitars, punchy drums, solid bass, and strong vocals. I'm also well-versed in vocal comping/tuning and drum quantization, and I can get your raw tracks radio/stream-ready quickly and efficiently.

 - Matt Shane

NY based engineer, mixer, producer

 - Julio Alonso

25 year experience recording/mixing Engineer Creative mixing, musical production.

 - Lanigans Van Studios

If you need backing tracks (cover versions), in any genre, get in touch!

Recording, Editing, Mixing. - Jorge Bernabe

Thanks for visiting my profile. Mixing engineer for both sides, studio and live. Also work as technical production manager.

Audio Production and Etc - Chandra mouli(leethelooper)

Hi, Check my mixes and if you find what you're looking for, feel free to message/get in touch.

Mix Engineer, Music Producer - Vladislav

I am a professional mix engineer and music producer. I have worked in different studios in Moscow where I mastered my mixing and production skills, so now I can deliver high quality work for you. Always open to new projects and will provide you with kick ass mixes and productions.

Online Session Drummer - Michael Thøgersen

Online session drummer Michael Thøgersen!

Record Producer - Nick French

Choosing the right music is one of the most essential parts of your project. Quality writing, awesome arrangement and top productions will give you the best results. A head start to put your work a cut above the rest.

Mix & Mastering Engineers - Cedar Bridge Studios

Let us mix, master and shine your next single or full album project.

Producing, Mixing, Bassist - Mario DiLeva

Mario is a mixing engineer, studio bass player, and songwriter in Los Angeles, California. Mario is a music industry professional developing a reputation for mixing raw multi-tracks into master-ready mixes with budget friendly rates. - Full bio and samples of my mixes are on my website:

music maker.  - Kyle Allen


Together we will achieve the sound you want. I’ve worked with bands such as Pierce the Veil (Fearless Records) Keyes (Tragic Hero Records) coal flower (Kitsch Records) Modern Maps (Rise Records).

Music Producer, Mix Engineer,  - Daniel Fisher

Originally from Manchester, UK. Developing a passion for music as a teenager I went on to study audio engineering and sound design. A few years later I was lucky enough to have signed a record deal that opened up many opportunities for myself to develop in industry.

Mixing, Studio, Instruments - Track 37 Studios

We aim to be your one stop shop studio. Whether you need mixing, mastering, tracking, a practice space or even just singular instrument tracks, we have everything you need to accomplish your song.

Music Producer/Mixing & Master - Barney

Barney is a London-based composer, mixing / mastering engineer, producer and sound designer. He has worked with musicians and on film productions, and also has tens of thousands of views of his beats on YouTube.

Mixing, Mastering, Producer - ÆTHERIX Music


Remote Mixing & Mastering - brittonthemix

I will professionally Mix & Master your song.

Music Creators and Producers - Swiss Artists Productions

We discover talents and produce music for them. We offer our services of composers, producers, beatmakers and mixing engineers to the SoundBetter community also.

Music producer, Drummer - Jose Lopera

My name is Jose Lopera I'm a drummer, composer and producer, I've been working in the industry since 1993 and believe passion it's the biggest tool to make dreams to come true. I follow and study new trends, And I believe the 20-th century popular music as a reference creates a wonderful environment for a great song.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Kai Burdett

I am a student of Music Production from Cambridge, mainly focusing on Mixing and Mastering.

Audio Engineer - Gurjit Thind

Recording Editing Mixing Mastering Live Sound

Producer, Mixing, Bassist - knji & shine

I‘ll always aim for a clean mix while maintaining a unique sound design.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - LOMONOSOV

Working with sound is my highest passion. I will gladly do a trial work to show my skills.

Mix & Master,Producer - MarZ

I can cover so many genres like:Trap,Lofi,Ballads,Boom Bap etc.I can even go to experimental songs so don't hesitate at all to expressing your creativity on your beat.

Music Producer & Songwriter - Cody Jay


Hey! I'm Cody Jay: a self-produced singer, songwriter, music producer & artist. I've created 3 albums on my own which I'm extremely proud of....But I'm done with that. I want to collaborate. I want to bring the skills I've developed over the past 8 years & work with talented individuals like you, who need production & songwriting help. Hit me up!

Rec, Edit, Mix & Mastering - Studio B Recording

Digital recording studio in southern Milan, Italy, dedicated to recording and music production at 360°. Owned and operated by sound engineer Stefano C. Bedini, it offers good acoustic working environment, Neve Genesys console, quality analog gear, mics & converters, and everything you need to record, edit, mix, postproduce and master your tracks.

 - frank vignola

ten time grammy winning engineer will make your music jump out of the speakers and draw your listeners into your sonic world!

 - Andrew Bradley

Andrew is a Producer/Engineer in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. If you would like to aquire his services please email him at

Remote mixing & mastering - Juan I. Garcia Ticoulat

12 years experience Recording and Mixing music. Producer based in New York. Currently working as a freelance engineer. No compromise commercial level sound.

 - BloodMoney Entertainment

Im a producer and audio engineer from Chicago Illinois. I've been mixing for about 7 years now. I'm currently enrolled at SAE Chicago to receive my associates in audio technology. I work with ALL genres of music, from rock to rap.

Production/Mixing/Mastering - Firebird

I am a producer specializing in modern Electronic Dance Music production.

Music Production and Mixing - Chad Alger

Chad Alger has been producing and crafting creative, unique mixes of all genres since 2008, when he co-founded Socialite Fiasco Music. As the Executive Producer at Socialite Fiasco Music, he has produced and mixed albums, and licensed music with major brands and television networks both nationally and internationally.

Mixing + Plugin Creation - Freelance

I'm a DSP desginer (I create cross-platform audio effects) and I'm also a freelance Audio Engineer with ties to a very high-end studio in the area.

Mixing and Mastering - Andrew Myers

I am a mixing and mastering engineer with a studio in Victoria TX. I have worked mainly with bands in Austin and Houston TX. Although I listen mostly to rock and metal, I love mixing and mastering all genres of music. Contact me today and I will work with until you to create the best mix for your song.

Professional Audio Engineer - Fig Tree Productions

I am a Production Engineer who is passionate about audio and how a song can be put together.

Vocalist, Instrumentalist - Andrew King

Graduate student living in Pittsburgh, PA studying Entertainment Management. After nine years of classical piano training, I applied my skills in music theory and song structure to jazz bass, folk/blues guitar, pop/RnB keyboards & synths, electronic production, and a wide range of vocal styles.

Mixing and mastering services - Riotone Studios

Relaxed and unique working environment, where creativity has no limitations!

Session Guitarist, MIX &Master - Dom Santoro

Guitarist, Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer, Arranger, Full Song Instrumental production.

Session drummer - Marco Gorla

Hi everybody, my name is Marco and I'm a drummer from Italy. I work for a musical orchestra, studio session and live performance in pop, rock and dance music.

Record/Edit/Vocals/Mix/Master - Adam W. Thomas

Professional audio engineer with experience and troubleshooting skills resulting from both home and pro studio recordings.

Mixing Engineer - Saimir Gjoka

Every idea is a good idea. My job is to get that idea one step closer to perfection.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Ryan Summer

Guaranteed Top 40/Radio ready Mixes/Masters. Specializing in Pop & Urban. 11 yrs experience. LA Based. Miami raised. Currently a freelance audio engineer/mixer working with Warner Music/Atlantic Records, Sony/RCA, Universal/Capital Records, Pulse Music Group, & TEN Music Group.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering  - Zakaria Assebbar

Hi, my name is Zakaria but you can call me Zack . I'm 24 years old . The most thing that inspired me when i was 14 was the Hip Hop music, then I became more interesting about what's behind the music and Its work. now I'm finding myself dealing with all genres of music and the final results of every work pleases my ears and the client too.

Music Producer / Rec. Studio - Simone Del Freo

I'm an Italian Producer, I have over 8 years of experience.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Lee Kieslor Jr

Building a portfolio in audio mixing and mastering. While still new to the field I promise to deliver professional quality work.

Rec & Mix & Mastering Engineer - Geomix

Geomix is a Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, available for tracking and mixing projects. Credits with Amr Diab, Haifaa Wahby, Adham Soliman, Hamada Helal, Mai Kassab, MTM, Farid Ghannam, Yasmine Ali, Shahinaz Diaa, among others. Over 10 years experience.

Beats/mixing/mastering - Dranik BPM

Beat Production / Mixing & Mastering, Drank BPM can deliver your needs for any audio engineering!

Music Producer - Aleksej Vislavski

My most important accomplishment is when I got accepted at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, for the course named Music Production and Sound Engineering.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Steven Scott

Steven is a seasoned recording and audio engineer known for bringing positive vibes to every session. He has a strong focus on high quality audio and respect for the artist's vision. Steven also has the ability to work quickly, and is the go-to guy for many who desire a fast turnaround time.

Remote hybrid Mixing/Mastering - Vicente Cruz

The best compositions requires the best sound, and I'll help you achieve it.

mixing/producing  - jason rooker

i don't have any grammy awards but i like to make music sound good

Mixing and Mastering - Allie McSwain

A recent NYU Music Technology graduate that prioritizes quality and has exceptional education.

 - Jonathan Jewell

A graduate from The Conservatory or Recording Arts and Sciences as an Audio Engineer. An accomplished FOH and Monitor Engineer, Studio and Mix Engineer.

Music Producer, Engineer  - LeoTeranMusic


Hello, I’ve been producing Dance Music for over 5 years now. I have multiple releases on major labels such as Revealed Recordings (Hardwell) Sirup Music (EDX’S). Label. I’ve also released music with EDM sauce, My music has gotten supported big dj’s in the dance scene world. I’m here to help you grow with your musical ideas and professional Sound!

Full fledged production unit - Piggy Bank Productions

We, at Piggy Bank Productions, understand how dear your music is to you and how expensive it can get to shape it.

I mix, master and record - MK Studio

HI, I'm an mix engineer from Latvia, working from my home studio in Riga. I'm 25 and would love to work on your project!

Mixing, Sound Design, Editing - David Monahu

I've been writing and recording my own music for over 10 years, with an increasing emphasis on electronic music production, whilst having a solid foundation in rock and metal. I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring so to speak and offer some online audio services.

Guitarist, Mixing, Mastering - Frank J. Walter

Music composer & Producer - Audio Engineer, Social Media Addict, Graphic Designer, Guitar Player. Founder of CubeRadio "CRQ".

Producer/Engineer/Guitarist - Rio Rosa

Studio 4117 Milwaukee Wisconsin

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