Electronic Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production


Los Angeles


I'm a multi-time BILLBOARD featured producer with MILLIONS of plays under my artist names Sharkoffs and DEMUR.

Mixing/Mastering, Sound design - Ocyr


Mixing/Mastering, Sound design

I am a painter, and sound is my palette.


Electronics and Synths  - Other


Electronics and Synths

I specialize in those "other things" that make music incredible - the subtle ambience in the background of a track, that just-right synth tone, perfect sound design that makes a song feel whole. The things that fall just between writing and mixing that many people overlook. I'll make you love your song even more than you love it now.


Music Producer - Francesco


Music Producer

I’m Francesco, Italian experimental producer. Versatile and creative, creating original and unique sounds for each artist. Analogue and environmental.

Music Producer - Bon-Psy

United Kingdom

Music Producer

I am an Electronic music producer creating future Electronic beats under the name Bon-Psy. I'm looking to collaborate with other producers, singers, songwriters or artists but I am also available to work on Sound Design, remixes, ghost production and production around the Electronica, Hip-Hop, Indietronica genre fields.


Music Producer | Sound Design - Dom


Music Producer | Sound Design

mau5trap artist, and owner of Kane Audio, a globally recognised sound-designer, producer, and studio engineer. Having been featured on the front page of Future Music Magazine, Computer Music, and provided sound-design for Moog, FXpansion, Steve Duda, Cakewalk, and many more, he's as technically skilled as he is creative.

Music Producer, Composer - Clyde

West Hollywood

Music Producer, Composer

Sound Design is one of my core strengths when it comes to music production. I have had my mentorship from artists associated with Icon Collective, Mau5trap, Capital Records, and Future Classics.

Ableton Live specialist - Balestena

Mar del Plata

Ableton Live specialist

I'm an electronic producer specialized in Ableton Live performance and production. I've been producing artists and teaching music production and composition for about 4 years. I feel I know Live inside out and I've used it on very different settings, from mixing music to finger-drumming as a sessionist and performing live dance music.


Music Producer, Sound Designer - Lake


Music Producer, Sound Designer

Mainly focussing on cinematic, ambient, chill, electronic music. Most of my tracks are instrumental, however every track has a certain theme and story it wants to tell. My tracks are often a combination between synthesizer sounds and traditional piano sounds.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - rebeloffspring


Music Producer, Sound Designer

I am a Music Producer / Sound Designer / Record Artist living in Egypt. I can Produce Electronic music or design sounds for your music

Producer, musician, sound art - Philip


Producer, musician, sound art

“MESMERISING” **** The London Times - I transform the ordinary into extraordinary, creating complex sound worlds with evolving musical forms and atmospherics. I use soundscaping, guitar layering, treated voice and a diverse range of acoustic and electronic instruments to build hypnotic musical landscapes.

Sound Artist - Kamran


Sound Artist

Hello and welcome . If you need a unique soundscape to be designed for your film(or any other project), you've come to the right place. I also offer mixing and mastering services. I will get you closer to what you'd like to hear through my own approach of mixing while applying the standards of the industry. I look forward to hear from you.

Sound Design/Composer/Guitars - George


Sound Design/Composer/Guitars

Hi everyone, I am a PhD composer, sound artist and guitarist. I enjoy experimenting with music technology and audio programming, and I am open to a variety of music genres.


Producer, Electronic Artist - MonteWeberMusic


Producer, Electronic Artist

NYC based electronic music producer with a focus on the cutting edge. Currently producing and arranging for the BK band Reliant Tom. "Avant-pop duo, Reliant Tom, is nothing if not absolutely striking. The two-piece combines clever instrumentals and cutting edge musical tech with sultry vocals and sharp-tongued lyricism....." -The Deli Magazine

Music Producer - Mariela

New York

Music Producer

I'll make it all about you ;)

Music Producer - Genys


Music Producer

Lithuanian born DJ/Producer and Sound Designer. Living in Berlin, founder of an electronic music label - Lowvibe. Member of Weboogie crew and sound designer at Bitwig.

Sound Designer & Engineer - Marina

Buenos Aires

Sound Designer & Engineer

I'm a musician, composer, producer, audio engineer and editor. I love music and I'm motivated to grow in this field, I'm in constant movement toward new fresh ideas. My ideal job is to do videogames and movies soundtracks but I consider myself talented enough to reach any other challenge. I own a homestudio and I'm a good brass instruments player..


sound designer, sound artist - echodream

Arta 471 00

sound designer, sound artist

Exceptional sound design and soundscapes Minimal surreal electronic soundscape synthesis Professional editing EP Download: https://www.beatport.com/release/do-you-have-the-belief-that-your-couch-is-a-gate-to-another-dimension-%21/1857408

Remote Full-Service Audio - Tyler


Remote Full-Service Audio

World touring rock artist turned producer. Focusing on quality of work in my projects, not money. Looking to take highly artistic projects with limited budgets and make magic.

Music producer, sound design - Superpose


Music producer, sound design

I'm music producer, sound designer. I make music for artists, brands and films

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