Sound Design, Music and Beats - Connor


Sound Design, Music and Beats

Canada based full time Sound Designer and Music Composer. Always looking to delve further into the creative and exciting world of audio.

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Remote Production - Alex


Remote Production

Hi! My name is Alex Siegel. I'm a songwriter and producer based in Venice, CA. My songs have been streamed over 10M times. I specialize in producing and arranging compelling songs, and multi-tracking myself into your personal backing band :)

Session Guitarist/Composer - Oscar


Session Guitarist/Composer

I'm Oscar Rangel, I have been exposed to classical music since I can remember and I have over 20 years of formal musical training.

Producer & Songwriter - Dan


Producer & Songwriter

Best solutions for your music projects! 😎 I offer a wide range of music services including my own vocalists. 🎤Just let me know what you need and get the fast response! Together we can create a hit 🔥from nothing, all I need from you is a reference and clear instructions. Best quality for your budget :)

Track, Mix, Compose, Produce. - John

Baton Rouge

Track, Mix, Compose, Produce.

Besides being a freelance engineer I'm also a percussionist, I dabble on the guitar, and I like to compose. I also live with Alexis and our three dogs, cat, and fish. I've worked in studios from New York to Louisiana and I love working on music that inspires me. Listen to some of the songs I've worked on to see if you think we'd be a good fit.


Producer, Mixing/Mastering - Sloani


Producer, Mixing/Mastering

Started producing when I was 12, started playing guitar when I was 16, and piano when I was 17, drums when I was 20, all so that I can make pop hits that you'll struggle to get out of your head.

Vocalist/Songwriter - Alaina



Nashville-based singer/songwriter with 10+ years of experience as a vocalist and songs heard on major networks, such as FOX, CMT, MTV, Netflix, and NBC!

Musician - Kate



Female producer and multi-instrumentalist available to help make your tracks sound better. Specialized in composition, songwriting, hooks, lyrics, and session playing.

Writer, Singer, Rapper - Shanea


Writer, Singer, Rapper

I'm a storyteller and a crafter of melodies, I make music that connect withs people. From mainstream to indie I craft timeless musical masterpieces.


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