Soundtrack Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Composing and producing - Matthew

San Francisco Bay Area

Composing and producing

I score films and games to drive powerful emotional responses


Orchestral Composer - Cristian


Orchestral Composer

I will create orchestral music for your video game, film, documentary or other media, music that will give your project the epic edge that transforms the experience into an unforgettable one. I have composed over 10 hours of music, worked with game dev teams and I won first place in Romania at the classical Music Composition Contest "Maurice Ravel"

Sound design for games - Guigude


Sound design for games

I work on the FMOD project but the implementation via code is up to the programmer. I also use Reaper to make the sound design and creation for the games sound.


Audio Virtuoso - Chase

Los Angeles

Audio Virtuoso

a tactful ear for elevating your project to become ear candy!

Composer, Sound Designer - Andrius


Composer, Sound Designer

A dedicated, experienced and passionate audio nut ready to jump on your project and make it sound like you envisioned. Experienced in Game Developments, utilising authoring tools such as Wwise, TV productions, VR and installations. Easy to work with, attentive to detail, working fast, yet not cutting corners. Drop me a line and let's get going!

Video Game Music and SFX - Corey

Brisbane QLD

Video Game Music and SFX

Over 5 years experience in Game Audio, I strive to use my experience and passions to create exceptional and unique soundscapes for your game projects. No project is too big or too small, please get in touch to discuss yours today!

Composition, Design, Recording - Thor


Composition, Design, Recording

I will make music and sound that brings your game to life.

Composer/Producer/Vocalist - Kyle

New York


If you are looking for diverse musician that brings fresh/unique/catchy and memorable ideas to your vision - please consider working with me. My work is broad & includes Soundtrack / Orchestral / Electronic / Sci-Fi / Rock / Pop / Hip Hop as well World Music. Portfolio and links in the description give many examples. I love music with all my heart.


Mixing & Mastering, Prod, Comp - Andream


Mixing & Mastering, Prod, Comp

Efficient at Mixing, Mastering, and Production.


melodies, arrangement, mixing - Jeanine


melodies, arrangement, mixing

Hi! I compose and mix game/tracker music under the name "jneen collective". I have also helped other musicians put melodies/arrangements/backing parts to their songs, including all of Act I of "The Red Shades" rock opera. My favourite thing to do is work with musicians and artists to bring their ideas to life. Genre flex/mixed, formally trained.

Game Music and SFX - Filippo

Province of Ancona

Game Music and SFX

Need audio for games? I offer Music Composition / Sound Effects Design / Voiceover / Chiptunes for computer and console games and for animations or cartoons.

Composer & Sound Designer - Juliane


Composer & Sound Designer

A versatile music composer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist working with audio for games and audiovisual media.

Music Producer/Sound engineer - Taras


Music Producer/Sound engineer

Music composer/sound designer and sound engineer. I have my own Recording Studio and big experience in sound production. I've done a lot of music and sound for games, movies, and theatres. English-speaking songwriter.

Composer, producer, musician - Lisa


Composer, producer, musician

Composer / producer / musician / sound artist


Composer for media and games - Jack


Composer for media and games

Following the vision to merge different forms of media with music/audio specifically tailored to enhance user experiences.


Game Audio Designer - John


Game Audio Designer

Professional sound designer with expertise in audio production and game development. Also more than 25 years experience in graphic design, web development, and information technology.


Game Music Composing - JP


Game Music Composing

I'm an original game soundtrack composer. Composing background music games, comic and many more since 2011.


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