Session Drummer / Producer - Tom




Session Drummer / Producer

Hi. I'm Tom. I am a session drummer & producer, and I want to help you make an amazing record. I have delivered high-quality online drum tracks and remote production to satisfied clients on every continent. Together, we can bring your music to life. Let's make something awesome!

Singer/Writer/Producer/Mixer  - Nolan

501 Broadway


HINDER chose me to sing for them, I turned 4 chairs on NBC's The Voice, & NBC's America's Got Talent gave me 2 standing ovations and 4 YES's. Desmond Child says I'm the best rock singer on Earth. Some days I believe him. ;) I'm also one hell of a producer, mix & mastering engineer, multi-instrumentalist & songwriter. I'm very humble too. lol

Bass, Synth Bass, Song Maker - Jace


Bass, Synth Bass, Song Maker

As a songwriter and artist I have 8 BMI awards, platinum record credits, an HBO theme song, tons of film/TV synchs, and a #1 Country radio song. As a bass player (or anything else I play) I live to serve the song. It's not about flash; it's about class.

Recording Engineer / Producer - Timothy


Recording Engineer / Producer

I am a freelance audio engineer / producer with over 24 years experience in audio production. I have extensive experience in music recording and mixing, audio production and live sound reinforcement. [FOH, Monitors, touring] I have been fortunate to travel the world to support the work of some of the very best artists in the music industry.

Drums, Percussion, Production - Kasey


Drums, Percussion, Production

Kasey is a Nashville studio and touring drummer. He has recorded and toured the world with acts Tonic, Aaron Goodvin, Jace Everett and Sam Lewis.

null - The

North Miami Beach

We are audio engineers/music producers who have been involved in the business for over 8 years individually, and three years as a team.

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