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I play guitar with acoustic guitar being my specialty. I love working on other peoples songs and helping them achieve what they hear in their head. I also love challenging the creator to try things they wouldn't normally think to do. Its through experimentation that we achieve the best results.

I can record guitar in many different styles from my home studio. Wether you are looking for organic sounding acoustic, clean funky electric or screaming lead guitar, I can get it done very quickly and at the highest quality. I have a wide selection of guitars, amps, pedals and mics and can achieve virtually any sound.

I can also help with arrangement, write and record background vocals and harmonies and add additional production.

Looking for more? I have a huge network of creatives and can help put together a live band in the studio for that live performance feel.

I can be as involved as you would like but I have a real strength in editing. My process starts with the song. If the writing is intact then the rest comes easy. If it's not, then you are fighting it the whole way. When producing a track I begin by addressing any musicality issues that are present to allow for a finished product that seems effortless and sincere while finding interesting ways to keep the listener engaged.

I know what it is to be an artist and have a real compassion for your art. My goal is to help you achieve what you hear in your head.

I look forward to working with you on your project.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.


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  • Youngblood Hawke
  • Youngblood Hawke
  • Youngblood Hawke
  • Youngblood Hawke
  • Youngblood Hawke


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9 Reviews

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  1. Review by Régis H.

    Tassa did a really good job for me. He understood exactly what I expected and I hope to work with him in the future.

  2. Review by Soccer B.

    Well done! Excellent final product. Tasso remained patient through many many rounds of communication and feedback.

  3. Review by Austin Moorhead
    check_circleVerified (Client)

    Loved working on Tasso's song. Great music, great singer, super nice and easy to work with. Looking forward to the next one!!

  4. Review by Soccer B.

    Very easy to work with! True to his word, Tasso helped me truly deliver what I had heard in my head, with a quick turnaround and reasonable pricing.

  5. Review by Corey Britz
    by Corey Britz

    Tasso is an extremely talented musician, singer, artist, and writer. Have worked with him on several projects and his sense of melody in all that he does is fantastic. Always takes a project up a notch, and is a truly great dude who is a blast to work with. Highly recommend!

  6. Review by Nik Hughes

    Tasso is my first call for so many things! He is an amazing artist and songwriter...but he also had a beautiful sense of melody and parts on both guitar and bass! He always helps take my tracks to a new level, and is a great human to be around!

  7. Review by Travis Ference

    Tasso is one of my favorite clients. He always brings an amazing song to mix or great artists to record. He's not just a super talented writer and musician but he's a genuine dude and great studio hang.

  8. Review by Steve Wilmot

    This guy is a creative force! We've worked together for years and he always knows exactly what to bring to a project. He will elevate your art no matter what stage it's in!

  9. Review by Denny White

    Tasso is a gem. He's one of my favorite people in the music industry, and most talented, humble and creative guys I've worked with. Highly recommend for whatever your project may need!!

Interview with Tasso Smith

  1. Q: Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?

  2. A: Corey Britz, Nik Hughes and Travis Ference are my usual calls for finishing recordings. They are all amazing and operate at the highest lever. Denny White is an amazing songwriter, vocalist and producer. He can do it all. Steve Wilmot is the guy for pop production.

  3. Q: What's your typical work process?

  4. A: The song comes first. If there isn't a completed song I don't start recording. Once we have nailed the song I do a scratch performance and we sit with it for a day. Then we dive into the production. I like working in Harmony so its best if the song stands on its own first.

  5. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  6. A: Youngblood Hawke was such a dream. We had a top 10 radio hit and were able to tour the world with some incredible artists. New music coming as well.

  7. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  8. A: Thom Sawyr is a new project that I'm working on. Check it out on your favorite streaming service.

  9. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  10. A: Both. This day in age you need both to cut through.

  11. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  12. A: I promise to help you make the best recording you can with the resources you have.

  13. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  14. A: I get to be creative and work with really talented people.

  15. Q: What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

  16. A: How do i get a record deal. My answer is you don't until you're ready. Songs, then fans, then record deal.

  17. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  18. A: Its magic. Its not easy but its also not magic.

  19. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  20. A: What are your intentions with these recordings. How do you plan to support them. Why are you making them.

  21. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  22. A: I like to work with artists who know what they want. I can help facilitate your vision but I cant have it for you.

  23. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  24. A: Guitar, bass, Computer rig, SM 7B and a tambo

  25. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  26. A: Ive been in the music industry for over 10 years now. I started as an artist and worked my way through A&R. Now I do all sorts of things and focus on staying creative.

  27. Q: How would you describe your style?

  28. A: Unique and organic

  29. Q: Which artist would you like to work with and why?

  30. A: Lorde Huron cause I love his lyrics.

  31. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  32. A: the simple and gut response is usually the right one.

  33. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  34. A: Singer Songwriter and Alternative productions

  35. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  36. A: Songwriting and Editing.

  37. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  38. A: Editing, focus and integrity.

  39. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  40. A: My Studio setup is in my apartment. I have a closet that I use as a vocal booth and tracking room. If we are doing any real recording I usually hire my friends studio at Mates in Burbank or others around town.

  41. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  42. A: Im inspired by real artists who are willing to say something meaningful and avoid falling into the cookie cutter mold of pop music these days. Be different and unique and the rest will come.

  43. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  44. A: Executive Production. I oversee the entire creative process and help maximize it's commercial viability.

Thom Sawyr "Help Me Out"

I was the artist, songwriter and producer in this production

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  • Lord Huron
  • Cold War Kids
  • Death Cab for Cutie
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  • Vox SC 155
  • AKG 414
  • SM7b
  • Protools
  • Fender Deville X12
  • Fender Jazzmaster
  • Gibson ES 330
  • Fender Telecaster 50th anniversary edition
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