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Producer, Composing and Mixing - Aural Producciones

Music is my passion and my life The important thing for me is to give a quality product taking into account what the artist and the song requires to become a good product

Unique Music Production - Kenny Schick

I can help you to produce fully developed, unique versions of your songs that are of the highest quality for the best commercial releases. I work with Artists to get the best recorded performances and then develop or help you find your unique sound through instrumental arrangements, orchestration, advanced mixing process and years of experience.

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Mixing & Mastering - JAMES

Mix & Mastering Studio, Geared and optimized for high quality audio post production. Every project and every song is unique and deserves his unique creative flow and attention. I give a lot of thought, brainstorming with the client and focus. It's not just work for me, it's a way of life.

I Love Music/Mixing/Mastering - Dave zum Tode @ Frinkhole

I'm a lifelong drummer, bandmate and recording/touring musician. You can listen to music I'm involved with here: https://seinzumtode.bandcamp.com/ https://batheus.bandcamp.com/ https://whimperer.bandcamp.com/ I'm in a DIY studio that allows for efficient and reasonable recording, mixing and mastering of any weirder-the-better music/noise projects.

Full Service Recording Studio - Itchy Brain Recording, LLC

Where analog and digital recording co-exist at an extremely affordable rate. And where multimedia audio gets the professional attention it deserves. Itchy Brain Recording where your Audio is as important to us as it to you.

Produce/Mix/Master/Write - Ross Ingram

I am a producer/engineer/songwriter living in far West Texas. I run a small independent studio (Brainville) and love working with a wide variety of artists and styles. I have worked with artists kind of big to very small (Black Angels, Lonely Horse, Emily Davis). Love making dynamic, 3D mixes, from simple and organic to dense and psychedelic.

EDM Producer / Audio Engineer - David Lowe


Qualified sound engineer (graduate from The School of Sound Recording, Manchester) and music producer (LUCKYKAT). David will professionally produce and master your tracks to optimize them for streaming services. His music production company KATNAP works with cutting edge clients and has created music for films, video games and promotional videos.

Editing, Mixing, & Mastering - Will Savoie

Tracked everything and it's not sounding how you picture it in your head? I can help however you need! Whether it's vocal tuning, mixing, mastering or anything else. I have been trained by engineers who have worked with Taylor Swift, Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton, and many other big names.

Electronic music producer - Made by Fredrik

If you have a sketch, I can turn it into gold. No genre is off limits. You need a triphop, drum n bass, boom bap type sound. Let's talk. I'm not afraid to make your song special. We work together to find that sound that suits your style, your voice, your wishes and make it into that song you need to introduce yourself to the world.

 Professional Academic Writing - Intellectualswing Reviews

We deliver professional writing services to help you score straight A’s. Our writers do your academic tasks while ensuring 100% compliance with your guidelines.

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