Heavy Rock Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

Sound Designer, Mixing, Editor - LuisMuGlez


Sound Designer, Mixing, Editor

My name is Luis, I am a Sound Designer that graduated from Vancouver Film School. I have experience in Production sound, Post editing, mixing, foley editing and performing. I am a responsible and focused person willing to do what's necessary to achieve the best result.


Sound and Music Producer - Angel


Sound and Music Producer

I am a professional music producer, sound engineer and sound designer based in Athens Greece.


Music producer, mix & master - Tom.B


Music producer, mix & master

I turn ideas into music and music into consolidated and solid sound you'll be proud to share with your audience.

Sound Design and Mixing  - utkugercik


Sound Design and Mixing

I'm a well experienced sound engineer who is in the art and the science of sound.


Record Producer. Mix / Master - Mike

Le Claire

Record Producer. Mix / Master

I have over 25 years experience in sound design, composing, producing, engineering and mastering music for a vast variety of musical styles. I have worked in many forms of media that include audio cd /vinyl, film/video, and gaming for projects all over the world. I have a huge passion in what I do involving the creation of music.


Mixing, Mastering, Recording - Andrii


Mixing, Mastering, Recording

I will do my best to bring your music to sonic perfection.

Audio Engineer, Musician - Steuer


Audio Engineer, Musician

A tech savvy, self-driven music and movie lover with a passion for quality audio.


Mix Engineer for Music/Film/TV - Matt

Fort Lauderdale

Mix Engineer for Music/Film/TV

Dedicated and detail oriented mix engineer for music, film, and tv.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - NoFun


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Stop letting your incredible ideas vanish with time, and get them put down on record the way you imagine them sounding. I can help you get there, and honor your artistic expression with the treatment it deserves.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jota

Buenos Aires

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Self made audio engineer, Pro Tools expert mixing and mastering, also, artist, producer. Guitars and synths are my passion. Rough and raw sound, my goal is make music that sound powerful and intense being aware of the new mastering standards.


Audio Engineer  - Zach


Audio Engineer

I am a Digital Arts major at Stetson University and I am specializing in Audio Production and Recording and Computer Music. I also have experience playing the clarinet, writing drum tracks and beats and composition.

Music Producer - Pixelwarp


Music Producer

Want to work with a creative with a degree in Creative Musicianship? Whatever it is, go ahead and ask and i will do my best if i can help or point you in the right direction. Guitars, mixing, mastering, or whatever else. Don't take my word for it, try me out and tell me what you think!


Metal, Screaming, Hardcore - Cynical


Metal, Screaming, Hardcore

I will make your songs crushingly Metal.

Pro Audio Production and More - Belt

Kansas City

Pro Audio Production and More

If your looking for a cookie cutter engineer, you might want to look else where. If your looking for a innovative top notch creative engineer that will intently focus on encompassing your artistic vision - then lets chat!

Audio Engineer - Nicolasm23

• Saint Peters DC NSW 2044

Audio Engineer

Underdog Audio Engineer & Music Producer

Sound for Film & Festivals - Asha

Byron Bay NSW 2481

Sound for Film & Festivals

Asha has eight years experience recording and mixing musicians- utilizing legendary consoles and hardware in over 10 studios, and countless venues & festivals. Asha specialises in location recording for film. He loves bringing his clients vision to life, and producing rich sounds to enhance their story.


Mixing Mastering  Sound Design - Esteban

Buenos Aires

Mixing Mastering Sound Design

Sound Designer and Audio Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in the music and film industry. Extensive experience in post-production audio, direct sound, audio editing, music and mastering for films


Guitarist / Songwriter - Oliver

8558 Raperswilen

Guitarist / Songwriter

I will write a rock oriented song for you and record it as a demo and/or can play lead guitar on the track. I am not a technical shred god but have a very unique style/tone. You can love it or hate it. If you are looking for sound design I can provide you a wide range of sounds. Orchestral, hybrid - you name it.


Remote mixing & mastering - Alexey


Remote mixing & mastering

Alexey Merganov - One of the most interesting engineer in Moscow, with his own atmosphere and a great experience. Since 2003. We have all the necessary equipment, designed premises. All this gives us the opportunity to achieve a better result in the sound. Choosing Alexey Merganov Studio - you choose a future for your album.

Recording, songwriter, produce - Garage

Mt Auburn

Recording, songwriter, produce

Hi My name is Barry Rice owner of a small studio. I have produced my own music for over 20 years! I’m am a decent songwriter and can be a good producer. Give me a call! Would love to do some work for you! Most of my work is at my Reverbnation profile at this link http://www.reverbnation.com/yearsofthesongs I can do this for you!


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