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Asha has six years experience recording and mixing musicians- utilizing legendary consoles and hardware in over 10 studios, and countless venues & festivals. Asha owns state of the art location recording & mixing gear with a heavy focus for film. He loves bringing his clients vision to life, and producing rich feelings to match their story.

Live Sound: 6 years experience assisting stage productions, mixing FoH & monitors, and managing stages & events.

Location Recording & Mixing: 3 years experience working on film productions as a recordist, mixer, and boom swinger- individually covering the sound department with top of the range equipment ready for run and gun situations.

Post Production: 3 years experience working on all areas of post production. Asha has completely revitalized many projects with noise reduction and meticulous attention to detail in editing: timining, tone, and dynamics for a consistent sound.
He's adopted a fast yet thorough workflow for producing: dialogue, atmos, foley/ SFX, and music stems. After stems are prepared he has
Asha has a recording studio at his house located in the scenic hinterland of the Byron Bay shire, where he records: ADR, Foley, and music.

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Gear Highlights
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sanken CS-3e
  • DPA 4060's.
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