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Mixing Studio, Keyboardist - Walter


Mixing Studio, Keyboardist

I've been playing keyboards since before the introduction of MIDI. Yes, that long. My ego has been parked in 1995, so all you'll be paying for is experience, experience and experience. My recording studio has been recording music since 1985. I've seen the hardware, seen the plugins of the hardware, and kept the hardware (now is vintage) and ready.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - John

San Francisco Bay Area

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Extreme Metal Engineer to Bedroom Pop. Rings of Saturn to Early Omar Apollo.


Recording Studio / Label Owner - Hardly


Recording Studio / Label Owner

I am Cre8tr & my team - the.MuTants - Why MutanTs? Well, everything we do couldn't be done by humans. We've written, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered some really groundbreaking Local, National and International artists and would love to expand ourselves by working with other creatives who are ready for a new sound and wide open creativity!

Session Musician/Mixing - Jackson

New York

Session Musician/Mixing

Do you need help putting your perfect song together? Whether it be recording an instrumental piece, writing lyrics, or mixing, I would love to help!


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Marc

1163 Etoy

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Professional recording studio based in Etoy Switzerland. We can do anything from Recording, to Mixing and Mastering. We specialize in Mixing with Swiss Quality.


Audio Engineer, Producer - Alphaman


Audio Engineer, Producer

I am a certified Audio Engineer/Producer. I can provide clean and professional quality at cheap rates. This is my passion and I take huge pride in my work. I want my clients happy, satisfied, and coming back for more service. Your satisfaction and blessing are my main priorities!

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Andy


Recording, Mixing, Mastering

I co-own and operate Retro City Studios in Philadelphia. This is a commercial recording facility that has two independent studios. I've been recording professionally over 10 years and mastering professionally for 8 years.


Engineer & Mixer - Nathan


Engineer & Mixer

The first commercial Immersive Audio focused studio in Connecticut, accommodating up to 7.1.4. formats.


Mixing Engineer - Federico

San José

Mixing Engineer

Mixing Engineer & Record Producer based in SJO. Pro Tools Ninja and Topcat at Green Road Recording Studio

Recording Studio - Fort

Fort Worth

Recording Studio

Fort Worth Sound is owned and operated by award winning Engineer/Producer Bart Rose.

Passionate and impactful mixes - Ace


Passionate and impactful mixes

I do what I do because I love it, just like the artists and bands I work with. That's what you deserve, and that's my promise to each client. The relationship between client and mix engineer is crucial, and the final project reflects that. I will take your mixes and help turn them into the finished project you hear in your head.

Reggae, mixing & mastering - Stxnga

22100 Como

Reggae, mixing & mastering

I will write the best song for any chart reggae and dancehall

Produção musical - Paulista

Rio de Janeiro

Produção musical

Luiz Henrique Faria mais conhecido como Paulista é advogado, músico, arranjador e produtor musical, natural de São Jose dos Campos, reside no Rio de Janeiro desde 2003. Em meados de 2007 arquitetou uma pequena estrutura de gravação onde pode produzir e aprender com grandes personalidades do Samba.

vocalist/rapper/songwriter - PUSHMMUA



I'm a professional vocalist/songwriter, and I've been working as a ITALIAN singer/songwriter/vocal producer for 3+ yrs. Credits include commercial advertisements. Let's work together to create the next big hit!

I Record & Produce your music - Marcos


I Record & Produce your music

Hello, I am Marcos Bayon. Musician, engineer, arranger and producer. My recording studio is in the middle of nature. I have done the arrangements and musical direction of Bebe´s first album "Pafuera Telarañas", winner of a Latin Grammy Award. I have produced more than 50 records and written hundreds of songs. Specialized in World & spiritual music.

Recording Studio & Production - BioSoul

Los Angeles

Recording Studio & Production

BioSoul Music is a multi-functional, hybrid studio geared towards recording live instruments and integrating them into modern electronic production. Run by songwriter/producer/instrumentalist Daniel Weidlein, the studio has worked with Luke Edgemon, Blake McGrath, Matt Bloyd, PERTA, Ryan Amador, Julie Craig, Stan Taylor and many more.

Mixing - Mastering - Producer - War


Mixing - Mastering - Producer

Monetary quantity shouldn't dictate audio quality. Service to hip hop artists with top credit plays with BBC1X, Sony Digital, BBC Radio. We serve and work with artists on a budget who require high quality audio production, mixing and mastering services.

Producer and Engineer - Keith


Producer and Engineer

I love rock and roll, jazz and songwriters. I prefer to capture an inspired performance, with all its beauty and imperfections. Albums I wish I worked on: Funhouse, Another Green World, Astral Weeks.

Drums and Studio Writer - Matt


Drums and Studio Writer

We are here to capture you’re future magic. The chemistry of performance is not designed but can certainly be captured Human interaction in creative pursuits is the greatest part of the process.

Audio Production Specialist - Chris

Los Angeles

Audio Production Specialist

My name’s Chris, and I’m a Producer and Audio Engineer. Your music deserves to be of the highest quality, and I can help you achieve the results you desire. Good communication, setting goals/deadlines, and being honest about what you want will result in a stand out and exceptional end product. Let's make some music!


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