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Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Garth Jacobs

Qualified Sound Production Engineer (Degree in Sound Production)

Music Producer&Sound Engineer - Loonylabs


Mixing, Mastering, Production - Zach "Wolf" Goggans

A Mastering Engineer, I've been a part of over 100 records. I consider myself a mastering engineer, but rarely am I limited to that. I refer to mastering as the "last final step" you have before releasing. My ears can hear all bad frequencies and audio issues IMMEDIATELY. I have the ear for making great tracks.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Juan Manuel Segovia

I am a musician and producer, mixing/mastering engineer. Ready to bring out the best of your songs. Recorded a co writer in a Grammy Nominated album and engineer of a long list of alternative and indie rock bands. Full time engineer in Átomo Studio and Goza Records.

Session Drummer, Mix & Master - Bluefin Studio

Graduate of Berklee College of Music for music production and engineering and lifelong musician. I will make your mixes come alive.

Recording Mixing & Mastering - Era Engineer

Recording/Mixing engineer with experience in professional studios around London. These include Relentless records and Old street studios. Worked with various UK artists such as PaigeyCakey, ArdAdz, Lowkey, Stardom and Belly Squad. Mixed/Mastered tracks for various other artists via YouTube (GRMDaily) and other major platforms.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Avery Blue Productions

Our goal is clear, colorful, and concise sound editing, mixing, and mastering. We cut our overhead costs to enable more affordable sound for people all across the globe.

Music Producer - DEEP WATTERS


I have produced for artists such as Malachiii, Trey Songz, Lauren Sanderson and more. If you're looking for NEW Hip-Hop, Pop or R&B records, I'm the producer you are looking for!

Music & Post Recording Studio - Safe & Sound Studios

Safe & Sound Studios is a creative oasis where heart meets hearth. Be embraced in the warmth of high-fidelity. Our team is comprised of creatives who specialize in all arenas of sound, from audio recording to post-production. While we focus on post production, sound design, and mix - our hearts are in music and have built the studio to make art!

Mixing Engineer & Producer - JC Losada "Mr Sonic"

With over 20 nominations for Grammy and Latin Grammy awards with top artists like Santana, Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Jon Secada and Edwin Bonilla, JC Losada has been shaping the sound of Latin music for the last two decades. An expert in developing indie and major artists, JC is the ideal Engineer/Producer to take your tracks to the next level.

Worktape and demo production - Richard Marshall

i will produce worktapes of cowriting sessions and produce song demos from worktapes. Currently under construction we will be publishing our first catalog in january of 2023

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Mixing By James

Lets make a mix that represents you best as an artist!

Remote mixing, engineering - Gareth Metcalf

Recording engineer specialising in remote mixing to put the polish on your tracks. With years of experience, great equipment and good ears I can help you take your tracks to the next level. I use my musician's mindset and analytic listening skills to ensure a great mix. Over 1,000,000 streams last month on tracks I mixed!

Mixing & Mastering - Andrew Johnson

We will make your mix SLAP!

French Sound Engineer  - Nicolas Legrand

FOH Live engineer (also MON or IEM) for tour, venues or theatre. Studio or live recording and/or mixing. Sound director for festivals or event. Sound system design for live acts or performances.

Producing & Mixing - TJ Cople

I help artist make their songs and projects even better. I work mostly with Christian artists but am always willing to work with others -- for Sound Better clients I am offering a FREE 2 hour consult where we can talk and dream about your next project! Let's work!

Sound production and mix  - Vladimir

I am a sound engineer and sound designer. I have been making music for over 7 years. I write in such genres as hip-hop, trap, house and others. I am a mix engineer. I mix and record tracks in the studio. I love recording samples and experimenting with sound. I work with rap artists. Produced an album and several singles.

I record, edit & mix. Well.  - Mark Rinaldi

Accomplished engineer, trained @ Sony Music Studios & worked with the best in the business. Let's apply that to your music!

Recording - Maurílio Melo

Brazilian Guitar Player

Rec, Mix & Mastering - ENG Audio

Comming soon.

Canto. Y a veces me sale bien - Aitor Tilla

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Production, Mixing, Mastering - 409 Estudio

Recording Studio, production, mixing and mastering. Latin grammy winner 2017, latin grammy nominee 2020 and 2021.

Metal/rock/hiphop Mix & Master - John Hehman

20 plus years in the music industry. Recording, mixing and mastering professionally, for the last 13 years. I’ve been in 3 signed, nationally touring bands. I enjoy music immensely and put my all Into every project.

Audio Engineer/Sound Designer - De'Metrice James

I'm an experienced all around audio engineer. There's not too much in audio that I haven't tried to learn and implement into my skillset

Mixing & Mastering/ Production - Asmbly SoundLab

Asmbly SoundLab consists of premiere recording engineers and producers with over 20 years of experience specializing in production, recording, mixing and mastering of Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock & Poetic Art. We have an A-List of Grammy Winning Producers/Writers & Award Winning Sound Engineers to develop a great sound for your project.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Andy Polk

🔥 artist/producer/engineer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist 💿 working with artists of all levels & genres 📈 helping artists craft and develop their sound 💯 check out my client reviews / 10+ years experience


HEIMLICHER.NET is a top modern music production company, ready to turn your musical dreams into a final product. Owner Matthias Heimlicher uses a vast and professional network of world-class musicians to realize and fulfill his work purpose, bringing every project to a unique and excellent result.

 - Pro Sound Recording Services

I am more than happy to work with anyone and will work hard to fit into your budget. I offer multi-track recording with a variety of microphones and equipment, which can make your recordings two times better than CD quality. I have been educated in recording, editing, mixing and mastering and have a degree in audio engineering.

Creating and Mixing  - Steffen Tielcke

Front of House Engineer, Online Mixing, Live Recording, Studio Recording

 - NIkademo

I go by Nikademo. I started making music in my Father's basement my Freshman year of High School in 2000. I rapped and made Hip-Hop beats. Today I produce, rap and engineer. I've worked with many artists. Recently I have been engineering an artist who goes by the name Knowshun and my group Known as No Problem.

 - Enrico "Suhan" Casoni

Italian Audio Engineer resident at Bullet Studio Recording in Milan. One of the most important engineer for rap music in Italy.

 - Carlos Martinez

productor musical, ingeniero de grabacion y mezcla, en proceso de titulacion, practicas profesionales en el area de produccion musical de Tv Azteca, y trabajo por honorarios en Flamita estudios.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Mike Makowski


Hello, My name is Michael Makowski, let me share my 13 Grammy Winning wealth of knowledge into your next song. I received those Grammy experiences while working at world famous Chung King Studios - NYC -Varick St. location.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer  - Tru-G Recordings LLC

“Travis Good” a graduate of Full Sail University which is the founder of Tru G Recordings. His Company is based on beliefs that all of our customers needs far a professional quality sound. Our whole team is dedicated to meet all high standard percentages. We are a professional mixing & mastering studio that is prepared to do any genre of music.

Music Producer/Mix & Master - Dre Buado

My name is Dre and I have been doing music for almost 10 years now. I am a singer/songwriter/producer for a TV and Film Publishing company and currently manage a recording studio in North Hollywood, CA. My main focus however has been in mixing & mastering when it comes to artists. It is an art that I take seriously and have a lot of pride in.

Mixing & Mastering - Pasquale

I'm just testing ! I come back soon to wrote something !

Mixing / Mastering / Recording - Alexander Komlos Engineer

I am an audio engineer, have a BS in Audio Production. I work at a recording studio which is where I do most of my recording but I can do mixing and mastering from home in my person studio.

Engineer/Producer/Composer - Plain Sight Productions

I go by Plain Sight. Been creating music all my life, but last 6 years have been focused on Engineering aspect of music as well as Recording. I play the drums with local artists and frequently attend events/shows and lots of local venues.

Audio Engineer  - Dan Gallagher

I am a young award winning mix/master/tracking engineer who has had experience both sides of the glass. I want to help you realise your sonic potential.

Music And Drink Coffee - Ferdy Ardian

I'm a guitarist...Manage Recording Studio... Editing music, drink coffee.

Engineer/Producer  - Marquee Smith


Well Known in the Atlanta music industry. Have Worked with lots of industry Professionals. Certified Pro tools Operator/Mixer. Very focused

Recording, Mix and Master - Parkinson Productions

Itay Steingold Professional Recording, Mix and Mastering engineer. Also, i am a music producer.

Mix and master engineer - S Audio

Hello i am looking for clients to work with to make their music sound the best it possibly can.

Production, Mixing, Mastering. - Matt Connell

My name is Matt Connell and I have been mixing and mastering music for over 15 years. I'm well versed in sounds from folk, to metal, to hip hop and I'm always ready for new challenges.

Producer/Sound Engineer - ARAM Recording and Mastering

Still setting up...will be completed soon

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - DAMARO

Doing every genre. Just contact me.

Sound Engineer, Producer. - Enrico Giuliani

Enrico Giuliani is a sound engineer with a few years experience in studio recording, editing, mixing, production and post-production.

Music Production & Engineering - MEGA FAUNA SOUND

My name is Dan Sievers. I am a musician, producer, and owner of MEGA FAUNA SOUND - a recording studio located in Dayton, OH.

Remote mixing & mastering - Alexey Merganov Studio


Alexey Merganov - One of the most interesting engineer in Moscow, with his own atmosphere and a great experience. Since 2003. We have all the necessary equipment, designed premises. All this gives us the opportunity to achieve a better result in the sound. Choosing Alexey Merganov Studio - you choose a future for your album.

live & studio mixer  - BARAK KOREN

Mixing engineer for studio & live sound.

Recording,Post-, Repair Audio - Blue Rock Productions

Musician for 46 years. Always trying to crank the best sound from any equipment and band i've played in or did the FOH job for. Now I have the equipment, the time and locationd to record, mix and master pop, rock, folk, jazz and songwriter music. Something i have been doing for like 30 years along with my many different jobs in playing music.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering  - Mike Rivera


You put a lot of care into your art, I'll do the same. Let me help enhance your sound and bring your music to life!

Recording, Mixing & Mastering  - Alex Newgen Music Producer

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer FOH mixing engineer. Music Producer Guitar Player, session musician 15 yrs exp. Worldwide. Europe, Asia, USA.

Mixing, Engineering, Guitarist - Spencer Ratzlaff

With my expertise as a Senior Audio Engineer at Get Ready Sound, I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional recordings, impeccable mixing, and captivating post-audio sound design. Elevate your project with the highest quality results by booking with me today.

Producer // Engineer // Mixer - Andrew Threlfo

Andrew Threlfo is a producer, mixer and engineer based at Hunting Ground Studios in Brisbane, Australia.

I produce, Mix and Master - Gwiz8

Hi there, I have obtained a Diploma in Audio Engineering and have a high end collection of Producing, mixing and mastering Software. Competent user of Reason and Protools. Confident that I can make ur mixes sound high quality and also open to writing and producing music, beats etc

Producing, Mixing, Recording - Kevin da Silva

Ever dreamt of having your own song or your own Album? Beeing a DJ and playing your own tracks on a stage? We can't book you for events but we can produce your music and guide you to make it happen!

Pro Songwriting & Topline Duo  - J Squared


LA-Based Billboard Charting Topline/Songwriter duo. Our songs have been cut by major artists and featured on hundreds of TV Shows and in Films.

Location Sound,Sound Design - Bobo 67

Expert of the feature film location Sound\Sound Design\Mixing Language:Chinese/Cantonese/English

Music Producer/vocalist - Brohiem

Write, Record, Mix... What else is there? Trained in mixing and production by an industry professional, who has worked with artists such as Krewella; I am also vocally trained by several teachers over several years. I know the tricks and techniques to make your song sound powerful, crisp, and clean.

helps take you from A to B  - Leon Kelly

Let me take you louder! Let me take you where you wanna go!

Recording and Mixing - Steven Meoni

If there is one thing I can promise you, its satisfaction. My approaching to recording, mixing, and mastering is communication from the artist. My job is to translate the artist's vision into reality.

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