Classical Recording Studios

Record yourself or your band. These recording studios have the talent, equipment and acoustic space to make it happen

Remote Recording Production - Jacob


Remote Recording Production

I am experienced in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering music, with a focus on classical/acoustic music. I've worked with artists such as the Boston Symphony, Yo-Yo Ma, and Gil Shaham, and with organizations such as New England Conservatory and the Aspen Music Festival. Let me bring your acoustic recordings to the next level.

recording studio - Jenny


recording studio

I compose and record professional quality Cello music to add sonic richness and emotional intensity to any music genre.


Mobile Digital Recording - JTL


Mobile Digital Recording

Mobile Digital Recording • Website Design & Hosting • Since 1998


Classical & Acoustic Mixing - Aydee


Classical & Acoustic Mixing

Working with Classical and Acoustic musicians and moviemakers to release and broadcast the best sounding music. Make your music sound bright and lively


Recording Engineer - Adaq


Recording Engineer

I trained with Grammy Award winning classical engineer Tony Faulkner, a continuing influence and mentor.

Producer - Sound Engineer  - Dany


Producer - Sound Engineer

Music Academy Graduate , acoustic expert , specialized in Movie Productions, audio arrangements, sound cleaning and clearing. Got hundreds of audio theme songs ready to be made famous. Page me and be amazed.


Composer, Vocal,Orchestrator - Cheryl

New York

Composer, Vocal,Orchestrator

I am a composer and pianist basically in New York City, US. I write music for films and animation, documentary. Text me if you need a singer, songwriter, or music producer.


Music Producer, Composer - Thomas


Music Producer, Composer

We have a great passion for creating amazing music. Thomas Emulous has produced commercial quality work for bands, soundtracks, podcasts, and YouTube artists around the world.


Recording Studio - epprovider

New York

Recording Studio

Expect the Unexpected


Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Classical

Baton Rouge

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Classical Recording offers recording, mixing, and mastering to all types of music with an emphasis on classical music. We pride ourselves in having a fully mobile recording studio so that we can record our clients wherever they are.

Remote mixing and mastering  - Alex


Remote mixing and mastering

Source is the key.


MisterMixer, MisterMaster - Michael

Newbury Township

MisterMixer, MisterMaster

Grammy-Winning Mixing & Mastering with REVEAL SDM (tm). Bigger than life stereo & surround, binaural, High-Res PCM & DSD. Platinum/Gold Album & Grammy-winning artists.11 Grammy Awards: 6 Best-Engineered Album, 2 Best Surround Album, Best Orchestral Album. Best Choral Album, Best Latin Jazz Album.

Recordist, Mixing, Mastering - Naba


Recordist, Mixing, Mastering

Sound VS Audio - The battle is ON


Recording studio - 專業錄音師


Recording studio

My name is Morgan Belle, born in 1992, i am from Germany and study Tonmeister (Musikübertragung) in Detmold. It is a unique course which includes both very profund musical and technical study. I spend a lot of time playing music (percussion and piano) and recording since more than 16 years and i do this with a lot of passion.


Recording, Video, SessionCello - Aaron


Recording, Video, SessionCello

Engineered projects for the top orchestras/ensembles in Chicago, including engineering for Naxos.


Location recording & mixing - Brett


Location recording & mixing

Location recording, editing, and mixing specialist focused on classical, jazz, and all genres of acoustic music.


studio di registrazione - DS

31100 Treviso

studio di registrazione

Poli strumentista arrangiatore e tecnico del suono esperienza trentennale

Engineer & Music Producer - Ryan

Los Angeles

Engineer & Music Producer

My name is Ryan Sanchez and I am a professional recording, mixing, mastering engineer and music producer. I have worked on many high profile projects including The Walking Dead, Outlander, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, 10 Cloverfield Lane, God of War and more. I have an immense love and passion for film scores and records across all genres of music!

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