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We offer on-site digital recording for complete albums, school festivals and concerts, live performances, band demos, and more!

We're experienced in recording all styles of music.

We're known for our quality, integrity, and reasonable prices.

We've done extensive research to obtain the best recording equipment.

Our recording engineer is a professional MUSICIAN, with a degree in music education. He is an active, seasoned performer, with 20 years of experience as a full-time music educator. This ensures that your final result is well balanced, musically mixed, and perfectly mastered.

For our classical artists and school groups, we're able to accurately capture all of the dynamics that you've rehearsed, and we're able to provide an uncolored, authentic recording of your music.

We use the best CDs available. They cost us more, but we're confident that they'll last a lifetime.

We have a master of EVERYTHING we've recorded. If your CD is ever lost or damaged, you can order a replacement.

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