Americana Recording Studios

Record yourself or your band. These recording studios have the talent, equipment and acoustic space to make it happen

Studio & Live Recording/Mixing - Angie


Studio & Live Recording/Mixing

Angie has 30 years in the recording and sound world from tracking and mixing to location recording and live sound; analog to digital. Angie owns Avocado Productions and works to make every project that of which she and the artist can be proud.

Producer. Session Guitarrist.  - Enderpromusic


Producer. Session Guitarrist.

I'll take your idea to the next level!


Remote Mixing and Mastering - Darren

Fort Collins

Remote Mixing and Mastering

Hello, I have over 15 years producing, mixing and mastering music at Stout Studios. I'm all in the box running Pro Tools 11 and can get you a mix/master in a timely fashion at an affordable rate. I also am a multi instrumentalist to add to your tracks whether you need drums, bass, guitar, keys, mandolin........ I hope to hear from you to discuss


Music Producer - Ben


Music Producer

I have my own recording studio, I can mix and master and provide session backing vocals and acoustic guitar.

Engineer, Producer, Bassist - ELM

Los Angeles

Engineer, Producer, Bassist

Hello! I'm a recording engineer that wears many hats. Starting as a session player I was quickly attracted to the technical side of the process. Our project studio in LA is a great space for tracking vocals, individual instruments, drums, and small ensembles. I also work as an arranger for strings, horns, and other hard to find instruments.

music Producer - Michael


music Producer

I love to work on Country & Americana style projects & am a songwriter I have worked with Gold & Platinum selling artists example (Nikki Webster,TRICK PONY, HEIDI NEWFEILD}

Bluegrass/Folk sound  - Water

Los Angeles

Bluegrass/Folk sound

Water Tower is a Bluegrass/Indie Folk Trio signed to Dutch Records that doubles as a studio band. Water Tower has done studio work for Major label artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Mondo Cosmo, Tim Timebomb, Mike Herrera, Travis Barker, and hundreds of other artists.

SEO Services - Robert


SEO Services

Get Affordable SEO Services to Improve Your Sales


Engineer / Producer - Ryan


Engineer / Producer

Record with me in Memphis! Mix with me in Austin!!

New Vibe Rare Gear Analog Tape - New


New Vibe Rare Gear Analog Tape

Come make records in private like they did in the good old days, recorded and mixed to tape or Pro Tools multitrack.

Recording Studio - 3


Recording Studio

Number 1 recording studio in Arizona

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Giles

North Hollywood

Audio Engineer, Music Producer

Full time Audio Engineer, Musician, and Producer. I work with the Track Martians Music Group and operate a studio out of North Hollywood called The Spot LA. I have access to several treated spaces 24/7 so you can trust that your work is tested in multiple environments to ensure a quality product. I'm available for mixing, mastering and production.


Session Drummer - Marcus

Central Texas

Session Drummer

The One and Only

Analog Audio Productions - The


Analog Audio Productions

Analog Recording Studio, Tape Mixing & Mastering | Amsterdam | AMPEX MM1000 | Studer A80 | D&R Orion | EMT 140


Record Studio - Jerromy

New York

Record Studio

Best guy ever


'Recording & Mixing Studio' - Rhythm


'Recording & Mixing Studio'

Rhythm House Studios offers a unique experience for artists that want to record; and an amazing Event Center for live performance and gatherings of any type.


Recording Studio - House


Recording Studio

Historic Music Row Recording Studio


Music Producers - Writers - The


Music Producers - Writers

We have 20+ years experience in the music business providing co-writing, co-production and instrumental session skills for artists from many different genres


Studio/Production/Mixing - Pachyderm



Historic, remote, inspiring, serene–these are just a few words we use to describe the overall vibe of our premier recording studio. Hidden within several acres of lush forest, wildlife abounds while the babbling creek echoes throughout the trees. Inspiration is everywhere, and it, along with the history of artists past. Take it all in.

Recording & Production Studio - Audio


Recording & Production Studio

A brand new recording facility with an experienced engineer, only 20 minutes from Amsterdam. Audio Kipple specialises in bring your songs to life with the help of a great selection of session musicians for you to choose from and a clear pricing strategy that allows you concentrate on your artistry.



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