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All Analog Recording Studio, Label & Booking | Amsterdam | Putting the SOUL back into the GROOVE | AMPEX MM1000 | Telefunken M15 | D&R Orion | EMT 140 Plate Reverb!

The Epicentre of The Lullabye Factory is a D&R Orion analog studio console paired with a AMPEX MM1000 16-Track 2 inch Tape Recorder. Our tape recorders are calibrated to sonic perfection for SM900 with Magnetic Reference Laboratory Calibration tape, in order to ensure the perfect high fidelity sound experience the Golden Days of Analog Multitracking were famous for.

We feel very strongly that the more dedication you put into the creation of a product, the more intense of an experience your product is able to deliver. We use Analog Equipment Only, from the recording console to the classic effects like spring reverb, tape delay & Binson Echorecs. The workflow matching this authentic approach to music production is creative and technical, requiring the utmost of everyone working on a sonic masterpiece. World class signal paths, out of the box effect engineering and ultimate focus on performance, these are just a couple of examples of why so many analog music productions stood the the test of time.

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