Audio producing with passion ! - Studio


Audio producing with passion !

As a musician, audio engineer and audiophile, I like things that sound gorgeous ! I am one of those people who consider mixing, mastering and recording engineers to be artists just as Tattoo, Cinema, serigraphy, Painting,(etc) workers. Every mix is a work of art of it's own ! Thats why I think that investing in the mixing part of music is crucial.

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Rock Producer / Mix Engineer - Immy


Rock Producer / Mix Engineer

Gold-certified songwriter, producer and mix engineer, specialising in fat, dynamic, vibe-centric productions! Need help putting together demo instrumentals / vocals? Prepare for recording? Mix / master recorded tracks? I would be more than happy to hear what you have going on, wherever you're at, and help fulfill your creative vision.

Songwriter + Producer - Cade

Los Angeles

Songwriter + Producer

I'm a songwriter, producer, and mix-master engineer based in Los Angeles, California.

Editing, Mixing, and Mastering - Elijah


Editing, Mixing, and Mastering

I'll professionally edit, mix, and master your songs


I am a Music Producer - Korban


I am a Music Producer

I am a Good and Fast music producer and audio engineer.


Music Producer - danniell


Music Producer

making electronic music for to live an enjoy life


Vocalist, Songwriter - Davy


Vocalist, Songwriter

Versatility and style to get your music noticed


Session singer/ Demo Singer - Jessica

Los Angeles

Session singer/ Demo Singer

Hi! My name is Jessica! I am a very experienced studio singer and piano/keyboard player. I am very versatile in the ways I can tone my vocals ranging from (belty soulful pop) Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey,Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly to Current indie pop such as Tove-lo and Charlie XCX,to soul (Amy Winehouse,Adele) to Urban, and Electro/House.

Recording-Mixing Engineer - Mason


Recording-Mixing Engineer

I'm a recording and mixing engineer and I've been creating music on one instrument and/or another for the past 20 years both solo and in collaboration with other musicians. I want to be the recording and mixing engineer that partners with you to take your sound and vision through the mic, out of the speakers, and into your listeners' hearts.


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