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Good essay writing needs the understanding of the question

I am Anna Gray, a freelance writer at ResumeThatWorks.
As an excellent ability to write is important for admission to any college or specialized course, essay writing skills are evaluated and upgraded throughout the college term.
Often, students feel uncomfortable to write an essay as it requires hard work for collecting the researched evidence on the assigned topic.
Usually, the essay question has a choice of topics for the students to select one for writing an essay. However, students must understand that the topic selection is the basis of the high-quality essay writing job. Therefore, it is essential that the students choose a topic, which is familiar to them and which interests them. Students will not feel uncomfortable to write on any such topic, as they will enjoy exploring the theme.
Tutors judge the student's work on various counts. Punctuality and timely submission of the essay is the most important factor, as tutors grade the students for their written work.
Therefore, it is essential that students make a timetable highlighting the work to be done on each day, for completing the essay. This will require starting early, as that will resolve any unseen problem while attempting to finish the assignment. This is truer when conducting any research is necessary and the topic chosen is a unique one.

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