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Indie Monster Studio from Taiwan.We make music for indie musician or band.We are professional engineer & producer training from the major label.Affordable price,incredible quality.If you have a dream,let me help you.

Indie Monster Studio 地下怪獸錄音室(或稱獨立怪獸錄音室),這名字正是我們精神和行動的展現.我們並沒有比別人多的資源,但我們和每個人都一樣懷有夢想.因此錄音室就這樣靠著我們的雙手一點一滴地完成,從地下室翻修到牆面粉刷,系統線路,Acoustic Treatment,都是我們自己的力量完成.我們相信From Zero To Hero!!為了夢想你願意付出什麼?我們已經走在夢想的路上.你呢?


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