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These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Producer/R&B/Pop, Vibraphonist - Zach Bahn

A self made artist, producer, and musician out of Denver Colorado. Having been in music for 12 years as a classical and jazz percussionist (VIBRAPHONE), songwriter and producer, I now attends Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. attaining a BA in Song Writing and and Production.

Music Producer - Aashish Victor

A passionate music producer determined to work hard and excel in the music industry, with professional experience in live and studio environments, DAWs and Analog equipment. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, who is confident in making creative and impactful music.

Music Producer - MF Productions

I'm an experienced music producer specialising in Electronic Music Production (EDM) as well as a range of different genres.

I love LIVE music and great pr - Damián Riobó

Graduated in the Interpretation of Brass instruments, Professor, Sound and Lighting Technician and very creative in the production of Live Shows, both direct and Livestreams

Production, Mixing - Jesse 4SE

I have a unique skillset for sound design, programing synthesizers, producing music, manipulating audio, mixing, and mastering. I enjoy experimenting with textures to produce iconic sonic environments to add to tracks and support the unique story in each piece of music. Let me help your next project amaze your fanbase and expand your reach!

Productor Musical  - daxersound

trabajo en un sello musical desde 5 años de musica Urbana y comercial en lima Peru soy Productor Musical ingeniero de Mescla

Producer/Keys/Mix/Scoring - Chill Evans

Graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in the Jazz Piano program. Then graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual degree of Music Production & Engineering and Film Scoring.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Sofia Ruszczyk

Originally trained at Berklee College of Music with jazz and pop, my passion has lead my carer to work in rock/pop and alternative music. I am constantly writing for my band Seven Day Sleep and my solo project Rusick. I've done background vocals for Hollywood Undead, Waterparks, Jessie J etc..

Songwriter/Producer/Multi Inst - JNW

I’m a modern pop multi gold, plat and diamond music producer based in France. 2.000.000 records sold. More than 600M streams. I can help with topline, lyrics, I also produce the tracks and, being a multi instrumentalist, I play and/or program all of the instruments needed for the song.

Producer/Vocal Tuning/Keys - WhiteNoise

WhiteNoise is a producer and multi-instrumentalist and producer based in LA who has worked with Halsey, Ava Max, Anitta, Lido, Jaden Smith and many others.

Guitars | Production - Kevin Tyler

Nashville based guitarist, with over 14 years of experience. Need help finishing that riff/song? Need a solo on your song? Or you just need the song recorded. I'm your guy. Let's make some tunes!

Producer, Musician - Corben

I have produced music for Cartoon Networks 'Adventure Time', Fleur East, Zuzu, and more. Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, and Engineer.

Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter - Peter Madufor

Hip Hop/ Rap Artist, Singer/Songwriter Listen to Cephas on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music etc to listen to my works.

Grammy Nom. Producer, Arranger - Gourty Maxx FKA GMJR


Greetings! I’m Gourty Maxx, Grammy nominated/Billboard charted producer and global musician(drummer) ready to work! Worked with Musiq Soulchild, ELHAE, Keke Wyatt, Tayla Parx, Vh1, and Oxygen.

session bass guitar, keys, vox - Matt Harris

Hey there, Here as a musician, business advisor event organizer, promoter. I have a strong background in many areas within the music industry and here to help expand the arts culture. Over the last few years music has changed in so many ways. I have found that you need to follow the flow within it as well. Open for new ideas, new direction.

audio engineer,composer, - ZO FRX

composer and audio engineer. friendly way to work, friendly price, fully open to the artist ideas and concepts.

Vocals, Guitar, Mix & Master - Myrddin Triguel

I’m a composer, arranger, singer, instrumentalist and music producer. I mix and master music and create web pages. I have several own music projects – Fyra, Objet de Plaisir and Anthony McBazooka.

Music Producer - $20 BEATS SPECIAL PRICE

I make atmospheric smears and unorthodox beats.

Beatmaker with love to piano - MPLB Prod.

Hey dude I maker of some stuff maybe for you? What you need? I work on FL studio 12. 50-140 bmp (Specialize on Beats. Trap. cloud. house. mastering and voice mastering Just ask me ^

Producer/Vocalist/Composer - Studio Epsilon

Antwerp-based studio of recording artist/producer Tristan Finck.

Session Bassist, Sound Design - Richard L. Entrup

(working on it) Bassist, FX artist, and sound designer.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Veen

Hey there, i’m Veen and i am a versatile, multi-genre producer. With over 60 production credits in the past 2 years, songs i’ve produced have garnered millions of streams. From Afrobeats to RnB & Hip Hop, i have your next hit & chart topping single.

Electro orchestral Composer - Blue Spark

Think out of the box and puchback the limits. I like to merge different music styles to create my own one; each project is unique and music should enhance the showing feelings.

Songwriter, Topliner, Vocalist - Jack Conway

Working with top industry producers like Mikal Blue, Ken Caillat, Brett Pemberton and Taylor Sparks on major label/independent artist projects. Warner Sweden - Ghost Writer Presley Tennant - The Voice Season 16 Finalist The Fame Riot - Sony/RED Astrojaxx - The Orchard Drew Ryn

Producer, Songwriter, Musician - Brandon "B-HEAT" Broadnax

Over 30 years of professional music & content creation experience. A-Z, too many specialties to list

Production, Keys, Voice, Mix - Quentin Bethea

As a producer, singer and educator I not only bring years of talent, a masters degree, and many satisfied customers, but also the best quality of work you'll find for a price you can afford


I get the job done as it's needed

Mixing & Live Sound - Ricardo Escalante

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I chose to go into the audio industry from my love of music. From a young age I was taken to church since my family is a Christian Family. I started to learn piano when I was about 11 years old and from there, I explored through Audio mixing in The LA Film School.

Sonic Creative - miloproduces

Hello ! I am Camilo, an all-around music/audio creative originally from Santader, Colombia now living in the US. I have been surrounded by music my entire life, from having piano lessons as a child to attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences for Audio Engineering, and love collaborating and bringing ideas to life.

Remote Mixing and Production - Berry Bliss Studios

I am an educated audio engineer and music producer looking to elevate your project to the next level. I have the knowledge, software, and dedication to produce only professional quality work.

Musician/Producer/Songwriter - Rich Markley

Creating music is my passion! I enjoy working in a variety of genres and bringing musical ideas to life. Guitar is my specialty but I also play bass, keys and drums. Well-versed in all aspects of music production. Check out samples of my work at

Multi-Genre Producers Engineer - NooAliasNeeded

Uni grad in music, toured around the world with roisin and been a teacher at a number of schools to popular artists you know

Hip Hop Music Producer - Prod. Solfi

No credits just yet but eager to get my name out there.

Session Guitarist, producer - ViannaAudio

I'm an experienced producer, master in classical and electric guitar, master in electronic music. 20 years studio experience as composer, producer, arranger, mastering engineer, sound restoration engineer. wheather you play Bach or Techno i can help your project to stand out

Producer / Session Musician - Jonah Bobo

Why pay a bunch of different musicians to play all of the instruments and produce your record when you could hire one to do it all? Your One-Stop-Shop for any and all recording and production needs.

Bassist/Producer/Engineer - Andrei Kvapil (Taru Taru)

Electric, Upright, & Moog Synth Bass. Worked with Niko Oroc (fka Nikobeats), Huey Briss, akaMatisse from Keys N Krates, bassist in Soular System. Electronic artist/producer/engineer specializing in soundscapes that evoke a dream-like state, fused with hypnotic rhythms, syncopation, and thumping bass.

Productor y guitarrista - Fran Jimeno

Músico y Productor de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Producer/Musician/Songwriter - shanks.

shanks. is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter from Toronto. He has made songs with some of the biggest artists in the world and been heavily involved in the heart of the industry for the last 8 years.

Mixing, Production, Synths - Chris Moore

I am available to mix remotely at my home studio, or book a studio in NYC - or anywhere- to mix on a real console. I can also do any sort of sound design, treatments, synthesizer sound programming, or anything creative that you might need. Go here for credits:

modern creative music - Andrea Gabriele

Music producer and artist. He worked for brands, TV and radios as MTV, BMW, RAI, Dolce & Gabbana, Vodafone, Samsung, Puma/Franklin&Marshall and many others. He released records for labels based in USA, Europe or Japan moving from acoustic to experimental or dance music keeping a deep artistic approach to sound production.

Producer/Recording/Mixing Engineer - Native Pharaoh

Music Producer, Musician, Experience Mixing and Recording Engineer and a Musician. I've interned at the top studio in Atlanta, worked with great people, and always looking to work with more. I currently work at a private but established recording studio called RecordATLStudios.I've been producing 5 years and professionally engineering for 2 years.

"Music Producer" - JAY BEE

Sup to All, My name is Jay Bee...I am a producer, writer, and MC. I am here to build and exchange with a like-minded community of individuals. No matter what your connection to this industry is, from Djing to Engineering. I firmly affirm and believe we are all related which makes us an extended family!

Complete Musician - Joe Moody

Hi everyone! I'm a jazz pianist from Italy but what I really like to do is making music and everything that involve music and sound.

MusicProducer & SoundDesigner - Giampiero Frulli

I'm a Multi-Instrumentalist, session vocalist, guitar and piano player. I write and produce mainly electronic, rock-oriented music and dreamscapes. I have a BScEng in engineering and a degree in classical piano and harmony. Love astrophysics and sports: they both weak you until you feel grand.

Music Producer, DJ - L.F.Ogre

I combine cinema-quality sound design with the finesse of a hip-hop producer and the attitude of a bass music producer.

Produce,Engineer,Label Mgmt - Aron Ward

Experienced producer songwriter looking to record, collab, produce, remix.

Composer, Producer, Musician - Stefan K.

Eclectic concert, popular and film music composer and a clarinetist with an extensive performing background.

Music Producer - Phil Servati

Phil loves empowering musical artists to help see their songs come to fullness and fruition. Through inspired music production approaches, Phil helps singers and songwriters take their music beyond their original goals, while honoring the original concept. From a demo with acoustic guitar and vocal to a fully orchestrated and produced song.

Vivid Vocals,  - Bobby Scaife

Specialise in catchy hooks, memorable and emotionally-driven lyrics.

Music Producer - Brett Truitt

I’m a writer/producer for Prescription songs in Nashville. I’ve worked in electronic music to pop to alternative rock to country to tv/film. I have credits with: Betty Who, R3hab, Shoffy, Chord Overstreet, Banners, Quinn Lewis, Win and Woo, Phangs, Michelob Ultra, Tommy Hilfiger, Stars on ABC, Teen Mom, and Netflix's Lucifer.

music producer + songwriter - Elias Abid

I'm a multi-instrumentalist producer and songwriter signed to eOne music publishing. My music has been featured on TV shows; "Grown-ish," "Legacies," "America To Me." I wrote songs for 9 episodes of "Power Rangers: Dino Fury." My catalog has been charted/ placed on top indie pop, alt r&b, and country playlist with over 20 million streams.

Pop Producer/ Pop Topliner - Christian Brown

I will produce, realize, and mix your song or topline/record vocals for your track.

Songwriter + Producer - LEVÉ

IT'S NOT HARD TO SOUND LIKE YOU. Your sound already exists and you’re already using it. Let me show you how to define it, take advantage of it, and bring it to life.

Singer, Percussionist - Akayra Music

Hey I'm Aryaka Shukla I'm a Singer and a Musician.

Music Producer - Marvin "Tony" Hemmings

I am a 2x-Grammy-nominated producer, composer, pianist and arranger, Stellar & Telly Award Winner and have been a part of shaping and contributing to the sound of artists like, Brandy, William McDowell, Jessie J, Justin Bieber, Jac Ross, Nick Jonas, and more.

Pop Punk Producer/Guitarist - SalviBeatz

New wave of pop punk with a Modern sound!

Musician, Songwriter, Creator - Tatyana

Hey!! I'm a singer/songwriter and musician with lots of experience in live performance, studio settings, & music collab. I've had plenty of formal musical training and have spent the last (almost) 20 years developing my ear. Would love to contribute however I can!

'Session Guitarist' 'Producer' - Furkan Cedimoğlu

I'm a music geek! I like all genres of music, I took part in many song recordings as a guitarist, I'm a producer also. I made about 250 songs in many styles such as EDM, hip hop, rock and jazz.

Gigging and Session Drummer - Israel Hernandez

Hello, my name is Israel. I'm a professional drummer, pianist, percussionist, composer and arranger. I've been gigging professionally since I was 16 years old, and composing since I was 18 years old.

All analog affairs... - Jack's Music Lab


Old school is new school. All my gear/tech is pre-1990, almost exclusively analog and 8-12 bit noisemakers. If the Beatles could make Sgt. Peppers on 4 tracks - then that's technically all you need (yes, I do have a few 8 tracks for good measure)

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Josh Conway


"Josh is the best mixer I ever seen" - Bob Marley, John Lennon & Beethoven

 - Minor 9 Records

Ready to take your sound to the next level!

 - Jost Davis

Musicproducer in Electro, House & Dance music in collaboration with various artists, singers & Musicproducers!

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