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 - Dust Media Studios

Dust Media Studios, Oeiras e São Julião da Barrafavorite_borderfavorite

Music Composer for media, Electronic Music Artist and Producer, Songwriter and Audio Engineer.

Pop producer, Pianist,Engineer - Daniela Viegener

Argentinean latin female pop producer composer and sound engineer

Recordin studio, composer - Jamir Mauricio Moreno Espinal

Medellín, 1995 Corporación Universitaria Adventista Licenciatura en educación musical. Medellín, 2007 Universidad de Antioquia Especialización en Artes con énfasis en Composición Medellín, 2014 Universidad de Antioquia Maestría en Gestión Cultural

Music Composer & Sound Design - Conrad Schuman

Cinematic and indie pop composer with tracks for Google, Xfinity, Nvidia, and Nissan, specializing in atmospheric soundscapes for film, TV, commercials, and games. Drawing from a vast array of analog and digital tools, my music spans from Hans Zimmer's depth to The Weeknd's edge."

I (help) create dope records. - Amari Eman

I will do everything in my power to take a record to its fullest potential.

Film Composer / Music Writer - Guillermo Martinez Music

I am an experienced Media Composer based in London, UK, with several music pieces placed on TV, Film, Video Games, Documentaries, etc, please let me know how can I help you with your current or future projects.

Engineer / Producer / Mixer - Tim Roe

Punchy drums, expansive mixing, fast and reliable engineer

"Top To Bottom" Music Producer - Jesse Borkens

I'm Jesse, a young Musician and Sound Engineer, working since my 13th. I have worked on endless projects, going from flashmob to jingles, singles to albums, choir recordings to EDM. I have a special love relation with the 1980's, with a collection of beautiful synths, outboard gear and songwriter workflows that are inspired by this era.

Music Producer - Koen van de Wardt

Dutch Grammy for Best Alternative for Klangstof's debut album 'Close Eyes To Exit'. Collaborated and made remixes for artists like The Flaming Lips, Zhu, Tame Impala and Ruben Pol.

Music Producer - Nostau

Hip-hop artist with 5+ years of experience producing music front to back in house. I care about your work and want to help you to my best ability. I make sure you have a hard hitting beat with good dynamics and unique instrumentation. I can write meaningful, deep and catchy lyrics. Prices are negotiable.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Kieran Burton

I am a great person to work with if you are just starting out. I am willing to work closely and diligently with each of my clients in order to achieve their individual vision.

Songwriter, Beat maker - Jeff Cook

Name a genre and get musically complex tracks for it. My beats feature on playlists with thousands of followers. My empathetic lyrics and tapped guitar builds community by inviting listeners' vulnerability. 15 years of end-to-end music creation has taught me which takes make it and how to mix them. I'm ready to adapt to what your inspiration needs.

Music producer, mixing master - Marco Margna

For 20 years I have learned my own tricks and tricks for creating, arranging, mixing and mastering music.I also like making audiologos and advertising music, the more exciting part is also making music for filmmusic.I have collaborated with hundreds of artists from Europe.I was very inspired by Jimmy Douglass in florida whom I also worked for.

Independent Music Production - Junior Motta

Hello! I have as a difference skills with more bass and heavier sounds.

Flute, harp, folk instruments - Juan Pablo di Leone

Latin american Flutist, arranger, Latin american Winds player, (quena Siku), chromatic armonica player

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Isaac Buna

Have been working in music production for over 10 years. Experienced in many genres including Pop, R&B, Alternative, Hip Hop, Rock, etc.

Sound engineer, Music producer - Carlos Santos

5 times Latin Grammy Award winner engineer and music producer .Today he is managing partner, engineer and music producer at the prestigious Trunoyz Studios in Miami, Florida. Also, and have worked as a senior engineer at several studios such as Beltway, Westside Studios and Criteria Hits factory in the city of Miami Florida.

Bass, Guitar, etc. - Kaylee Stenberg

Bass and Guitar credits include Ella Luna, Squid & the Elephant, Bex, and b0dies. Versatile in genres and will complete track to satisfaction. :)

Pop Rock Mixing and Mastering  - Guilherme Weinmann

My goal here is to serve your song, the music should the us where to go in mixing and not the opposite. I'll deliver your music ready to be distributed. I'm a mixing engineed, guitarrist, bassist and vocalist. I do also record and create MIDI drums, tune vocals and I'll be able to help you achieve the type of sound that you are looking for.

Music Producer & Keys player  - Joekeyz

Nigerian based Music Producer | Arranger | Keys player. My sounds include ; Gospel | contemporary | Afro beats| Pop.

Mixing and Session Keys & Bass - Tobias Vigl

Aspiring Mixing Engineer/Producer also with experience playing the Keyboard and electric Bass. I also love making Beats, Podcast- and Youtube Intro music

EDM, Pop/Rock Music Producer - iamvandex

Ready to elevate your music to new heights? Our expert production services are here to transform your creative vision into captivating soundscapes. Whether you're an emerging artist or an established talent, let's collaborate with our passionate team and let's craft sonic artistry that resonates with your audience.

I'm Urban Music Producer - DannyOneBeats

Work as Sound Engineer in events in Bogota,Colombia as Gospel Work with Esteban Fandiño, a Music Producer in Bogota City

T.V Composition,Mastering,ETC. - Miles Newbold

SMILES@THECHICKENSHACKSTUDIO.COM I work with the B.B.C, Felt Publishing, Millionmedia, Conexion, Tummytouch, Using music, blah blah blah! Composing for T.V. I also record and Master music, and have lots of very tasty vintage equipment and instruments...

Professional Musician/Producer - KidFixis

my name is John Bonanno and I make music with many different instruments. I even play the trash can. I have been producing for 8+ years and have worked many different genres, including Jazz/Classical all the way to really filthy dubstep/trap. All in all I just have an ear for making something fresh but also suitable for whatever the project.

Recording Studio/Keyboardist - Robert Lippmann

Recording/mixing engineer and session keyboard player.

Composer & Studio Musician - Stewart Forgey

Professional guitarist, keyboardist, film composer & producer. I can compose, record, and/or produce music for your project, working with you in person or remotely from my studio. Films I've scored have been showcased across the world, from art exhibits in Japan to South by Southwest in Austin, TX. I've also recorded on & produced countless songs.

Producer,Musician,Dj - Onur OKUTAN

Top Skills: Ableton Live, Electro Guitar, Piano, Sound Synthesis and Sampling, Electronic Music Producer

Record, Edit, Pro Mixdown - Angelos Moutsai

Specialized at -Electronic music production (& Ghost Production) -Synthesizers (Sound Design) -Engineering (Mixing - Editing)

Mixing, Mastering, Keyboardist - Brenden Cabrera

HipHop | Pop | Indie | House Member of Late Nite Laundry (20k+ monthly listeners)

Producer, Remixer, Composer - Camilo Lara

Mexican Institute of Sound. Producer, Film Composer, Musical Supervisor , Remixer.

Music Producer/Film Composer - Matteo Ruperto

Producer, Composer, and multi-instrumentalist with over 10 years of experience. Credits Include GMC, Serif Creative, Rai, Stefano Bollani, Jason Linder, and many more.

Session Bassist and Producer  - Ryz Skys

Full time professional touring and session bassist specializing in funk, rock, psychedelic, soul, R&B, blues & electronic music. In addition to bass guitar I also play synth bass, guitar, drums, sing, and am a producer, and recording engineer. I performed over 150 live shows in 2022 with a variety of different artists and musical styles.

Creative Producer/Sound Design - Trevor York (eerietheery)

Creating beats & songs for 10 years, hunting unique sounds and never afraid to experiment with radically different approaches.

Producer I Mixer I Songwriter - Sebastian Geisler

Music Producer, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Mixing and Mastering Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Credits include Universal Music, Sony Music and a lot of Indie Labels in styles like Pop, Rock, EDM, RnB and Singer/Songwriter.

Multi genre producer - A05

I produce mostly alternative tracks. I have some songs on spotify as A05 and also with my band Raccoon Juice.

Music composer  - John Wright


Music composer creating unique music for any project. Recent credits include work for Microsoft and Minecraft Education.

 - Andrea Lunardi Prod

Producer and musician (keyboard player), specialized in sound mastering.

Beat Maker  - Young Retro

Hello, My Name is Michael aka Young Retro I've been making beats for a year. I learned to play the piano when I was 8 years old, I had to teach myself and I played the drums in band class since I was 11.

Music Producer, Mixing - Dexterbeats

Over 10 years of expirience in dance music genres, mainly house and techno. Ghost produced and mixed tracks that were released on top labels in the scene - Toolroom, Suara, Armada etc. Have my own sucessful project.

Musician (all around) Producer - Eric Little

I want your project to be the best it can possibly be.

Songwriter, Topliner, Vocalist - Kevin Clark


I'm a singer, songwriter and musical producer I have created My label and Publishing 2 HL Publishing & Records I can find Topline, and create full songs I play Piano and Keyboards Working in my own studio.

Music Producer/Engineer - Nelson (Nellz) Kyle

I'm a very experienced engineer who has worked with many major label recording artists. I have produced and engineered records in multiple genres. My main focus here is to assist clients in getting the best product possible. I can perform any task necessary to achieve a professional product. Please let me know how I can help you.

Music production - Peter Kharma

Producer and musician in over 25 years of career he can count numerous collaborations with many big names of the Pop and Dance music scene.

Music Producer - Maaskant

Atmospheric production with vintage analog keyboards, drum machines, and samplers.

Jack of All Trades - Charley Damski

Multi-Instumentalist, String Arranger, Producer, and all around session guy in LA.

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Cold Truth Music Studio

Let's make your song HIT HARD!

Session Vocalist and Guitarist - Christian's Music Studio

I graduated with a degree in Music. I have recorded on different records from different artists, like Phil Wickham. I love tracking music from CCM and any indie/alternative rock.

Producer, Mixing, Beatmaker - Alexandros M

Electronic music is my game, and underground and eclectic sound design is my specialty. I release music under several aliases. I produce, mix and master records for my label Fly Tree Records. Let's work on getting your songs produced, mixed, and remixed!

Film Composer and Song Writer - Eric Colvin

Los Angeles based EMMY nominated Film Composer, Song Writer and Music Producer

Producing, Mixing, Mastering  - Wires Recording Studio

Production and recording studio by Wires Records

Singer, traditional and opera - Kine-Lise Skjeldal

Multi-instrumentalist and singer with a degree in sound engineering and composition, and an affinity for metal, folk and rock.

 - 7oh4.!

Seeking programming? Production? Songs? Piano/keyboard arrangements and loops? VoiceOvers? Contact ME! Twitter: @7oh4

Producer|Artist|Songwriter - Jason Hits

Jason Hits is a german based Top 10 Producer, Songwriter & Artist

Beatmaker  - DJ Bela

I make lo-fi and hip hop beats.

Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Prod - Coleen McMahon

G'day, fellow creatives! I sing, write, play the piano and produce, all from my home studio. My most recent accomplishment is writing and co-producing the trailer for the James Cameron movie, "Alita." I also sang and wrote the remake of "Renegade" that was featured on "Shades of Blue" with Jennifer Lopez. Creating is my jam! Let's jam. :)

Music Producer - Ehsan

If you want depth of field, even in your acoustic arrangement, I'm the person to meet! I can create a dreamy fusion environment with touches of different aspects of music and make the journey begin!

Producer/ Instrumentalist - Michael Houston/ MH Music

Stimulating, invigorating, soothing, relaxing, motivating, inspiring are but a few words fans use to describe their experiences when listening to the music of Michael Houston. My promise to you: I will listen...push you to explore new areas of your potential...deliver an exceptional finished product in a timely manner.

Oriental Flutes&Clarinet - Shoham Gabay

I'm a woodwinds performing and recording artist, an expert for ethnic music from across the Middle East. I play traditional instruments such as the Arabic Nay Flute, Turkish Clarinet and Indian Bansuri, and i use the unique oriental playing style on the EWI (electronic wind instrument).

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Giorgio Berti

Audio Engineer, piano & bass player, composer and I like to help people making their songs. also an acoustic Engineer ;)

Session keyboards and vocal  - Guido Spina (Argentina)

Synth, piano, chorus, orquestra. Write or record.

Session Keyboardist - Songs For You By Me

I’ve been lucky enough to work with musicians from around the world in bands and for a range of music projects, large and small. Everybody involved always brings something unique- experience, vision, imagination, creativity, passion, determination, energy, a voice, and an unbelievable amount of musical talent.

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