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Really I've only worked for friends in the past, but I'm self taught and very familiar with music theory and the software that I use. I really enjoy producing music and I hope I can have the chance to make a name for myself on here. Any reasonable price is okay, I would be happy to let the employer decide.

I am very passionate about music and would love nothing more than to do it full time, but I've never been given the opportunity, which is what I seek here.
For anyone that would like me to, I will produce, compose, or edit a song, either on sheet music or the actual beat itself. I'm very well versed on different kinds of music and am always up to learn new styles.
As I put in my pitch I am well versed in music theory and thus am very flexible in the music that I'm able to put out there.
I'd be really grateful for anyone willing to give me a chance, thank you!

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.



Terms Of Service

Really, I'm not picky and whatever is suitable for the job, I'd be willing to do. I do however try to do most of my interactions online if possible.

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