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Early life and Education
Richard Kelvin studied forex trading and CFD in Malaysia year 2010 and graduate in 2013 and doing music at the same time he stops the music for a while. He was born in Ondo, live up in Lagos, and start his career by invest in transportation. He stopped for a reason because he didn't have much more to focus on his career so started investing the little he had to start transportation, from there he got a lot of trucks and starting selling sounds and construction with the name of the construction is R&k construction company means Richard and kelvin join a business with his dad.

And get go back to his old dream because he is very well talented in sound, so he signed all his old friends and give everyone his style. He is a good writer too, and he doesn’t have feelings according to what people talk about him that is very gentle but no feeling and care that’s why people call him apathetic, but at that the same time, he is generous because he grew up from a very poor family and he tried from Mushin since he came back from Malaysia. He had foresight on BTC when it was at a very low price, so he had to stock them for future benefits which he's now a top player in the blockchain.

Richard Sunday Kelvin became the first man in West Africa to buy a jaguar vintage special edition worth over $500k as a CEO of WJS Record Label and R&K ...

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  • Dablixx Oshaa
  • Tainy
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