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Producer - Mixer - Keyboardist

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Experienced Musician, Producer, Recording - Mixing Engineer, Latin Grammy Nominee.

Working in the Music industry for over 25 years. Keyboardist, Producer and Engineer for many important Artists in Latin America. Actually located in Miami, Florida (USA).

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • PT10 HD Native w/192 & Rosetta 800
  • Genelec 1031a (2) & 7060b
  • Dangerous 2Bus LT
  • Chameleon Labs 7720
  • DBX 161 (2)
  • DBX 164
  • DBX 160X
  • Sony SE-P900 EQ
  • Avalon 737
  • Ampex 351 Pre
  • Lexicon PCM 81 & LXP-1 (2)
  • Space Echo RE-201
  • Analog & Digital Synths

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

Mixing and Production services worldwide via Internet. No matter where in the world you are, we will find the way to take your music to the next level!. Credit Cards Accepted. Special Package Prices.

Reviews of Agustin Espina

  • Verified Review Default-avatar 3 months ago by

    Does good work, very communicative - no complaints at all

  • Verified Review Listing_thumb_picsart_1446381168253 3 months ago by

    Speechless of his unique enthusiasm to always give the best . No doubt I am coming back again with more projects for him to handle for me.. He is a gentle man behind your mix.. Trust me ! He is like a big brother from another mother although our communications are based on networking. . I believe I can fly with his hands on my music... Try him☺

  • Verified Review Default-avatar 7 months ago by

    Great job editing my vocals. They sound awesome!

  • Verified Review Default-avatar 8 months ago by

    It was great working with Agustin, thanks for your patience and smooth process :)

  • Verified Review Default-avatar 11 months ago by

    Agustin is not only very knowledgeable about mixing, mastering, etc, but he has a great work ethic and demeanor. He is very understandable and will go to great lengths to get you what you want. He is easy to work with and knows the music business very well.

  • Verified Review Listing_thumb__p14104205_3__ over 1 year ago by

    Agustin deeply understood my vision for the music and what I essentially wanted from his work. I felt I was really understood by him while working, and I endorse he is an undoubtedly amazing sound engineer who has both the asthetic view and the technical view. I strongly recommend working with him if you dream a real artistic dimension on music.

  • Verified Review Listing_thumb_fence-crop over 1 year ago by

    Agustin is an amazing engineer. He mixed and mastered by song and did an excellent job. He definitely knows his stuff, and greatly improved the quality of the track. He has great ideas, and is also open to critique and feedback. I'll be working with him again shortly, thanks!

  • Listing_thumb_picsart_1446381168253 3 months ago by

    Hello people, frankly spent 30 minutes figuring out how best I can in short sentences bring to reality the unique personality of Agustin Espina which is so admirable. Though we trusted on network communication his hard work on my project was more extremely than I expected. "He brought at my table the finest gold in the "rock "music" I sent him.

  • Default-avatar over 1 year ago by

    True professional.. Product delivered on time and with impeccable detail. Would certainly work with him again.

  • Default-avatar about 2 years ago by

    Agustin is probably the most talented musician Ive ever worked with performer or session musician he surprised me
    He is very professional and dedicated person
    we have worked on some projects for live entertainment and the outcome has been extraordinary

  • Default-avatar about 2 years ago by

    gente no miren para los lados ! aquí esta la crema del asunto , de cabeza aquí ! y de valor agregado tendrán a parte un gran amigo... aguante Agustín !

  • Default-avatar about 2 years ago by

    Working with Agustin is always a pleasure for me .. , A + Producer , A + Keyboard Player and A+ Mixer and an Impeccable Job ! . Everything in one Package ! All of your project needs !

  • Default-avatar about 2 years ago by

    I've been working with Agustín for so many years and it's been always a pleasure! Agustín is my Piano Player,Prod/Engin/ plus that...We have fun on stage...Who doesn't ? And when the music takes us high...We fly ! Then, Agustín has made some arrangements for some other music that I've always wanted to sing and it's been Superb !!! J'adore !!!

  • Default-avatar over 2 years ago by

    Working with Agustin Espina has been one of the most professionally fulfilling experiences of my music career, he is an exceptional musician with a wonderful sense of judgement for choosing what is right for your tune in order to make it a hit. I have worked with Agustin several times and he has always delivered an outstanding impeccable work.

  • Default-avatar over 2 years ago by

    Agustin Espina has been the nicest surprise to me since I moved to Miami. He has become a great sound engineer and since he is a truly gifted musician, that is the perfect combination for any project.
    I really recommend working with this guy.

  • Default-avatar almost 3 years ago by

    When you work with Agustin you get precision with compromise and, most importantly, a mind that is open to explore and get your ideas to maximum creativity fulfillment. He is most capable of setting himself in a wide variety of musical styles, delivering tasteful, truthful live or studio performances and accurate production lineaments.

  • Default-avatar almost 3 years ago by

    Agustin is not only a truly gifted Musician/Keyboard Player but also a extraordinary Producer/Engineer/MIxer with full understanding of any musical project from the ground up. I highly recommend him for all of your music needs!

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