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My name is Zach Meyer. I've been writing, recording, mixing and producing music for 20+ years. I now run a hybrid studio here in Milwaukee, WI where I can work in the box, or mix out through a modest collection outboard. I believe the performance makes the song, not the production. I hate samples, and would rather capture my clients at their best.

THE COALROOM is a modern production studio with an old soul. By marrying the right combination of digital technology with vintage analog voodoo, THE COALROOM strives to create custom audio solutions that sound different enough to rise above the noise. And they are different: no loops, real instruments, and real analog hardware for which no digital "plugin" versions exist. Nothing else sounds like audio from THE COALROOM.

THE COALROOM is Zach Meyer. In addition to spending the last 20 years writing and recording music, he's a licensed professional counselor, with a masters degree in clinical psychology. What has that got to do with your audio? Everything. Not only is Zach a trained musician, he's a trained listener, and this has proven to be a magical combination when it comes to making others' sonic ideas a reality. Whatever your goal, Zach's goal is to help you achieve it as efficiently, creatively, and completely as possible.

Why "THE COALROOM?" Not long ago, residential furnaces burned coal. It was shoveled into the furnace from the nearby "coal room" where it waited to be transformed into heat and hot water for the home, which of course made possible all sorts of other important things. A coal room was full of potential energy, waiting to be transformed into something greater. THE COALROOM exists to transform your creative ideas into audio brimming with character.

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Terms Of Service

50% of quote upfront, 50% when my work is done. All files delivered electronically when 100% paid.

Gear Highlights
  • Chameleon Labs 7720
  • RNC PBC-6A
  • PBC RNLA7239
  • Art Voice Channel
  • TEAC A-3440
  • Biamp Legend 2016 Console
  • Logic Studio X
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