Want clean sound? These audio restoration pros will get rid of any hiss, hum, crackle, wow and flutter, or unwanted background noises from your recorded tracks

Audio Production & Restoration - Trevor


Audio Production & Restoration

Next-generation audio production for music, film, and beyond


Mixing & Mastering - Brennan


Mixing & Mastering

Brennan Struif offers mixing, mastering, production assistance, vocal comping, live instruments and more. Brennan has experience in licensing music for commercials, TV and film.

Music Producer - Fajar


Music Producer

My name is Tibo. I'm a professional music producer specialized in audio enhancement and recovery, having worked under limited circumstances and low quality recording most of the time. I'm also a singer-songwriter specialized in Alternative Rock. My recent work "Moving You" has been used as Baros International Animation Festival official theme.


Remote Mixing, Video Post-Prod - Sound


Remote Mixing, Video Post-Prod

During nearly 15 years of sound career, I managed to try myself out in most of the possible fields, genres & roles: from recording & mixing classical music to recording and mixing Merzbow concert; winning awards for composing music to theatre, as well as for sound design to a movie. I think I can call myself a special taskforce for your project!

Recording, Mixing, Mastering  - Mercury


Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Mercury Switch Lab is a boutique production, mixing and mastering studio run by D'Opus (Ross Garrett) specialising in high end mixdown and mastering using hardware and virtual processing of the highest quality.

Mastering done the right way. - MASSIVE


Mastering done the right way.

Audio mastering is arguably one of the most critical, but often the most misunderstood part of the audio production process. MASSIVE MASTERING can give you the professional results you desire at rates that make indie labels blush. This isn't a “cookie cutter” service... Serious results, in a dedicated mastering suite, with a reasonable price tag.

null - Adrian

New York

I'm an audio engineer with experience in corporate audio, and broadcasting.

Techno Producer Studio - LK


Techno Producer Studio

Sound and Vst Developer

null - daniele


Hi! I'm an Italian sound engineer and sound designer.

null - LzR


Freelance studio and live sound engineer/producer. Mixing/Mastering/Editing studio plus 16 track location recording. Production packages available.

null - Jerry

Los Angeles

freelance Mixing engineer/Audio editor/Mastering


MiX - Mastering - Sound Design - Sabino


MiX - Mastering - Sound Design

Mastering Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Sound Designer

null - Gadi

Tel Aviv

I love to listen. Music is my life. Touring - Live Sound FOH Mixing Engineer Studio recording and Mixing Sound Designer for Installs and Venues. 30 Years of Experience with Audio

Mixing and Mastering - T


Mixing and Mastering

Sound Engineer for Grammy-winner / Recording Engineer for Yamaha & Earthmoments sample featured in Naughty Boy Feat. Sam Smith Lalala.


null - Washburn


I like to give my clients the best bang for the buck in all things studio related by providing pro studio sound at rates that Indie artists and labels can afford.

null - Thommy


Thommy Hein Music Production since 1987. At Thommy Hein recording studios a consistent and regularly updated combination of analog and digital recording equipment makes it possible to realize all of your sound design wishes in any musical style and in the best possible quality.

null - The


Sound engineer with a private studio, also offering on location recordings mobil unit Ingeniero de Grabación con estudio privado, con la posibilidad de realizar grabaciones en directo con unidad de desplazamiento

null - Phillip

New York

I have been working in the mastering field for over 20 years in New York City, USA


null - D.A.


Atlantic/ Poe Boy / I.M.G./ Strongarm

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