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Want clean sound? These audio restoration pros will get rid of any hiss, hum, crackle, wow and flutter, or unwanted background noises from your recorded tracks

Audio Mixing and Mastering. - Vélez

Multi genre dedicated producer. As a proof of my work, I have released my very own multi genre project named as Asymmxtrical. Project In which you can evaluate my work in different genres and sub genres. You can find it on all major music streaming platforms, such as: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube. Customer satisfaction is my main concern.

Artist I Producer I Mixing -

Mixing I Mastering I Writing I Audio restoration

Sound Designer & Mixer - Mulvihill Audio

Sound designer and mixer for film and music seeking to heighten the creative expression of audio-visual artists.

Grammy Quality Engineering - GottaBeClassic Productions

- Certified Mastering & Mixing Engineer - RRFC (Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Production) - Mentored & Interned with Grammy Winning Engineers (Blake La Grange & Ira Parker) - Worked with G-Eazy, Vertigo Music, Bagzamilleon, Honcho Truth - Simply passionate about achieving the sound and quality you need. Let’s turn your hits into classics!

Rap Production and Mastering - Nha Yung Mee

Nha Yung Mee is an Asian American avante-garde musician born and raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles, whose skills extend to music production and master engineering (especially in the genres of Rap, Pop, and Ambient).

I create ART (finished music) - The Music Alliance Guild

Hello all, my name is Henry. I have found the LLC called The Music Alliance Guild. Here our main purpose is to form Voltron and belt out the best sonic products known to man. We audio engineer, produce, and even songwrite for all calibers of the music industry. You demand, we enhance your brand.

Mixing-Mastering-Production - Davias Arzgul

Music Composition since 1996. Mixing and Mastering since 2006. Sound Design.

Sound Designer, Music Producer - Nikolas Babic

I am music producer, sound designer and classically trained musician currently scoring short films and creating sound installations.

Edit, Mix, Master & Drummer - Andre Drummond

Drummer, Audio edit and Mix. (Oficial Pro Tools AVID Certified 210P)

Premium Mixing & Mastering - Forte Mastering

We Make Artists Realise Their Dreams.

Mixing Engineer  - Nick Lancellotti

My strong passion for music combined with mixing and mastering will not only make your sound musical, but will give you that studio polished sound.

Mixing, Mastering, Editing - Jake's Music Studio

I will mix and master your Punk or Metal song to professional standards. I have worked with bands such as More Radical Excuses and Hero To Villian,

Production, Mixing & Mastering - MTT Audio Solutions


15+ years of experience in Production, Mixing and Mastering straight from the wolrd's Electronic Music capital.

Certified Audio Engineer - RitePath Studios

Im Marcus of RitePath Studios based in Oklahoma but I work mostly online. I graduated from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and I'm also certified through Pro Tools, Waves, and various others. I have been Mixing for about 8 years and Mastering for nearly 5 years.

Full Service Studio - Studio1058

Recording, Mix, Master, References 150 CDs rock, pop, metal, jazz, blues. classic, including Mitch Ryder, Axel Prahl, Mikis Theodorakis... Grand Piano, composition, sound design, Live CDs, editing, overdubs, voice over, daylight Creative environment including label, agency, photographer, church organ

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - The Attic Studio NYC

We are creatives, & are very keen in providing quality work.

Podcast Editing & Mastering - Miguel Galguera

Todo lo que tu podcast pueda necesitar antes de ser publicado: edición de audio, sonido limpio, ambientación sonora, mastering final para cumplir los standards sonoros de las plataformas...

Composer, Audio Eng, Trumpet - Audio Technics n Trumpet play

Played at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center several times. Engineered many different instruments and styles.

I am a singer - Will Kruger

I am a vocalist and songwriter as well as acoustic fingerstyle guitar player. I have been complemented for many years on my voice and would be interested in doing vocal work for demo songs or background vocals.

Mixing and Mastering engineer - Harry Samaras

Vision drives decision, highly creative, out-of-box mixes and clinical mastering. Do you need a "proper mix" or a "decent" one? Then I am probably not the right fit. I will give you a mix that stands out from the crowd as much as your does, nothing more, nothing less.

Producer Mix & Master Engineer - Dillon

Hey there I'm Dillon I'm a seasoned mix and mastering engineer with a passion to bring artists visions to life. With years of experience and working in the industry I've had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of musicians.

Production/Mixing/Mastering - QtHingz!

Record Producer, Mix Engineer, and Entrepreneur

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Ashyar Balsara

Mastering Engineer at Island City Studios, Mumbai, India.

Tuning, Mixing, Mastering etc. - Prosonic Studio

I have over 20 years of professional experience working as a specialist audio engineer in music production, audio production and audio restoration.

All Audio Recording Projects -

Industry professional for many years, specializing in music and post production. Audio Engineer/Sound Designer/Producer-Composer/Singer-Songwriter. Licensed AVID Pro Tools Expert Instructor. Please visit my website for further details.

Mixing Engineer | Audio Repair - John Quarry

Mixing is Enhancing Recordings technically and emotionally. // Audio Cleaning, Editing and Tuning Expert.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - João Sousa

Main objective: Customer satisfaction. Mixing and Mastering specialist; Songs elected among the 30 best in Portugal in 2019; Awards in the category of audio for documentaries; Music production and technologies Bachelor at a AES recognized University (ESMAE); 10 years of audio experience.

Producer, Drummer, Songwriter - Shw!n

I am a producer, songwriter and drummer living in Singapore.

Mastering Engineer  - MK7 Mastering

Mixing and Mastering Engineer



R&B, Rap Mixing engineer - SHUNIN Media

It's time to let your projects shine with the mix they deserve.

Music & Film Post Mix Engineer - Louis "Lou" Martinez Jr.

Located in Metro Atlanta, I offer a full service professional residential recording and production facility featuring state of the art digital equipment. I back this up with many years of studio experience and expertise and encourage a positive, relaxing and creative music environment. "Don't bother thinking outside the box...just throw it away!"

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Sweet Balance Studios

I'm a music producer, recording engineer, mixing & mastering engineer, and a songwriter.

audio engineer - goolord

a young audio engineer & aspiring musician

Music Production, Sound Design - Nick Fiore

I have been writing music and engineering for 14 years. With over 250 songs written no genre is out of reach! I have a passion for making good songs great songs. Let me help you sound exactly the way you imagined.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Larry McKay

With 12 years experience mixing & mastering across genres Larry brings detail, clarity, and musicality to each mix and master. Whether it's working with major label artists or independent artists Larry puts his all into each project to bring the best possible results.

Mixing, Vocal editing - Mellow Audio

Modern Mixing Studio with Analogue and Digital AudioProcessing

5.1 Surround Studio - Erez Eyni Shavit

Dedicated, efficient, strives for excellence

Live Sound Engineer - Justin Chechile

Excited to bring to your mixes what I have been offering live audiences around the world.

Podcast & VO Recording Studio - Paddington Works Production

The go-to studio for Podcasters​,​ Voiceover Artists & Creative Agencies. Living inside one of London's "best kept secret" creative houses​,​ our purpose built studios have "above industry standard" equipment​,​ software + plugins so you get the best results.

music & audio in post mixing - Alex Breitburg

Mixing in stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos Music & feature films

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Joel Evenden

Hi! I'm Joel Evenden, I'm here offering my remote services for mixing, mastering and music production.

Audio Engineer; Music Producer - Marco Giordano

Hi! My name is Marco Giordano. I'm from Salerno, a city in the south of Italy, and i graduated in Sound Engineering at the SAE Institute [Milan]. I also manage a recording and mixing studio, called "Studio76", in wich we also have lessons about electronic music production. At the end, i produce electronic music for many customers.

Mixing & Mastering - Claudio Knaus, Klangrein

Music that comes from the depths of your soul: Exciting, solemn, many facetted. Your music becoming everything it can be; awakens your audience’s deepest emotions. We demand of ourselves, the highest degree of quality. Our aim is to provide you with a selective service tailored to your needs. Tell us where your music project should lead, and we wi

Sound Designer/ Post Mixer - Tri Duc Nguyen

Hard-working, detail-oriented audio engineer specializing in Sound Design & Post Production. As a film lover and an audio professional, my goal is to enhance the visual experiences with the richness and narrative power of sound.

Sound design  - Malaz Mhana

A passionate sound designer who is adept at delivering innovative audio concepts.

Audio Production/Restoration - Leandro

Composer and producer with Audio Engineering knowledge.

Music Producer - ProdByBrixx

I create Music Ranging From Every Genre. I Sample, I Flip, I create My own Compositions . My Specialties are Hip-hop R&b Jazz Boom bap trap Trap Soul Ambient pop house Dubstep and Many more

Online mixing_music consultant - lorenzo muscari

I provide mix, jingles, transcriptions, post production, editing and more.

Mixing, mastering, sound desig - Gustave Lecadieu

Mixing, mastering, sound design.

Remote Audio post and Mixer - Marcelo Guerreiro

Brazilian Audio post and mixer.

SoundDesign/Mixing GermanStyle - ton.dreizehn

Munich based Sounddesigner and Re- Recording Engineer with a big passion for film sound. "The german Skywalker Sound ;)"

Mixing Engineer - B415 Studio

DongYoon Kim, the Mixing Engineer

Writer, Producer, Sampler - Steven Hekkeleheikever

Hi There ! I love making Psychedelic Trance, and therefore invested in learning modern mixing and audio editing skills. With basic gear, a sensitive ear, and 20 years of experience performing on large PA, I specialize in big room mixing, sample recording, WAVE editing, and whacky arrangements. Underground tunes have my preference !

Mixing ,Mastering ,Audio Edit  - Monitor labs

Iván huerta I´m an Audio enginner and musician with experience over 10 years in mixing mastering , Audio editing and as session bassplayer.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Charlotte Pardy

Mixing services from pre-grad student with lots of industry credit and expereince, at a competitive price.

Online Mixing & Mastering - Tom Snell Recording

Working within a wide range of genres from; singer-songwriters to punk and death metal right to The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recording & Production Studio - Audio Kipple

A brand new recording facility with an experienced engineer, only 20 minutes from Amsterdam. Audio Kipple specialises in bring your songs to life with the help of a great selection of session musicians for you to choose from and a clear pricing strategy that allows you concentrate on your artistry.

Sound Design, Surround Mixing - SILVERWOLF Studios

We are a company dedicated to providing Post-Production and Sound Design services for Audio and sound design for cinema, TV, Web, Video Games and more. We have a team highly trained in Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Series.

Mixing and Mastering Studio - Black Knob Studio

Black Knob Studio is dedicated to reproducing your music with quality. In order for us to give you the best result, wed like you to provide us with your best source material.

Full Stack Producer  - 9 Live Roses

I'll take you from point A to Z with my Production, Mixing, Mastering, and Artist Development skills. In 2021, Started Mentorship with Grammy-Winning Mastering Engineer Blake La Grange With 10+ years of experience with genres such as Hip-hop / Trap / Pop / Indie/ EDM I am confident I can take you from an idea to a released radio ready track

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