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Treelady Mastering was founded by Tape Op Magazine Senior Contributor Garrett Haines and has mastered over 1,800 projects including Grammy Award-winning, Billboard Charting records, as well as independent releases. We are now offering stem mastering for SoundBetter members- something we have previously not advertised to the public.

For the past 15 years, we've specialized in mastering. However, there exists small subset of artists who could benefit from analog stem mastering service. Specifically, the band has recorded themselves, or on a tight budget. Often, these main tracks are pretty solid. The issue is balancing everything for a finished mix. We use: analog summing, costly DA converters (without the best DAs, there is almost no point in using external summing), and dedicated hardware that is separate from our mastering chain. Clients who provide us with 4, 8, or 16 stems can benefit from this process. (Stems are separated elements of a mix. For example, drums, guitars, vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, strings, etc)

In stem mastering, we can adjust balances among each stem to make sure the mix sounds like a record. Second, we can fix clicks, pops, or issues in the stems. Finally, if the record has been living in-the-box since recording, doing the final mix through an analog summing mixer with analog bus effects (Compression, EQ), can give a recording the glue or gel that professional recording shave. Simply put, many records are mixed on large format consoles for a reason. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, they are maintenance monsters. Yes, they are complex. But nothing sounds like an analog summing bus.

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