Soundtrack Programmed drums

Drums for Film, TV, & Artists - Dave

Los Angeles

Drums for Film, TV, & Artists

Top quality drum tracks in 2 days or less! Unique parts; excellent sounds. I produce mix-ready drum tracks for solo artists and film composers. Multiple takes ready to add to your mix. Credits include Netflix, Nat Geo, Nickelodeon, and more.

Session Drummer: All Styles - Sean

New York

Session Drummer: All Styles

Have your drum tracks recorded by NYC Broadway and Session drummer Sean McDaniel. Played on Grammy award winning albums. Recorded for TV, Movies, Demos, Jingles, Theater, Live Entertainment. Played over 20 Broadway shows. Originated Frozen, Book of Mormon, Hamilton. Toured with Clay Aiken and other Pop/Rock artists.

Production Music & Composer - John

Round Rock

Production Music & Composer

Whether you need an exciting orchestral soundtrack or jingle for your commercial, I can create original music that's uniquely tailored for just about any medium of entertainment.

Producer/Composer - ISK-MUSIC



ISK-MUSIC is operated by an international composer, multi instrumentalist and producer creating music in a variety of musical styles. Credits include: Cirque Du Soleil; TV - American Idol, Dancing with Stars; Theater - Musicals Chicago, Guys & Dolls. Composition TV placements - PBS, Discovery Channel, Bravo, Fox Sports...etc

Original Music Production - Abel


Original Music Production

Offer music production and audio-production from my home based studio with 6+ years pro experience and hundreds of finished projects behind me.

Muzic produSer - vONTEK


Muzic produSer

The innovation twister


melodies, arrangement, mixing - Jeanine


melodies, arrangement, mixing

Hi! I compose and mix game/tracker music under the name "jneen collective". I have also helped other musicians put melodies/arrangements/backing parts to their songs, including all of Act I of "The Red Shades" rock opera. My favourite thing to do is work with musicians and artists to bring their ideas to life. Genre flex/mixed, formally trained.

Music Producer  - Chris


Music Producer

I’m an experienced music producer, composer, mix engineer and drummer. My most recent work was composing and producing some of the cues for the recent HBO documentary ‘Agents of Chaos’. I have lots of experience producing and mixing music for a wide range of genres, and have produced work that has topped iTunes Charts.


Arranger, Producer, Guitarist - Gabriele


Arranger, Producer, Guitarist

Classical guitarist graduated at the Conservatoire. I daily apply my music theory skills on arrangements in rock/electronic/cinematic style.


Production and Arranging  - Austin

Los Angeles

Production and Arranging

Emmy nominated composer will program synths, arrange strings and create compelling textures to give you an emotional cinematic dimension to your productions.

Recording artist, producer.  - Jamie


Recording artist, producer.

I have been in many bands over the years and performed live on television in New Zealand on C4, appeared on Nightline, and a TV programme called Tonight. I have performed in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, and New Zealand (in which I have also done a national tour in a band.)


Media composer, producer,  - Lez

Jersey City

Media composer, producer,

Why see colors when you can HEAR them ? - As A media composer, multi instrumentalist and producer , I always approach each project similar to the director Quentin Tarantino.My music features" Wide Range Shots" that lets you take in every detail of that world. This approach helped by becoming a finalist for the 2020 Abbey Road Score Competition .


Mixing and mastering - Francis

31700 Blagnac

Mixing and mastering

Composer, Sound engineer and Sound designer, i work on my Studio at Blagnac Airport of Toulouse in south west of France since 25 years old.

Programming//Mix and Edit - Joshua


Programming//Mix and Edit

I care about helping people have an abundant life by creating an environment that produces less anxiety, more joy, true peace and purpose. Music is part of how I share that with the world.


Music & Sfx for Games & Media - Jobbe

13100 Vercelli

Music & Sfx for Games & Media

Games | Sonic branding | Vr - Ar - Mr | Adv | Cartoon | Trailers | Tv | Movies


Remote Music Production - Summersault

Melbourne VIC

Remote Music Production

Our music and art is inspired by the world of aesthetics. It is in constant search of the unknown, diving into realms of self-transcendence, empowerment and undiscovered beauty. It deals with concepts such as childhood curiosity, existential angst and the beauty of the everyday. We collaborate with artists around the world.

Film/TV Composer - Dallas


Film/TV Composer

Telling compelling stories with the magic of organized sound.


Film Composer / Music Writer - Guillermo


Film Composer / Music Writer

I am an experienced Media Composer based in London, UK, with several music pieces placed on TV, Film, Video Games, Documentaries, etc, please let me know how can I help you with your current or future projects.

Instrumental indie guitar - Mas


Instrumental indie guitar

I have a library of instrumental, cinematic indie guitar post rock tracks that can be used as background and soundtracks.

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