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Programming//Mix and Edit

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Music. Since the age of five, I've dreamed about it, attained a career in it, maintained that career and I'm always looking for creative clients to pour my passion into. Over the ten years I've spent working as a professional in this field, I've learned what my strengths are.

- Programming: I'll create tracks either as a support to your production, or as a starting point that takes a more prominent role in the final. MIDI is great, but I prefer to use live (often unexpected) elements in my tracks. Create something unique.
- Film Score: I've been writing for short films, tv spots and radio for a little over a decade. While I doubt this style of work will come from this site, it has made me adept at deep and realistic string, horn and percussion programming. I've found many artists love a solid string sound (quartet or massive orchestra).
- Mix and Edit: I've been my own mix engineer from the start. Over the years I've learned some hard lessons which eventually led me to knowing my way around a mix like I know my own house.

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