Rock & Alternative Mixer - Brendan

Los Angeles

Rock & Alternative Mixer

Grammy-winning Engineer. Credits with NIN, Foo Fighters, Billy Idol, Steven Wilson, Moby, Danzig, Marylin Manson, Muse, Neil Young, Michael Bublé, and Keith Urban among others. Over 20 years experience with industry greats in coveted studios.

Producer - Mixer - Engineer - Mario

Los Angeles

Producer - Mixer - Engineer

My goal is to bring out the best of each artist I work with. I believe that the mix isn't finished until you're 100% satisfied.

Finest mixing & mastering - Chris


Finest mixing & mastering

I am a former Abbey Road engineer with 30 years’ experience and over 40 UK chart credits.

Mixer & Engineer - Martin

Los Angeles

Mixer & Engineer

I have worked with bands such as Death Cab for Cutie (Grammy Nomination in 2015), Of Monsters And Men, At The Drive-In, Chvrches, HAIM, Kimbra, Sea Wolf, Chaos Chaos, Destroy Boys, Hayes & Y, and Cathedrals

Blue Oak Mastering - Yukon

Highland Park

Blue Oak Mastering

Combining a traditional approach with new technology to guarantee the energy is felt wherever the music is played.

Mix/Master/Record/Produce - Nicolas

Los Angeles


Notable credits include: The Vaccines, Death Cab For Cutie, At The Drive-In, Biffy Clyro, Of Monsters And Men, Kimbra, and more. Beard, glasses, sneakers, Carhartts, Star Wars T-shirts, & loads of experience. What more do you want? I want to make your music sound like it does in your head (or better!).

Producer//Songwriter//Singer - Giovanni



I know what you are exactly searching for because I'm also a musician like you and that makes the difference... I'm a producer, songwriter and singer who will help you to take your songs to the next level, recording and creating a professional sound.

Mixing & Mastering Specialist - Seltzer

Los Angeles

Mixing & Mastering Specialist

Credits include Green Day, Keith Urban and more. I am looking to work with clients who need an ace mixing and mastering engineer. I only take on clients looking for the very best work since I have such little time for new clients. I have swift turnarounds and can cover virtually any genre. My time working for Chris Lord-Alge and Ghostwriter Music has trained me to be very quick and efficient.

Got a Song? I'll Sing,Write it - Janine


Got a Song? I'll Sing,Write it

I'm a full-time singer. I manage to achieve this because I am vocally flexible. On my last job I went from singing "Somewhere" (Westside Story) to "Disco Inferno" (Tina Turner). I am quick at delivering toplines, and you are 100% involved in the process. I have worked and written for the best. Let me work for you.

Mixing | Production - Alessandro


Mixing | Production

I'm a mixing engineer based in Tileyard Studios, London. I produce and record too, but I believe in specialisation, so I'll do the best at what I do, and recommend you the right people for the rest. You can find a Spotify playlist with released songs mixed by me in SoundCloud link section.

Mix Engineer, Pro Mastering - JCP

Berners St

Mix Engineer, Pro Mastering

You might be surprised how much difference a really really good mix does to your music. My job is to listen to your vision and bring out the heart and the soul that you've put in. We also have a fully equipped mastering studio to put that final sparkle and sheen to your music so it's stands out from the crowd.

Killer Horn Section - Killer


Killer Horn Section

Grammy nominated Killer Horn section, offering all Brass, Saxes and Winds, across all musical genres from our professional London studio.

Music producer/ studio  - Scott

Colorado Springs

Music producer/ studio

Saving Abel bass player, producer of many known national acts. My team and myself have worked with artists together selling more than 20 million albums.

Mixing, Recording, Producing,  - Justin


Mixing, Recording, Producing,

Grammy Nominated Engineer for Vampire Weekend for recording and mixing. Specializing in mixing indie, hip/hop and pop music.

Advanced mixing & recording - Guido


Advanced mixing & recording

Guido is an award-winning mixer/producer and his credits encompass a wide range of genres, and include international artists like Lorrainville, Coldplay, Live, Angie Stone, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age and more. And Dutch artists like: The Gathering, Bertolf, Anneke van Giersbergen, Miss Montreal, Bløf, The Monolith Deathcult and many more.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Adrian


Production, Mixing, Mastering

Adrian Bushby is a two-time Grammy Award winning producer, mix engineer based in London, England. He has worked with many iconic artists from Muse to the Spice Girls as well as an array of the best emerging talent around the world.

Sound Engineer & Audio Design - Scott


Sound Engineer & Audio Design

Over a Decade of Freelance experience in the Audio world from, Worldwide Tours & Live Productions. Please email for my CV or further details on my skill set.

null - The


The Dairy is a recording studio located in a quiet and secluded premises close to the vibrant bustle of Brixton. Consisting of three main studios (with additional production rooms), we offer a friendly, professional service, combining vintage and cutting edge technologies to produce top quality records.

null - Rogue


Since 1987, Rogue Studios has been providing great value recordings in the heart of London. With a mic collection and gear list many top end studios would be jealous of, we can provide every service required for a record. Rehearsals, backline rental, pre-production, tracking, mixing and mastering.

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