Top Drummers for remote hire

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Mt. Din

Mix and master your music with experienced rock dood.

 - Shaun Silver

Jo, what up

Mix / Master / Drums - Brad Preece

I am a sound engineer and drummer. I have 20 years of drumming under my belt and really got deep into mixing and mastering about 4 years ago. I don't have a ton of credits or ultra big name clients to boast about (yet), So I offer my services with no upfront costs to you.

On Demand Recording Studio - Skylit Sound

Skylit Sound is a studio designed from the ground up to be a professional live drum room and tracking facility.

Percussionist, Drummer - Danny Taylor

A classically trained percussionist with experience in everything from Broadway, Jazz, Salsa, Singer/Songwriter, and everything in between.

Session Bassist - Frank Ranieri

I have performed in big festivals such as Jazzmi, Peperoncino jazz festival, Sheng Zhen festival, Amnesty internetional. RaiRadio1, radio dj, radio Italia, radio citta' futura.

Music Producer - prodbytmpo

I will producer you a hip hop/chill beat for low prices!!

Mixing Engineer - Ryan Sanders

I have mixed live for AFI, Yellow Card, The Used, Chevelle, 30 Seconds to Mars and more. I also take on unpaid mixing project from bans who already have stems recorded and ready to go. You read that right - if you've got tracks recorded, I'll mix your album for free.

 - Safe & Sound Recording Studio

Chen Shriki Sound Engineer

Mixing & Session Musician - Joe Jackson

Mixing Engineer at Holt Studios. Session Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist.

Drummer,Music Producer,Mixing - Nastri Magnetici Studio

I am a drummer since 2000, I also have experience of recording, mixing and mastering

Session Drummer - Kellii Scott

I'm Kellii Scott of the band Failure from Los Angeles. I am also credited to recording s by Failure, Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry, Pink, James Blunt, Auf Der Maur, Veruca Salt, KT Tunstall, Scissor Sisters, Dr Dre, Blinker the Star, Liquid Jesus, Hole, Faith Hill, Gary Jules, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stoneage, Lusk, Campfire Girls.etc....

Mixer // Producer // Drummer - August Ogren

I want my work to sound like it was done by humans.

Drummer, Sound Engineer - vkdrumz

I'm a drummer specialized in electronic styles like d'n'b, future soul, hip-hop etc.

Drumming Sensation - Johnny Hamilton

If you like people and songs to be on time, I am your guy!

Drummer and Percussionist  - Mingo Lewis

I have performed live and recorded many studio records with: Carlos Santana, Billy Joel,The Tubes, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Al Di Meola, Return to Forever, Todd Rundgren, Cool and the Gang, X.T.C, David Bryne, Brain Eno, Jan Hammer, Joe Satriani, Miles Davis, Third World, Inner Circle, Raquel Welch, Toni Basil,

Session Musician, Engineer - Alex Somer

Producer/Session Musician in the heart of Appalachia looking to bring classic rock and blues back.

Studio drummer & mixer  - Jorge Balbi

Here to help you get your track feeling amazing. Drums, percussion, beat programming, sound design and Mixing.

Music Producer & Pro Drummer - Juan Jacinto

Juan Jacinto is a music producer, mixing engineer and professional session drummer based in London, UK. Juan has produced, recorded and performed with countless top and emerging artists. Specialised in mixing, producing, drumming and tuning vocals.

 - Aurel french professional drummer

Aurel is a french professional drummer, working for bands and artists worldwide and a TAMA drums demonstrator.

Musician (all around) Producer - Eric Little

I want your project to be the best it can possibly be.

recording studio, mixing - Ryan Harvey Audio

kublai khan - balancing survival and happiness I AM - life through torment more coming soon

Grammy Nom./ Music Producer - Dario Adames


Hi, Thanks for taking the time to get to this place. I opened this profile to publicize my skills, connect with people who have been fundamental to get where I am, so you can enjoy and know part of my work and above all so that you know that between you and me there is no distance because we are human and we are equal. If in any way I am useful.

Music producer, Drummer - Jose Lopera

My name is Jose Lopera I'm a drummer, composer and producer, I've been working in the industry since 1993 and believe passion it's the biggest tool to make dreams to come true. I follow and study new trends, And I believe the 20-th century popular music as a reference creates a wonderful environment for a great song.

Complete Production Facility - Clarity Recordings

Clarity is a full production studio run by an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in the industry and a continued investment in the San Diego live scene.

Recording studio - Blackbriar Studios

Freelance Allround Music Productions from Holland. - Songwriting - Lyrics & top-line writing, - Full Arrangements, - Full Productions. - Female vocals, - Mixing - Mastering - Specialized in harder rock genres (Hard Rock ,Metal, Symfonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Rock)! Greetings, Blackbriar Studios!

Drummer/Percussionist/Educator - Joe Abba

Drummer, Percussionist, Musician, Educator, Joe Abba has been offering his unique sound to artists of all genres for the past 20 years. Now, he is offering home recording services with multiple drum and percussion colors to make your music come to life. Credits include The Ramones, Dave Douglas, Jerry Jemmott, Jessica Simpson & Donny McCaslin.

Session Drummer - John Watt

I'm a professional session drummer based in Lincolnshire in the UK and I am available for recording and live sessions worldwide.,,Since 2007 I've been a member of October File and signed to Candlelight Records - I've released several albums with the band so far, played a number of large festivals across Europe and toured with larger acts such as Lacuna Coil, Fear Factory, Sylosis, Prong and more.,,With my session work I've recorded and played live with a variety of artists in many different genres which have included pop/rock, progressive & blackened death metal, symphonic / operatic metal, doom metal, hard rock and even a charity Christmas single.,,I bring a relaxed and professional attitude to any session, along with a solid understanding of the digital recording process and am perfectly comfortable with click tracks. My equipment is also of a professional standard and can be depended upon to bring a great sound to whatever project you may have. You'll find that I work quickly and efficiently to maxi...

Producer,Drummer,Percussionist - Sound2Beat

I am an experienced and passionate Musician/Producer. I have valuable experience supporting in recording albums, making music videos, and assisting with the sound engineering at live performances. I have performed in various venues and events around Europe gaining knowledge of a wider base of music.

Production, Mixing, Drummer - Simon Michael

Top 10 Producer with own Studio- Credits: Subway To Sally, Feuerschwanz, Oomph!, Schandmaul and more

Composer, Multiinstrumentalist - Jon Luna

Spanish Venezuelan musician and composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer in different styles.

Session Drummer - Marcus Benavidez

The One and Only

Music Producer, Session Artist - Tony Cowan

Raised on music, learning from my metal head father, my grandfather who worked with Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash, and my cousin who drummed for several punk acts. I taught myself guitar starting at the age of 6 and later on taught myself drums and bass. Ive produced full on beats and EDM tracks with my iPhone, and made albums with bands in studios.

Grooving in Berlin  - IF K.O.S-Drumming


Hi guys, i´m an enthusiastic drummer who just loves what he´s doing! I´m working on music every day for about 20 years and i will never get bored of it. So if you need some nice studio-drum-recording, let me know !

Drummer, Producer & Mixer - Andrés Rubalcava

Hi, my name is Andrés Rubalcava and Im from México, I really love what I do and Im very passionated in all of my work. I have around 16 years playing drums and around 10 years in the recording, production and mixing field.

Tuned & Untuned Percussion - Hugh Tidy

I am a full-time freelance percussionist who's as much at home up the back of an orchestra as in a recording studio. I work regularly with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Opera Australia Orchestra, and I'm the drummer & percussionist with the soul-pop band SEASONS. Tuned, untuned, orchestral, pop, rock, soul... I play it all!

Drummer/Percussion  - Kyle Hill

Drum and percussion tracks.

Session Bassist / Producer - Adam Popick


-+- Versatile bassist / multi-instrumentalist ready to deliver the right sound and part for your song or production -+- Check out my reel for examples of my bass playing. (I am also the engineer/producer/mixer and drummer on clips 4, 6 and 8) -+-

 - Dallas

Diversifying to assist with outside productions.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Nick Preite

Self taught audio engineer and musician. Working with recording and mixing for three years, drumming for eight, playing bass and mandolin for 4.

Luxury Recording Studio  - Mad Muse Studios

Mad Muse Studios is a space as comfortable as your favorite hang, that delivers the sonic goodness of those coveted rooms built so long ago.

Remote Drumming & Mixing - TRAVIS HARRISON

Specializing in rock. Creative, emotive mix-engineer. Rock power drummer. Sensitive to songs and band dynamics. Worked with Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, Fred Armisen.

Drums & Percussion recording - Christina Lopez

I'm a drummer and percussionist. I play most styles but have fallen in the electronic scene, where I became fascinated with Ableton, programming, DMX Lighting, hybrid and electric drums and using these skills, I’ve helped artists bring their work to a live setting. Just build a studio for drum tracking so please don't hesitate to chat about music.

Producer / Instrumentalist - Quincy Holland

Multi-Genre producer, drummer & multi-instrumentalist. Berklee College of Music graduate with degree in Electronic Production and Design. Studied Jazz, composition, mixing, mastering, sound design, and various styles of drum set playing. Loves all styles music & people. Has played drums 10+ years. Also proficient on Keys, Guitar, & Bass.

Drummer/ Recording Studio - Hannes Grossmann MORDOR SOUNDS

My name is Hannes Grossmann from Germany. I'm a professional session drummer & studio engineer (recording, mix and master). My studio is called "Mordor Sounds" and can be visited at

Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist - Nate "Keats" Keating

Producer | Songwriter | Musician in San Diego, CA. Music speaks to our souls, moving us in ways that only it can. Some songs fill our hearts with the nostalgia of days we wish we could relive again and again, while others give us hope for a future that will create memories we'll cherish forever. I'd love to make music come to life with you.

 - Keno Hellmann


Experienced Studio- and Session Drummer and Music Producer is available 24/7 for recording drums for your musical project. I record in my own studio rooms using great sounding preamps like the A-Design Pacifica, STO-2 Avenson Audio, Sennheiser and Audio Technika Microphones. There is also some outboard gear for post production from Drawmer.

Music producer and engineer - Cesar Lamschtein

More than 20 years of profesional experience making music from this side of the glass. 40 years of enjoying music in all its forms. true love and thorough understanding of music lets me be totally reactive to it. no more thinking, no longer gear driven, no bullshit...

Session Drummer, Drum tracks - Ty Parker

I'm the drummer for Panic is Perfect. I can provide drum tracks and creative assistance to your tracks.



 - "Blondie Boy" aka Ron Thaler

Grammy Award (c) winning and #1 Billboard (c) charting Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist Ron Thaler welcomes helping you with your music projects and satisfying your creative needs: ... record production, songwriting & music creation, remote drum tracking ... renowned studio facilities located in New York, Victoria, Paris, Bilbao, Tel Aviv

Session Musicians, Production -

Get custom, professionally-made instrument tracks for your songs reliably and affordably.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Stillwater Studios

Stillwater Studios resident Producer/Engineer Dustin Smith has been actively building his engineering and production skills for over 14 years at studios all over the San Francisco Bay Area. (Fantasy Studios, Talking House Studios, Bay View Studios) He holds a B.A. in Audio Recording and Production from SF State

Music Production Services - SupremeTracks

Top-notch recording & production at affordable rates

Live Sound - Heard by Humans, LLC

Heard. Not overheard. We take pride in accurate audio reproduction that comfortably fits each occasion. Beyond fantastic sound, our commitment to superior service extends to the venue, performer, and listener alike. Providing high quality sound reinforcement for small to medium sized music venues, local and touring bands, weddings and other private

Producer, Drummer, Beatmaker - Ross Ferraro

Mixing timeless analogue tones with futuristic leanings and deep rhythms

Percs.Drums.Vocals.Songwriter - Spuddy Roots

Peace & Love! The work speaks for itself. Percussionist, Drummer, Emcee, Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer, & so on... I love all that I do & do it well. Allow me to share a bit with you. I'm only a click away!

session musician, drummer keys - Mike Moore

ALL ABOUT THAT RIGHT FEEL/VIBE/WAVE! I'm a professional studio and live musician, (drums, and keys), I also produce as well, I played drums on Kid Cudi's Speeding Bullet To Heaven album, I also tour with him, I also did some production on the new Jhene Aiko album!

Recording studio, mixing  - Aku studios

Aku studios have over 50 years work in the music industry. We can offer recording, mixing and mastering (online), re-amping, drum programming (or live drums), session guitarists, bass and drums, and many more. We work closely with local radio stations and can also help musicians after material is released. Friendly and helpful. WE ALSO LOVE METAL

Let's platinumize ur project!! - Harlem Zee

Hello! I'm so glad you found me because together we can make the next Abby Road. I could spend so much time telling you about some great accomplishments such as recording for Aretha Franklin, or a year spent working as the engineer for the Heatmakerz but I'd prefer to show you instead. Let's do this! Zee

Recording, Mix and Mastering - Till Palmer

I have been recording, mixing and mastering albums in Memphis TN for over 19 Years. Contracted to manage and serve as Chief Engineer for Ecko Studios I have Mixed and Mastered over 150 Albums for Ecko Records.

Drums, Percussion, Sounds - Mathias Kunzli

Creative and well-versed drummer and percussionist. pandeiro, frame drums, sound design, film scores, endless sounds, home made instruments

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