Hey My name is Samir Paymaster aka Sambo aka Sam Da Jam. been playing for nearly 30 years. Play nearly all genres; acid jazz, jazz funk, rock R&B, indie rock and and of course good ol' pop! have had a professional drum tutor since 2010 mastering technical ability and reading skills. have a website www.sampaymaster.com check it out! Feel da Riddim

Would love to play with passionate people. Share my skills and lend a helping hand. I have passion un-measurable! have a wicked 9 piece Mapex kit. Check it all out on my website www.sampaymaster.com

A great person to have around whose enthusiasm will fill any room and studio. Also see my info at my associates website www.shriyamedia.com As mentioned, been playing a long time. Also play with a friend in Essex writing our own jams including jazz funk, acid jazz, four to the floor, dubstep and breakbeat.

Genres I specialize in

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