Rock Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Session Guitarist & Lyricist - Michael


Session Guitarist & Lyricist

A very diverse guitarist who is capable of adding fluidity to any track. You can see my creative projects, and my playing ability below.. - my own youtube channel (electronic/ industrial) (ambient/ electronic/ pop)


Composer, Producer, Guitarist - Giorgio


Composer, Producer, Guitarist

My name is Giorgio Satta, I am an Italian composer, producer and teacher. I have two honors degrees in music composition and electronic music. In my artistic portfolio there are lots of experiences as a ost composer, songwriter, producer, sound engineer and session musician. My works have dozens of millions of streams and downloads worldwide.

Compose, SFX Design, Audio Eng - JLS

Brisbane QLD

Compose, SFX Design, Audio Eng

Brissy based Composer writing music for Video Games and Audio Engineer working in both studio music and live sound.


Technical Sound Designer - Ivan


Technical Sound Designer

I specialize in the creation of Sound design and implementation for video games.


Session Guitar / Producer - Stanton


Session Guitar / Producer

I've played live and in the studio with some great folks. Jakob Dylan & The Wallflowers, Jewel, Karen Elson, Lissie and many others. I enjoy making new sounds in my studio here in Nashville, TN. Would love to work with you too!

Online session drummer - Aviram


Online session drummer

Hi My name is Aviram Zeevy and I'm a professional drummer and sound engineer from israel. i have been playing the drums since 1993 and have been a studio engineer since 1997.

Dreadful Rock for VideoGames - Estudi


Dreadful Rock for VideoGames

We create the best rock&metal tracks for your videogame. Specialized in creepy, apocaliptic & atmospheric rock-hardcore. Perfect for horror, mistery and action.


Guitarist, Producer, Film Orch - Thiago


Guitarist, Producer, Film Orch

I am a Award-Winning guitarist with a Master Degree in Orchestration living in the UK, working with remote with guitar, /electric guitar studio sessions, also as a music producer and sound design for films, games, and TV. I work really serious to raise the bar of quality to the next level in everything I am involved.

Mixing, Production - Gus


Mixing, Production

Maybe you’re not famous… yet, but you’re already great and work hard to get the best results. I’m not famous… yet, but my music partners love to work with me because I get the best results out of them. If you’re not looking for pedigree, but for a music partner, here I am.

Composer/Songwriter/Cinematic  - Otto



I'm an Actor/Musician, so I really understand how to create music to fit a determined project (Film, Theatre, Video Games, etc.)

Remote Audio Production - SimonValentineAU

Sydney NSW

Remote Audio Production

Shaping your music into broadcast-quality audio ready for an audience.


Producing, Mixing & Mastering - Jari

00100 Helsinki

Producing, Mixing & Mastering

I have been interested in recording, mixing, mastering, writing and producing music since beginning of time and have played drums, bass and keyboards in several bands.

Sound Enhancing Studio - Andrea


Sound Enhancing Studio

Sound Engineer with SAE Institute graduation (Milan). Guitarist, composer, arranger very skilled in rock, hard rock, harcore, metal, pop, progressive rock, from pre production to mastering. I am also one of the few specialized in 360º audio (not surround, but the 360º binaural/holophonic one) for immersive VR.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ryan


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I am a mixing and mastering engineer from Surrey, BC. You can check out my SoundCloud: and listen to some of my mixes and masters.


Music Production Duo - Elevate


Music Production Duo

We produce music that creates connection. With tracks placed on over 9,000 projects, including brands like Verizon Wireless, Uber, Tesla Motors, American Airlines, RIOT Games & Taco Bell, we understand what it takes to turn your ideas into a finished reality deserving of attention.

Mix Engineer & Music Producer - Diego


Mix Engineer & Music Producer

I'm a fully trained mixing engineer versatile in a broad range of generes. I have studied from the best in Berklee and SAE Institute and can enhance your track up to the professional level you are looking for.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Panic


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Panic Room Studio is a voiceover recording and postproduction, music mixing and mastering facility based in Gdansk – Poland.


Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Karl


Mixing & Mastering, Producer

Pro quality audio production for reasonable prices! Original compositions, mixing, mastering, SFX, whatever you need! Have been called 'a master of my trade'.


Music Production and Beyond - Stonecutter


Music Production and Beyond

With world class services in music recording, mixing, mastering, production and marketing, Stonecutter Recording Studio is there for you to create music-generated online relationships between performers and fans.


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