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These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Music producer/Songwriter - Ankvin


Music producer/Songwriter

Hello stranger! My name is Alex. I'm a music producer/songwriter from Toronto. Over the past 10 years I've helped to record and compose enormous amount of songs for artists of different genres. Personally, I'm a singer as well. Some of my music you'd be able to find on Spotify under "Ankvin".


music designer and beatmaker - Ra


music designer and beatmaker

I see sounds since i was little, i like composing new challenges every day, for me the world was made with music.


Producer, Mixer & Composer - Ludwig

Los Angeles

Producer, Mixer & Composer

Hey! 😃 My name is Ludwig Jonsson, and I’m a music producer originally from Sweden, but I currently live in Venice, California. My music taste has always been deliberate and diverse, ranging from Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Daft Punk, and Julio Iglesias. My production style reflects that. I compose and mix music for myself, other artists, and for Film.

Recording studio, produce, mix - Tomas

Los Angeles

Recording studio, produce, mix

We specialize in delivering on time quality audio using pro audio gear with flexibility through the process of completing any task, recording, mixing, producing or working in post-production jobs. We really like to communicate with our clients to make sure all necessities are covered.

Fast Analogue Audio Mastering - TGM


Fast Analogue Audio Mastering

Hi, David here. I'm a Mastering Engineer with 15 year's experience. I run a mastering business in the UK, TGMaudio. I'm the Author of a popular book 'Pro Audio Mastering Made Easy' on Amazon. I have a high-end digital/analogue mastering studio and can deliver a mastered audio file to you within 2 hours if I am available. Message me now and see!

Audio Mixer - Music Producer - Rose


Audio Mixer - Music Producer

I have my own solo material online under the name "Hybrid Rose", my single title "Heaven Spills" has reached over 275k views on YouTube. My previous single titled "Solitude" spent 3 weeks at #1 on all student radio networks around New Zealand and reached #14 on the New Zealand Alternative Music Charts.

Composing/Recording/Mix/Master - MONKEY

10086 Rivarolo Canavese


MONKEY MARKET are an alternative/indie rock band and a cross genre music production studio from Italy. We self produce our music 360 degrees from audio recording to mixing and mastering. We can provide music composition services in all the pipeline from songwriting up to mastering.

Cutting Edge Music Production - Cloak


Cutting Edge Music Production

Music we have produced has frequently been supported by the likes of BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, 6music, Mixmag and DJ Mag. It has also been used by major brands (Vogue, M&S, New Look) and TV channels (Sky Sports, ITV, ABC). We can produce a wide range of electronic genres, as well as having an affinity for modern, electronic inflected alternative music.

Indie Rock Producer & Composer - Pryzm

San Francisco

Indie Rock Producer & Composer

Hello there, my name is Pryzm. I am a 17 year old Indie Rock/Pop/Trap musician, composer, and producer from America. I have been working in the industry for nearly 5 years and have a lot of experience in a variety of different musical styles. Although I mainly do Pop and Indie Rock music today, I have a background in electronic music.


Producer, Arranger, Composer - Christoph


Producer, Arranger, Composer

PRODUCER - I can help you turn your song sketch into a full blown production. Or polish your sound in the studio. Whatever you need. ARRANGER - I can write string-, choir-, or brass arrangements for your song. COMPOSER - I can make a soundtrack for your film or video game. Anything from composition, arrangement, recording to complete production.


Producer, Mix Engineer - Zach


Producer, Mix Engineer

I'm a 32 year old Audio Engineer and Producer living in Nasvhille, TN. I own a studio with two other extremely talented musician/producers. I've mixed and produced hundreds of records, jingles, film scores, etc. Let's jump on the phone and figure out what you need to get your project to the next level.

Music Composition & Production - Bobby

New York

Music Composition & Production

Bobby Green is a producer, songwriter, keyboardist, and composer. He has a Masters in Media Scoring and Music Production from the University of Miami Frost School of Music, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Industry and Philosophy from SUNY Oneonta with experience producing independent artists and composing music for film and games.


Music Producer & Engineer - Alberto


Music Producer & Engineer

My passion for music began at an early age when I learned to play the guitar and formed a band. This hobby led me to develop my own skills in music production in a self-taught manner but also by taking part in a music production & sound technology course. Now, I have a fully formed 360° approach to developing music.


Producer, Mixing, Composer - TOPSOUND

Melbourne VIC

Producer, Mixing, Composer

We want to take your music to the next level! Whether you need a mix, a master, a score for your film or video-game, production elements or anything songwriting, you can be assured TOPSOUND Audio will get the job done professionally and respect your vision with top priority. We LOVE music and want to start combining our passion with your genius.


Composer/Mixing - Ray

Los Angeles


Do you need an epic electronic score for your film? A heartfelt opening song for your ad? Or a sweetner of a track to add emotion to the background of your video? Then look no further. I am the audio architect behind Mark Mothersbaugh's sound from The Lego Movie to Thor Ragnarok. I have helped Mark reach his sound since 2012 and I can help you too.

Music Producer/Instrumentalist - Gideon


Music Producer/Instrumentalist

I am a multi-instrumentalist and producer specializing in most indie, pop and rock music. I have been a finalist in the Georgia Music Educators Association productions competition and produced music for many artists and songwriters.

Unique Producer and Songwriter - Robert

Los Angeles

Unique Producer and Songwriter

Temporary Low Introductory Prices! I bring character and energy to music! I specialize in strong melodies, diverse influences, and unique production.

Remote Mixing & Beat Maker - Daniele


Remote Mixing & Beat Maker

I'm a musician and I play the guitar from the age ' of six years, rising up from the classic acoustic to electric guitar . Engineer degree in Telecommunications Engineering and graduated from the CPM Music Institute attending the course Of Sound Engineer . Staff in the INNUENDO STUDIOS in Cesano Boscone ( MI ) as a Freelencer Sound Engineer.

Production, Mix, and Master - Jake


Production, Mix, and Master

Absolute control over every facet of audio imaginable. Creative, absolute, affordable, and dependable.


Mastering and mixing - Egenes

Tønsberg Municipality

Mastering and mixing

Need more character to your tracks? I do mastering and mixing and love to give your tracks something extra!

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